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JULY 2014


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Send Your Voice To Our Creator

Dear Manataka:


Ngungu'taota (greetings, we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are one),


I'tupkom nihqe i'siwata, my brothers and sisters, what I am about to speak about is new for most people, but we are now in a very special period that many of you sense and have been discussing in your councils, where it is important to understand all our Earth and Her Time mean to us. To fully appreciate our Earth Mother, we must understand the importance of the calendar time She provides us. The “real” time given us on Earth has been made for us by the Great Spirit; Earth Time allows us to live, die, and evolve forward toward our perfected place with our world, which we have been doing for many cycles of time, as designed by the Great Spirit.


We are also being given a warning that Time will soon change, and a very bad, “new” Time will be presented to the world and made to look wonderful, to lure us into going there; but abandoning the Earth will be a horrible mistake. Our knowledge tells us that if we desert the Earth for the other time realm we cannot progress to our crowning life, according to the Great Spirit’s plan for life. We have a contract with our creator to remain upon Earth, in Her Time, until our evolution is completed in the paradise our Earth will soon become. If we break that covenant we will be on a dark road that the Hopi Prophecy Rock shows as a zig-zag line leading to oblivion.


The other time realm is a natural part of the universe that has always been there, and secretly used for thousands of years. The Hopi have long known of this "time as direction," but have not spoken of it previously because we know it endangers our brothers and sisters of the world. We speak of it now because this ungodly realm will soon be announced, and we wish to protect our relatives by helping them see through the deceit that will be used in its presentation. We have been warned about the other Time realm throughout the ages as an abomination, a forbidden fruit that steals us from the natural evolutionary course we have with the Earth, to one that moves us backward in an ungodly way.


As your brother, I ask you to send a voice to our Creator about this matter, always trusting in our Mother Earth, that you may be guided wisely in the days ahead. When you see the things I have spoken of come to pass, and you have the choice to remain immovable, or desert the Earth, let your heart point you the way.


Offered with love, respect, and an open hand,

Your brother Hohongwitutiwa (website- not mine- of a priest, helping to light the way)





Dear Editor,


Yesterday I saw a coyote in the middle of the day. It stared back without moving as it traveled into the wooded area. Didn't think anything about it and continued walking my dogs.  Today (morning, early before the sun), I saw three crows flying above a roof top. We usually do not have crows in this area but I have seen them on occasion in the same area I travel. However, there were three instead of one.   After seeing the crows, a fox crossed my path.
I find this unusual because I very seldom see these animals with in a two day period. I maybe have my Great Grandmother's instinct  (a member of the Chippewa Tribe) but I fear (or dread) what is about to come.  I hope you can answer my animal spirit or what ever it is because I have a feeling something is about to happen. ~Diana L. B.


Hello Diana,

There is absolutely nothing to fear or dread about your waking visions. 


We have been called by Spirit on rare occasion to read the visions of those who came to us in a good way.  We are very reluctant to read visions of people in most cases.  Why?  Because if there were even the slightest chance that I might interpret your dream / visions using my own experiences, knowledge and knowing, then I may do you a terrible disservice and send you in an entirely wrong direction.  Dreams and visions are sacred, not to be trifled with by those who wish to impose their own ego on you. 


Yes, we know there are hundreds of people out there who will read your dreams / visions for a fee.  We never charge for sacred duties.   And, we know there are hundreds of people who sell books on the subject and give broad interpretations to particular dreams, but all those books are poppy-cock with zero value – except to the person who captured your money for the book.  No one can know your dreams and vision except for you.  The Spirit of the Creator blessed you with them and they are not intended to be played with by others. 


Yes, something is about to happen.  You are about to enter a new, bright and shining day that will bring hope and joy to your life.  Never worry or insert dread into your thinking when visions are concerned.  Visions from God are intended to help you, not harm.


Do us and your family a favor:  Read this:  Native Wisdom ~Editor



Beginning of my Awakening Time...

Dear Editor:  


Hello, I am Laurie Rhoads and just wanted to say thank you all so very much, and special thanks to Grandfather Lee Standing Bear. I recently wrote asking for guidance, and help. I reached out to you in desperation, because I had no where else to turn. I want to first say thanks for responding to me so quickly. Just to know someone had heard my cry for help gave me strength and hope.


During my struggle, I've found it very difficult to ask for help. Even though I've known I needed help, and I wanted to call, I still just couldn't seem to make myself call. Thanks secondly for checking on me when I didn't, and again encouraging me to do so. Over the last 4 years, the Great Spirit has revealed, and led me to understand things deeper than I could have ever imagined. My awakening began by literally losing everything I had in this life. A job I'd given my life to, all material things I'd worked hard for, and hardest of all, every connection to anyone and everyone I'd loved and trusted. I was so deeply hurt and alone. I struggled to understand but was so very confused and lost.


I remember thinking, I'm 43 and all I've lived my life for is gone. I had absolutely no direction, no place, no one. From my place of desperation, I cried out. I didn't know to who or how. I'd already found the God of my child times would never hear me. I'd been taught, because I'd disappointed him too many times. I'd struggled with this earlier as a young adult. I tried and wanted to live my life for him the way I'd been taught from my beginning. After much failure, guilt, and shame I walked away. I didn't begin to understand it then, but just knew it was not within me to ever be something I simply was not. The Great Spirit later explained to me, just as one animal cannot deny the nature he was created with neither could I. Can you imagine a fish striving to be a hawk? The fish would always fail, never find beauty or peace, and worse of all, never fulfill the purpose for his journey in this life. So very simple! He began to show me, that I was exactly what he wanted and created me to be!


During the beginning of my awakening time, I began to hunt, and search for more of this truth, it was my way of survival. I didn't begin to know where to look. I'd spent much time in church, and knew I wasn't ready to trust people. So, I did what was natural. I went to nature. I'd moved back to the area of my child times after loosing everything. I did not have a home some of the time anyway. I live in the southern part of Il. and had gone to school and grown up here. I began to learn this area was rich with history of the Native Americans that once lived here. I'd known of the Great Trail of Tears that passed thru this a area, but not very much as we certainly weren't taught anything about it in the years of school I'd attended. I'd also grown up my whole life knowing part of my ancestry had been the Cherokee people. I always remembered the the little, wrinkled, brown, Grandmother I'd met only a few times when I was very small. I remember the first prayer I cried out for over and over during the beginning of my awakening, I prayed with deep desperation to find something I was connected to. Somewhere I belonged. I spent all of my time hunting, searching, listening. I walked fields, creeks, woods.( I was rebuked alot for trespassing too!  Lol)


I studied the animals all around me, and the beauty of the earth. I began to find rocks, tools, and remnants left behind by those that once lived in this very place long ago, in a very different time. And I began to connect. Everyday I'd pray, show me the ways of my people. To hold a tool in my hand, that they before me worked and created to live, and survive their own journey was forever life changing. I never cared if they were broken, from years of being churned by greedy, careless, machines and chemicals injected into Mother Earth. They were the most valuable pieces of anything I'd ever hold in my hand. I didn't understand, but knew when I held these pieces, I could feel the spirit connected to it, and as I walked, and cried out please show me. The answers began to come. Talk about the lessons hidden in every rock and leaf!


At times it was as if I were standing among them, watching as they gathered, worked, and lived. I saw them as if they were here today. And I knew not much except that I belonged. They were my people, from where I had come, and I was very connected. In my own suffering, I was shown the great sorrow they endured while being driven without mercy on the Trail of Tears. I saw their heads held high, their eyes straight and clear, and their hearts at peace as everything they had and knew was wrongfully ripped from them. I saw the deep betrayal they felt, and hopelessness. I saw the hate that tried to eat their hearts and spirits. And though my own suffering will never compare, I saw myself. As my journey continues, I am learning so much. So many things from my Christianity background actually have given my greater understanding and truth. All things are connected. I am able to see where "Man" got involved. In Revelation it says, In the last days, my children will be taught by my voice alone.


Most all I've been taught has been this way, and then confirmed later as I've searched and read from places like the Manataka website and writings of Lee Standing Bear. Because of the struggles I continue to endure, that confirmation is vital. It's sometimes difficult to not believe all I've been taught is just in my own mind. Sometimes it's necessary to connect on a personal level. I desperately needed to hear a voice in my ear to go along with the one in my heart.


I know there is more I am called to do. Struggling to get thru each day is not my calling. I believe this is exactly why the dark Wolf stays at my door. I must first find the inner peace. The peace of my people. I starve with great hunger that will not stop to learn more. I'm desperate to learn about my people. I've been told to plan a visit to the sacred Manataka this summer and I know I will be there soon. Getting the honor to speak and hear Lee Standing Bear on the phone was life changing. Every word he spoke was confirmation of lessons I've been taught by his voice in the wind. I am sorry this is so long, but I wanted you to know how thankful I am, and how important you are. Please know, that your journey has greatly blessed me and my ability to be all he has created me to be. Thank you, your sister ~ Laurie R.


Hello Laurie,

We at Manataka are here for you – forever.  Please feel free to call Manataka anytime you choose.  Knowing what you are called to do in this lifetime is vitally important – It is our honor to assist you to remember, regain your knowing and move beyond.  Thank you for being YOU. With Love and Respect, ~Editor


American Indian Religious Freedom

Hello Manataka,


Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Above is the link to my federal precedent court case that Judge Alito decided before he was appointed to the Supreme Court. Oneh  ~Dennis Black Hawk


Hello Black Hawk,

We hope you, your family and your bears, Timber and Tundra, are doing well these days.  Back in 2011, after you sent us the link below, we forwarded it to our brother in Texas who was being abused by the US government for keeping Eagle Feathers for religious purposes.  He lost his case, but is currently appealing and we at Manataka are supporting him all the way. We write you today to discovered if there have been any further developments in your case. Has the state left you alone?  Do you have any advise for other American Indians who are being harassed by local, state and federal bureaucrats for the exercise of their religious beliefs?

Thank you. ~Editor


Hello Manataka,

Blessings to you and yours. Timber & Tundra are well, they just turned 20 years old.  The State (Pennsylvania) did not leave me alone after I won the case. They left the bears alone but tried to double my property taxes among other things, and back in 2001 I and the bears moved to Arkansas. Arkansas HAS left us alone. I won the appeal also in 2004 under Judge Alito (who was then appointed to the Supreme Court.)


Question: Is our Brother's court case being fought on the State or Federal level? Under the First Amendment (as you know) we are covered by freedom of religion. I would suggest it be fought on the federal level as federal courts tend to look upon anyone's freedoms under the Constitution much more broadly. Only Native Americans may possess feathers. With that being said, the federal guidelines for 'who is an American Indian' states: "anyone who claims to be and is recognized by other Native Americans as being one". This page might be helpful:


I would be happy to write an article for the Smoke Signal News. I would also be happy to talk to our Brother via phone and help in anyway I can.  Until later Brother,  ~Dennis Black Hawk



Dear Manataka: 

Where is this sacred site?? It sounds so mystical and yet you say people want to come there to live. Please tell me more about it...
~Esta Green Wild Hawk




The website has over 3,500 pages of free information (over 10,000 written pages).  Go there and look around.  Manataka is located in a mountainous area of south-central Arkansas about 45-60 minutes from Oklahoma.  There are many geological features that sets it apart from any place in the world.  Its ancient and recent history is phenomenal and its future will be so as well.  In the meantime, Manataka (Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas) has become very commercialized with hundreds of tourist businesses and thousands of visitors each year.  Gambling at Oaklawn Thoroughbred Race Track and Casino is largely a distraction, but the surrounding forests shield us from the confusion and racket.   Manataka literally means the “Unbroken Circle” – and was interpreted by indigenous peoples to be the “Place of Peace” in their many languages.  We hope you discover whatever you may be seeking.  With Love and Respect, ~Editor


Hello Editor,


I often read ahead, and always have (because I have little time for long reading anymore).  In the June newsletter - the Unity circle (the Vortexes) - where did that come from? Some of the symbols, I have seen them before - spinning, where the whole circle spins, and the symbols start to spin within the spinning circle. It makes me dizzy, but it's against a bright white background, like a high chapel ceiling or a high dome ceiling of some kind. It gets so bright it's hard to watch. Once the symbols start spinning it's hard to remember exactly what they look like. 

Others I have tried to draw, I wasn't sure if they were Reiki symbols or where they came from. This has been over the last several years. I have seen a number of symbols. One I thought looked something like a curved "h" (it's on there). Another one looked vaguely like an "I" with a crossbow (it's on there). Another one, in vision similar to the one received with the Thunder Being necklace - the Angel revealed another one of the symbols - it's on there. Or versions of it (opened up, modified, etc.). I can't go exactly by my rendition of the symbols because I am terrible at seeing symbols and then trying to draw them - symbols are very specific and I forget little details, I seem to be dyslexic with that. But I will see symbols in print, and recognize them from my dreams. I just can't draw them correctly :)

So, anyway - sorry for my rambling, just excited :)  Just wondering where it came from - I really love seeing symbols, graphics, etc., of sacred geometry that I have seen in my dreams …. this may be wrong of me, but it's like a confirmation and validation of what I see in my dreams and lets me know, yes, I am still "tuned in" and walking the good red road where Creator wants me to be :)  ~
Kim Wilson


Momma Bear Needs Help!

Hello Manataka,

The latest victim at the Cherokee Bear Zoo is a bear cub who is being used as a photo prop. Amazing how fast the video was removed form Asheville’s WLOS Top stories!  In less than 23 hours the video was gone!  However this link shows the original video of the bear cub wailing and pacing while its mother is confined to one of the Cherokee Bear Zoo pits!

This horrific cruelty for a few bucks the Cherokee Bear Zoo makes in photo ops is beyond my understanding!  On the WLOS Top News stories video in Asheville they had a bear expert testify “The cub paces from one side of her cramped cage to the other, growling and crying. She angrily stomps her hind legs and urinates on herself—all signs of great stress”.  The video also had a wild life expert from the WNC Nature Center testify how the cub was demonstrating very stressful behavior.  Of course the Cherokee Bear Zoo denied it and said the cub was excited because it was about to be fed!
In addition to these testimonies a wildlife photographer, author and bear expert shared this with me what he experienced driving through Cherokee a few days ago:

 “I agree, Cheryl, the situation there is terrible.  I drove by the Zoo the other day on my way to Townsend and stopped at the traffic light there.  It was a nice day and I had my window down.  I could hear a bear cub wailing in distress.  I have heard this call in the wild on numerous occasions and I KNOW without any question that there was a cub in major distress at the Cherokee Bear Zoo that day!  It made me sick.

Please share – we must permanently close this cruel Cherokee Bear Zoo and the USDA is the one organization that can do that!  Please let them know what’s going on and ask them to please close the Cherokee bear Zoo!.  


Cherokee Bear Zoo certification number:  55-C-0118

USDA Headquarters 
Mailing Address:
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
(301) 851-3751
Fax: (301) 734-4978
USDA Eastern Region 
Mailing Address:
920 Main Campus Drive
Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210
(919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123
Intuition is loving guidance. Cheryl Ward, AKA "Momma Bear"


Indian Geneology

Hi Manataka,

I was so impressed with what you said. People speak of grandma's being part Cherokee or black Dutch, black Irish. This true of my dad, his mother (Lockie Rae) we were told being half Cherokee. My cousins & I searching for years for evidence. My cousin in California was told black Dutch. And we were told we were German, Scottish, Irish, English, Dutch Cherokee. My grandma's & her siblings were total 6. Their parents were a i think a total 7or 8. A good size family right. We are from Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama. Our story doesn't end there, mom was told her father was half Chickasaw of some how she found out it was Cherokee too. Mom's maiden name was Woodall. I have read its just a myth "grandma or grandpas "part Indian. That we are Indian wanna-be. My nephew's wife is taking genealogy. She told me its all a myth, there is no Indian princesses or Indian grannies. It's been a slap in the face. I know there's no Indian princesses. Nor do I care, or do I care if I am recognized. Not one wit. I was born in Arizona. Don't laugh but after 1955 mom took us kids to a Indian parade or powwow. The Indians came down the road in mid-town. There was a chief, his wife ( mom said they were beautiful) I was jumping up & down to the drums, when the chief came to me stopping to talk to mother. He he said & asked if I was Indian? Mom said yes, he replied he thought so by me look & behavior. Then they moved on. Then one of Indians that was dressed with a mask & holding rattle came up to me following after the chief. He shook his rattle which scared me so bad that I climbed mom as quickly & to the top then climbing to her friend who was taller. When I was 14 my parents move to Oklahoma, so dad could care for grandma at her home in Joplin, Mo. There we went to a powwow, I loved it, felt it in my bones. My parents & I were stomping to the drums. My dad as he was growing up in Missouri kept to himself, with exception to cousins. Dad did not talk much about his childhood, was secretive. Mom was raised in California in early days of show biz. I learned from her by listening. I found cousins that live in Tenn. & a half uncle. My searching for family I have found dad side my cousins, ones who are searching Indian ancestors. I have searched physical characteristics, health issues. Thank you for your blog or post.   Live well,  ~ Peggy Maynard