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The Great Remembering:  Part I

More Important than the 'Great Forgetting'

 by Takatoka - Lee Standing Bear Moore


Before you read this article, go to Have You Heard of The Great Forgetting?

We are thankful to Daniel Quinn who first wrote about the Great Forgetting in a book entitled the "Story of B", followed with a sequel entitled "Ishmael". The longer, original essay is entitled Daniel Quinn: The Great Forgetting. We highly recommend it. Also see Manataka's article, Have You Heard of The Great Forgetting?, republished from

The Great Forgetting speaks about the wealth of knowledge that our culture lost when we adopted our new civilized lifestyle over 10,000 years ago. It is the breadth and depth of knowledge that gave indigenous people the ability survive and have healthy, happy lives.

According to Quinn, "All of this disappeared in a few short generations... The Great Forgetting accounts for an enormous cultural collapse as once tribal people found themselves in a new and strange mass centralized society. New beliefs, new ways of life rushed into this cultural vacuum to fill the void. But without being tested by natural selection over thousands of years this new culture was evolutionarily unstable."


Recent discussion about the Great Forgetting has opened a new perception that unveils a number of answers about our modern "destructive culture... remembering what it is that was forgotten holds the key to our future."  ~Daniel Quinn

We agree with Quinn's insight and understanding of the Great Forgetting that occurred thousands of years ago. But, a newer, greater revolution is about to happen that will correct the error of mass worldwide forgetting. It is called, the Great Remembering."


Why We Need to Remember

The Great Forgetting is a vast void of knowledge that was swept aside as civilization sped away from humble human beginnings.  Great thinkers, philosophers, historians and theologians of the ancient civilizations attempted to weave some of the more ancient knowledge into their writings, but they were more preoccupied with the challenges of new social orders and largely ignored primitive cultures.  The lowly savages possessed many secrets of survival and living productive, healthy and happy lives, but civilization forgot about primitive people in the pursuit of progress and material prosperity.  The civilization builders did not think those who came before were important.  They still do not. 


Most Eurocentric government bureaucrats, historians, educators and theologians look down on indigenous people as if there are ignorant savages with nothing to contribute to society.  They do not know what they never learned and do not know how to recapture the ancient knowledge that holds the key to human survival.    


Now, 10,000 years later, civilization has come to a startling revelation.  Oops, we have created a civilization that cannot sustain itself with our present thinking, inventions and innovations.  While thinking for thousands of years that civilization is the "divine destiny of mankind," we forgot who we are as human begins and boarded a high-speed train to oblivion.  


The global ecological crisis is on the verge of an environmental Apocalypse and regardless of whatever that governments, scientists, educators and the rest of the civilization builders do, worldwide environmental collapse is only a few short years away.  


*   Human overpopulation threatens to kill off other life forms and the diversity of the ecosystem is threatened. 

*   Global warming will eventually cause sea levels to rise dramatically drowning thousands of miles of shore line and hundreds of

    major cities and shipping ports.  Global warming also creates unstable and tremendously dangerous weather patterns. 

*   Worldwide soil degradation is occurring at an alarming rate devastating farms and creating massive famine. 

*   Rainforest deforestation will turn the world into a desert and erase the carbon balance vital to human survival.

*   Mass extinction is at runaway proportions wiping out an estimated 200 species a day.  Human survival is now threatened.


The human race can no longer depend on ineffectual government policies that are largely influenced by greedy mega-corporations. Nonprofit environmental organizations are unfortunately too fractionalized and ineffectual with their limited resources to stem the tsunami of environmental collapse. 



"...Removing threats to human survival, "doesn’t lie with manically trying to fix a way of life that can only succeed by growing.  Eventually it is going to grow so big that it would run out of room to keep going..."   ~Daniel Quinn



We need to remember how ancient people, before civilization swept the world, lived happily and survived in a sustainable and prosperous way. 


We must remember because the survival of mankind is at stake.


Will the Last Man on Earth Kindly Turn Off the Lights?   

Instead of trying to fine-tune changes to our lifestyle and somehow stop worldwide ecological devastation, the human race needs to completely change everything about the way we live. 


We must understand that a Great Forgetting did take place and a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom virtually disappeared from modern civilization.  We must understand that the great thinkers, philosophers, historians and theologians who heralded the new invention of civilization did not and could not have envisioned the global threat of environmental Apocalypse of today.  Their progressive thinking created a cloudy crystal ball that hid the paralyzing truth that humans would eat themselves into extinction and poison everything else.  All civilization building descendants became focused on material wealth and comfort.  They forgot about loving the Earth Mother, all creatures and other humans.


They had no need for the lifestyles and philosophies of primitive people of the past.  Hence, they forgot about them.  Civilization builders thought human survival would be enhanced by material wealth.  The basic meaning of living productive, healthy and happy lives changed dramatically without the slightest regard for the possibility of a future in global calamity.


If these great ancient thinkers, philosophers, historians and theologians and all their civilization-building descendants who shaped the new and growing world had a clear crystal ball and could see into the future, what changes in their thinking and behavior would they have made?  If they had been forewarned that the great institutions of civilization that took thousands of years to build would fall into ruin at the hands of material greed and disregard for other creatures, what would the civilization builders do to avoid the coming ecological calamity?


We must understand the knowledge, wisdom and lifestyles of 'primitive cultures' have the answers to global ecological destruction.  Their way of thinking, behavior and worship is different, but adaptable for anyone, provided that the institutions of government, business and religion open their eyes and minds and make drastic changes in behavior before they are obliterated by starving, rampaging masses.


Hundreds of studies of indigenous cultures prove they did not degrade into savagery after materialistic civilization swept the planet.  We know they were not lost in time, but adapted to progress without sacrificing their ancient values and wisdom of their forefathers.  We know they continue to live happily in a way that is not inferior to modern civilization, but is in fact, far superior in many respects.


Primitive cultures around the world have far less physical illness and mental disease. Their crime rates are nearly zero and all forms of violence is nearly non-existent.  Greed and envy are not prevalent.  Indigenous people have lived sustainably on this planet for millions of years and we have much to learn from them. 


What Exactly Did We Forget?

That question is at the crux of human survival.  In 1972, Susumu Ohno identified 98% of the human genome sequence as "Junk DNA" because researchers could not discover any discernible function for it.  According to a 1980 review in ''Nature'' by Leslie Orgel and Francis Crick, junk DNA (also known as "non-coding DNA") has "little specificity and conveys little or no selective advantage to the organism".   Several lines of evidence indicate that many "junk DNA" sequences have likely but unidentified functional activity, and other sequences may have had functions in the past.   While mega-million dollar government funding has virtually dried up and research into the biological the functions of non-coding DNA has slowed in recent years because scientists simply cannot figure out the purpose of junk DNA. 


Scientists seem to think that junk DNA is like flabby over-hang that has little purpose, gets in the way a lot and weighs down everything else.  The much acclaimed Human Genome Project that labored between 1990 and 2003 and spent tens of millions of tax dollars to "understand the human genome" was shut down two years early when everyone shrugged their shoulders after figuring out that the vast majority of human DNA was nothing more than "junk."


Scientists and researchers forgot one important thing.  The Creator and Earth Mother waste nothing and everything has purpose.


The Reality of DNA -- A Hypothesis

Are the scientists and researchers right about non-coded DNA being nothing more than junk?  No.


Answers about junk DNA lie within the hypothesis that DNA sequences had functions in the past and the fact that these sequences have no biological function.  Most scientists believe non-coding regions are under strong evolutionary pressure and positive selection -- meaning it no longer has any function because it has gone defunct after thousands of years.


A large portion of our DNA is composed of mobile (or jumping DNA) genetic elements known as transposons and retrotransposons that rewrite, activate or deactivate certain genetic codes.  "Jumping DNA" makes up about half of all DNA nucleotides.  Another major portion of non-coding regions of the genome is called "Satellite DNA."  Both Jumping DNA and Satellite DNA interface with a morphic field.  Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. Thus, it appears that Jumping and Satellite DNA both respond to alterations in an individual's state of consciousness.


Contrary to conventional thinking, new evidence now shows that memories are not just stored in the brain, but memories are inherited from ancestors.  Memories are specific to an individual's own linage and memories can also be collective coming from members of the same species and families. 


According to Brendan D. Murphy, author of a book series entitled, "The Grand Illusion, A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality"


"The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance. Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past. And biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future."


Another large clue about the secrets of the Great Forgetting lies within the fact that the amount of non-coding (junk) DNA varies greatly among species.  For example, experiments show that only 1% of the mouse genome has no detectable phenotype, that is, there are no observable characteristics resulting from interaction with the environment.  Other mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, and plants have small percentages of junk DNA, while humans are loaded down with more than 90% junk.  Why is that?


Other creatures do not require the higher functions of deep memory and thus most of their DNA is composed of the functional phenotypes that interact with the environment. 


DNA is the coded memory of the physical characteristics of all living species.  In humans, the DNA referred to by science as "junk" is actually a road map to the invaluable memories, experiences and knowledge acquired by early, primitive, and modern humans and is updated with every passing generation. It is the forgotten knowledge of mankind. I call it the "Knowing DNA".  All knowledge acquired by humankind since ancient times and all experiences and thoughts of all our ancestors are contained in our DNA.  Like its DNA cousins who map out and memorize detailed physical characteristics of every living thing on earth, the "Knowing DNA" is all the experiences, thoughts, ideas, memories and wisdom of all our ancestors -- information that is vitally important as we approach the most critical time in all human history.




DNA is the coded memory of the physical characteristics of all living species.  In humans, the DNA referred to by science as "junk" is actually a road map to the invaluable memories, experiences and knowledge acquired by early, primitive, and modern humans and is updated with every passing generation. It is the forgotten knowledge of mankind. I call it the "Knowing DNA" ~Lee Standing Bear Moore



The Remembering Vow

Given the premise summarized above, you now understand the importance of Remembering -- Worldwide ecological crisis is on the verge of an environmental Apocalypse that promises to slaughter millions of living children and destroy  billions of unborn children.


You also understand that all humans are given the tools by God that are needed to access the center of your Remembering" -- the Knowing DNA.  The Knowing DNA knows the sacred ways of the Earth Mother that will save her from destruction.


You may already understand ways to unlock the awesome power of the Remembering, but just in case there is any doubt, we will now address this most vital area. 


However before I begin, you should make a solemn vow in exchange for the instruction you will receive.  The vow is not to me, the lowly author, but it should be made to the Creator of All Things, Father-Mother God, the Earth Mother and all your sacred Ancestors who may allow you to enter this wonderful, mystical and powerful place within you. 


It is a promise to carry this instruction to as many people as possible in your lifetime, especially children, who will benefit from the Knowing DNA when they begin the process to awaken and transition their Remembering spirit.  This is a solemn vow because the weight of the world is squarely upon your shoulders because you do understand the great importance of saving the Earth Mother and her children.  Now, before reading this next paragraph, lift your eyes up, lift your arms high into the air and repeat the following words:


"Lord God of All Things, I, (your name), do solemnly swear to walk the Beauty Path and teach many children and adults about ways they can remember the sacred knowing that has been within every heart and soul for thousands of years, and now I awaken as a holy spirit to share this message."  


Thank you for making the Remembering Vow.


Remembering the Forgotten


Before we can Remember the sacred knowing of our true spirits and engage its power and glory, we must prepare ourselves by removing the negative aspects of our human existence.  We must purify ourselves.


We must purify our minds, body and spirit in that order.  The reason we start with purifying the mind is because it is the most difficult to achieve.  Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is far from being impossible and much easier than you might imagine. 


Begin right now by saying it with your lips and it will become reality.   "I am a pure Spirit of God and I desire the Remembering to come into my heart."  Repeat this three times each time you say and repeat this exhortation three times a day, sixty-three times a week until the Remembering comes.


At the same time, you will be bombarded from a dozen of directions from the fear-mongering mass-media, past fear generating memories and all those un-feeling, fools around you who spread nothing but negativity.  You must ignore them!  Go to places where you cannot hear them.  Turn away!   Fear is the basis of the seven deadly sins. Find that beautiful song within you and allow it to bring you into harmony.


Removing fear from your mind -- Purification Step 1

The Great Remembering is a time when our consciousness rises above the concerns of everyday life and our new behavior erases fear from our minds and hearts.  It is a time when the human heart and mind are devoid of hate, pride, greed, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, and wrath.  It is a Moment in time when your consciousness rises and a flood of Remembering enters to fill that void. 


Removing fear from your thoughts is vitally important to the process of achieving your Remembering.  Fear includes all anger.  It includes resentments and all other forms of fear:


Pride is the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as believing that one is essentially better than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God).  Pride is actually fear.


Greed is perhaps the most pervasive flaw in human character today --  the pursuit of material possessions. 


Envy is insatiable desire to possess that of another.


Gluttony is the over consumption of anything to the point of waste.


Lust is an obsessive and intense desire for money, food, fame, power or sex. 


Sloth is not only physical laziness but also includes spiritual laziness that becomes evident when we fail to develop spiritually.


Wrath and rage are uncontrolled feelings of hate and anger that are self-destructive, provokes feuds and violence, pushes a person to be impatient, vengeful and other destructive behavior such as drunkenness, drug abuse and suicide.



Who are you on this chart?  How many different roles do you play?


How many VICES do you exhibit during your daily walk in life?


How many VIRTUES do you exhibit during your daily walk in life?


Characteristic role Ego fixation Holy idea Basic fear Basic desire Temptation Vice/Passion Virtue




Corruptness, imbalance, being bad

Goodness, integrity, balance

Hypocrisy, hypercriticism




Flattery (Ingratiation)

Freedom, Will

Being unloved

To feel love

Deny own needs, manipulation





Hope, Law


To feel valuable

Pushing self to always be "the best"


Truthfulness, Authenticity


Melancholy (Fantasizing)


Having no identity or significance

To be uniquely themselves

To overuse imagination in search of self


Equanimity (Emotional Balance)


Stinginess (Retention)

Omniscience, Transparency

Helplessness, Incapability, Incompetence


Replacing direct experience with concepts




Cowardice (Worrying)


Being without support or guidance

To have support and guidance

Indecision, doubt, seeking reassurance




Planning (Anticipation)

Wisdom, Plan

Being trapped in pain and deprivation

To be satisfied and content

Thinking fulfillment is somewhere else




Vengeance (Objectification)


Being harmed, controlled, violated


Thinking they are completely self-sufficient

Lust (Forcefulness)



Indolence (Daydreaming)


Loss, fragmentation, separation

Wholeness, peace of mind

Avoiding conflicts, avoiding self-assertion

Sloth (Disengagement)





Following the Old Sacred Ways


"Today, what is important for us is to realize that the old sacred ways are correct, and that if we do not follow them we will be lost and without a guide."  -- Thomas Yellowtail, Crow


A long time ago the Creator gave to the people all the knowledge on how we should live and conduct ourselves. The Native people have been influenced by outside "tribes" who don't know about the Sacred Way. Our Elders still know about the old sacred ways. We need to consult and talk to them before it's too late. Every family needs to seriously evaluate whether they are living according to the old knowledge. If we are fault finding, putting one another down, being selfish, being violent to our spouses or children, if we are cheating and being dishonest, then we are not living the old Sacred Way. The old way is about respect, love, forgiveness and sharing.  


Great Spirit, today, teach me the old Sacred Way you taught my ancestors.


Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.


Memories of sacred ways lays deep within each person, inside our DNA and spiritual mind and heart. ~Lee Standing Bear Moore




Remember a lying tongue is fear talking out loud.  Fear is backward talking -- lying.   Fear devises wicked plots and sows discord among co-workers, friends and family.  Fear is adultery, fornication, idolatry, hatred, drunkenness and taking drugs.  Fear is shedding innocent blood.  Fear is evil. 


You will remove fear from your mind, body and spirit as you search for the sacred Remembering within you. 


Religions are famous for filling your mind with useless dogma and doctrine that generates a great deal of fear.  Governments and politicians use fear to motivate the general public and voters to support their agendas that many times use fear as the emotional motivator.  Corporations have become experts at fear-mongering.  Most television commercials use fear to sell their products and services. 


Yet, every time you turn on the television news, you are subjecting yourself to either government, political or corporate sponsored fear tactics. Some fear is the in-your-face, raw and dirty type.  Some fear is peddled softly or subliminally on television and on the Internet in the form of seemingly harmless current event articles and pictures that raise your awareness and sometimes your anger. 


Fear is actually False Evidence Appearing Real. 

Purifying our minds against False Evidence takes lots of practice.  It takes determination and perseverance.  It takes being constantly on guard against those who use fear to manipulate you into a negative place.  Once a person has mastered the process of taking control over ones mind and successfully identified people and situations that present False Evidence, then you are ready to celebrate and move on to the next major step: Purifying your body.


Indigenous people have a special ceremony to honor the achievement of taking control over ones mind.  The celebration ceremony of purifying the mind, body and spirit is called the Purification Lodge Ceremony -- some people incorrectly call it a "sweat lodge".   Sweating is a reaction of the body to heat and physical exertion.  Sweating is not the purpose of a Purification Lodge Ceremony.


The Great Remembering is a time when our consciousness rises and our new behavior erases fear, hate, anger, and war.  The Great Forgetting erased the knowing, but we are at the place in time when accessing this part of ourselves is being revealed.  Halleluiah!




The Great Remembering:  Part II discusses

Purification the Body - Step 2;

Purification of the Spirit - Step 3;

Spiritual Creation and Development - Steps 4 - 7;

Finally, we will speak about being "In the Spirit" to access the Great Remembering.