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How the Earth Protects Your Cardiovascular System – Part Two

Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.


(Dr. Sinatra is an integrative Connecticut cardiologist with nearly forty years of clinical experience.  He lectures widely on integrative cardiology, and the advantages of using both conventional medical treatments and complementary nutritional, anti-aging, and psychological therapies. He is the author or co-author of a dozen books, including “Earthing” and “The Great Cholesterol Myth,” and is host of the website  This month’s article is the second part of his special report to Smoke Signal News on Earthing and cardiovascular health.).


In last month’s article, I covered how connecting with the natural and gentle electric charge of the Earth’s surface benefits blood flow and diabetes.  In the present article, I will discuss blood pressure, arrhythmias, and cellular energy. 



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The Blood Pressure Connection

Doctors don’t know the precise cause of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), but they know it affects a huge segment of humanity and is increasing at an alarming rate. A 2013 World Health Organization report says that complications of hypertension, such as heart attack and stroke, account for 9.4 million deaths worldwide every year and that in another decade, an estimated 1.56 billion people will be affected.  


Over the years I have used a nondrug approach for prevention and therapy involving diet, supplements, mind/body techniques, and exercise. I found that mild high blood pressure is one of the easiest medical conditions to control without drugs or medical treatment.  However, those with severe high blood pressure and symptomatic kidney disease, a result of high blood pressure, need to take medication.


Earthing provides another major tool. I have frequently heard comments about improved blood pressure from people after they start Earthing. Some individuals have said that their doctors have been able to reduce their medication dosage, and, in some case, eliminate medication altogether.


Here’s a couple of examples:

● “My blood pressure, although still at the same dose of medication as before, runs at a consistently lower reading, something I haven’t seen since I started medication ten years ago.”

● “I have seen great results with my 86-year-old mother…who has been on four medications for high blood pressures for many years. Her blood pressure went down to a point where we had to take her off her medication and she is now taking one new medication which is not as strong.”


Such comments have become routine, and easily understandable when you consider what Earthing does:

·       Reduces inflammation and pain

·       Improves circulation and electrodynamics of blood

·       Calms the nervous system 

·       Helps normalize cortisol, the stress hormone 

·       Promotes better sleep and energy

Earthing may, in fact, represent the easiest possible way to lower your blood pressure!  You can do it in your sleep without a pill or anything else.  The most dramatic drops we have observed have been associated with reduction of pain and the anxiety and fear of chronic illness.


If you are hypertensive and taking medication, and you want to start Earthing, please consult with your physician.  He or she may not know anything about Earthing, so I suggest you provide a copy of the Earthing book or refer your doctor to the previous Earthing articles on the website.  


You may need to adjust and lower your medication after you start Earthing if there is a significant improvement.  To aid in this process, and provide your doctor with evidence, I suggest tracking your own blood pressure with a monitoring device at home and keep a written record of your readings before and after grounding sessions.


Arrhythmias and Earthing

“Something is wrong with my heartbeat.  Is it serious?”


Every cardiologist and family practitioner hears this question from frightened patients. It usually refers to arrhythmias, a common occurrence involving an irregular heart rhythm. In essence, your heartbeat goes off cadence.  Arrhythmias can range from simple skipped heartbeats called PVCs to the more serious varieties like atrial fibrillation and malignant ventricular irregularities.  They are frequently set off by emotional stress and turmoil.


PVCs are generally harmless arrhythmias involving skipped or extra heart beats, or combinations of the two, that can also be generated by too much caffeine and alcohol, deficiencies of magnesium and potassium, and different cardiac conditions. 

PVCs may occur when you settle down in bed, wake you up in the middle of the night, or grab your attention when walking the dog or working on the computer.  They can happen randomly. If they happen frequently enough they scare the heck out of you, and send you running to your doctor or even the emergency room.


PVCs involve a misfiring of the bundle of cells that regulate the electrical conduction to the ventricles, the two lower chambers of the heart due to some “irritability” of the heart muscle.


Earthing can be very helpful to curb PVCs, as the following story from a sixty-four-year-old mental health counselor illustrates.


 “I heard about Earthing several years ago and thought it might help improve my sleep.  It didn't even occur to me that it might help my PVCs. Out of curiosity, I started Earthing with a wrist band.


“At the time, I had been experiencing so many PVCs at night that they were interfering with my sleep.  A Holter Monitor recorded over 6,000 PVCs in a twenty-four hour period.  Worst of all, I could feel nearly all of them.


“By the third the night of sleeping grounded, I was astonished that I could not detect ANY PVCs.  In addition, resting on my left side would usually trigger PVCs, but while sleeping grounded, I could rest on my left side without a problem.


“It’s been about two and a half years now, and, although I have not been re-monitored in this time, I haven’t felt any PVCs at all. They are still gone. I sleep much better.  My experience has been life-changing.”


Atrial fibrillation

Imagine living with a heart that vibrates, quivers, and races rapidly and erratically instead of beating in a steady, comfortable, and predictable rhythm. Atrial fibrillation is the medical name for this condition, the most common arrhythmia of the heart.  Every year, two million or so people are diagnosed with “atrial fib” or “a-fib,” as it is called for short. Although not by itself life-threatening, it can lead to heart failure or stroke. For sure, it is scary. People frequently think they are having a heart attack.


In a normal heart rhythm, the upper chambers of the heart − the atria − contract in unison in response to an electrical signal generated by specialized cardiac cells called the sinus node. In patients with a-fib, however, the conduction becomes disturbed and electrical signals scattered throughout the atria.  Instead of contracting, the atria beat quickly and irregularly. This results in the loss of normal, synchronous pulsation and raises the risk of blood pooling and forming clots inside the chambers. Coumadin is usually prescribed to prevent clot formation.


We have had feedback from a number of people indicating that Earthing may be helpful for a-fib as well. 




Caution: Earthing and Blood Thinning Medication

If you take Coumadin or other pharmaceutical anti-coagulants talk first to your doctor before grounding.  Earthing has a blood thinning effect, as described in last month’s article.  The combination of medication and Earthing may possibly cause excessive thinning of the blood and an alteration of blood measurement values.


With approval from your doctor, you can start grounding minimally, with perhaps a barefoot walk in the park or sitting barefoot in a grassy yard for an hour or so, or while watching TV in contact with an indoor Earthing product. 


Monitor blood frequently in the beginning to determine, under your physician’s supervision, whether the medication dosage may be adjusted. 


Earthing exposure can be increased gradually but with careful monitoring


Promoting the Body’s Energy Source − ATP

As a cardiologist keenly interested in optimizing the energy production of the heart and body, Earthing appears to offer yet another significant benefit as a simple, safe, and effective energy booster.


For years, I have recommended nutritional supplements to elevate the bioenergetics of nutrient-starved heart cells and protect them from the ravages of aging, environmental toxins, stress, and relentless oxidation.  This nutritional approach has worked remarkably and consistently well in helping to restore the faltering output of sick hearts.


Now, Earthing provides another primary source for cellular restoration and cardiac rehabilitation.  Likely sites for such bioelectrical boosting, I believe, are the mitochondria of our trillions of cells. The mitochondria are like microscopic power plants, and there can be thousands of them in each cell, depending on how much energy the cell has to provide (heart and kidney cells contain the most).

Inside the mitochondria, a complex process goes on nonstop. Electrons are passed along, like a football, through an assembly line of enzymes that create a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the basic fuel that powers cells to function and repair themselves. By infusing the body with electrons from the Earth’s infinite supply in the ground, Earthing may ensure an ample influx to supercharge the mitochondria and thus contribute to an optimal level of ATP production in all cells.


It’s taken me most of my cardiology career to learn that the heart is all about ATP and that effective healing treatment of any form of cardiovascular disease requires the restoration of the heart’s ATP production. I’ve come to realize that sick hearts leak out and lose vital ATP. Cardiac conditions such as angina, heart failure, silent ischemia, and diastolic dysfunction can all cause an ATP deficit.  Mother Earth may indeed come to the rescue here as well.


The Bottom Line

Earthing is too good, too natural, and too profound to be ignored, but, like any new idea with the potential to affect health, it needs to be thoroughly studied, tested objectively, and the findings published.  For sure in this age of off-the-chart medical costs and skyrocketing chronic disease, medical systems and the doctors working in them need as much help and relief as possible to give patients the most effective and cost-effective care.  Earthing appears to offer such a solution and hopefully the medical community will embrace it as more science is produced.  It is perhaps the most natural prescription we can recommend to any patient and a perfect addition to any clinical strategy.  It may, in fact, sometimes be the only strategy needed.


For additional information, refer to the Earthing book and the Earthing Institute website.  Earthing influences the physiology in many significant ways.  If you take prescription medication, please refer to this article on Earthing and medication. If you are under the care of a physician, consult with your doctor before starting Earthing.


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