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JUNE 2014


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Dear Editor,

So glad to have you here, and active in the community. I look for and accept connections with all tribal members. Have been doing Native type work for well over 30 years and that is how Spirit expresses thru me, so, inspite of not being able to prove Native blood, I sure do feel it in me anyway, and go on with my life in that sense.

Have memory of lifetime spend in the high plains of So Dakota, and had that confirmed by a woman who said she recognized me and knew we cleaned bison together there. She kept picking up the last bag I had left that was bison leather, and finally walked away sad without it. Don't think she had any money, but Spirit had me chase her across the circle and give her the bag as a gift, knowing it was hers to have. She burst into tears and told me of the memories too, so, we both cried and I was so glad to share that with her. It was baby bison, so it was very soft.

Hope to hear from you and know where your tribe is located. I'm in Connecticut USA. Do Medicine pieces where they are needed too, Sometimes they take along time to make depending on what needs to be with them. Awesome when it comes thru Spirit what do do next.  Thank you again for accepting my invitation ~Wild Hawk. 
D. Esta Green, Owner/Operator at GeminiHawksNest


Gun Rights

Dear Editor:  


Last week, Barack Obama outlined a plan to infringe on your Second Amendment rights through regulatory fiat -- Presidential Executive Orders.

He outlined a new “mental health” plan to strip you of your gun rights without a trial and without you even being notified.  Mike Hammond, a former high-level Senate staffer and political strategist, wrote an excellent piece this week detailing exactly what Obama’s new agenda is -- stripping Americans of their rights under the guise of “mental health.”   His plan could strip the gun rights of millions of our nation’s military veterans. Hammond is a long-time friend and adviser to NAGR, as well as to GOA and a myriad of other pro-gun groups.

Please take a moment to read the article below so you understand just how important it is to FIGHT BACK against the gun-grabbers' new “mental health” mandates:

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown, Executive Vice President

National Association for Gun Rights

Rainbow Woman Lives in Israel too!

Shalom Manataka,


I am not a native American but am deeply drawn to the path, thought have had little training and have no teacher on the path

I do not know you personally and I know it is not proper for me to turn to your for guidance and will completely understand if none is forthcoming

I will introduce myself , I am a Jewish Grandmother, an American/Israeli and have lived here in Israel for 30 years


I have walked with a vision I received many years ago:


As the river creates a canyon; As the Red Sea once parted to few the Jews from slavery; So in America, in the place where the faces of men are carved into the mountain; The mountains will open and the faces of the Grandmothers the ancient ones will appear once again; And the four leggeds will once again speak to man.


I know we can leave our lives without understanding a vision but as I read these words:


Manataka is home of the Rainbow Woman who sleeps deep within the sacred mountain in the Place of Peace.  During the Awakening, she will emerge once more to give rebirth to this new tribe of people who will sing and dance praises to the Great Spirit - Creator under the rainbow.  Warriors of the Rainbow  will be Pathfinders of the principals the people will follow to achieve unity, understanding and love.


they resonated deeply with the words that were whispered to me so long ago and I was wondering if there might be within them something that might help me understand what the next step might be at this time.  I would appreciate any further guidance you might have to offer and wonder if there is more information available about Rainbow Woman.  


Blessings and many thanks to you from the holy land, Yours, Shaun



Theology of Proselytizing

Dear Manataka: 

Thank you for your important article on the Theology of Proselytizing.  A related issue is so-called ‘Christian Counselors’.  After being counseled by an incompetent  and unethical Christian Counselor, I filed a complaint with her agency.  Things snowballed and the director of the agency ended up sending me a threatening email.  I had to hire an attorney to protect myself.  Naturally, I filed complaints with the State Board against both the counselor and the director.  I’m in training to become a mental health ethicist and am the owner/creator of the forthcoming website,  I hope to educate others about the damage being done by “Christian Counselors”.


Warren Lind, MSW, LCSW, ASW-G

Licensed Clinical Social Worker:  Missouri and Illinois

Social Work License Supervisor:  Missouri and Illinois

Certified as Advanced Social Worker in Gerontology



Hello Warren,

Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you.  We are thankful for your informative words.  We are most interested in your new website,


We know you will endeavor to present a balanced approach to ethical counseling.  Presenting negative aspects to serve as examples is important, but teaching counselors to be more sensitive is equally important. 


We know that many counselors use their position to push a particular agenda and are often judgmental of clients who fail to conform.  We have found reverse roll playing is a useful tool in teaching counselors the benefits of being more open and compassionate.  During a recent session, Bear played the roll of an aggressive or radical Imam who demanded conforming behavior among a group of Christian counselors who were forced to hear Muslim proselytizing rants.  What an eye-opener it was when the positions were reversed.


Thankfully, there are a plethora of excellent tools to teach ethical behavior from many cultures around the world.  With Love and Respect, ~Editor

Black Yamasee

Hello Manataka,


Saw you online and read the information from you and others and realized they are speaking about stories I have heard in swamps of South Georgia.  My Mother's folk are related to Creek-Seminole in Georgia and Father's Mother in SC the Cherokee with Gula.  Asa Hilliard as well as other Black scholars support that Gula meant Angola.  Thank you for further enlightenment. ~Inali


New Student Organization

Hello Manataka,


We would like to introduce you to the: Native Peoples Club Meramec Campus, Saint Louis Community College, Kirkwood, MO 63122.  

We are currently working on a constitution and vision paper to present to the Student Government Council here on campus. We will send you a copy for an article as soon as it is approved.  You might want to know that a major portion of our vision is to bring back Native Peoples Presence to the St Louis area by offering events which highlight their past, present and future influence.

The Assistant Director of Cahokia Mounds in Illinois has made a commitment to help us. This is very important as there are hundreds Pre-Columbian mounds in this area, each with a history to protect.

As for the present, there are very few connections for Native youth to publicly share and celebrate their heritage. We want to change that by having events, speakers and whatever else we can offer them, and the public in general. We are considering things like Native Peoples arts and crafts shows/sales on campus, plays, readings, speakers, and more.   For the future, I personally would like to see a return of the Native American courses we once had and maybe even new ones.  ​This is just an overview - suggestions and connections greatly appreciated.​ ~R. Nyk Lindsoe,

Momma Bear Needs Help!

Hello Manataka,
The latest victim at the Cherokee Bear Zoo is a bear cub who is being used as a photo prop. Amazing how fast the video was removed form Asheville’s WLOS Top stories!  In less than 23 hours the video was gone!  However this link shows the original video of the bear cub wailing and pacing while its mother is confined to one of the Cherokee Bear Zoo pits!

This horrific cruelty for a few bucks the Cherokee Bear Zoo makes in photo ops is beyond my understanding!  On the WLOS Top News stories video in Asheville they had a bear expert testify “The cub paces from one side of her cramped cage to the other, growling and crying. She angrily stomps her hind legs and urinates on herself—all signs of great stress”.  The video also had a wild life expert from the WNC Nature Center testify how the cub was demonstrating very stressful behavior.  Of course the Cherokee Bear Zoo denied it and said the cub was excited because it was about to be fed!
In addition to these testimonies a wildlife photographer, author and bear expert shared this with me what he experienced driving through Cherokee a few days ago:

 “I agree, Cheryl, the situation there is terrible.  I drove by the Zoo the other day on my way to Townsend and stopped at the traffic light there.  It was a nice day and I had my window down.  I could hear a bear cub wailing in distress.  I have heard this call in the wild on numerous occasions and I KNOW without any question that there was a cub in major distress at the Cherokee Bear Zoo that day!  It made me sick.

Please share – we must permanently close this cruel Cherokee Bear Zoo and the USDA is the one organization that can do that!  Please let them know what’s going on and ask them to please close the Cherokee bear Zoo!.  

USDA Headquarters 
Mailing Address:
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
(301) 851-3751
Fax: (301) 734-4978
USDA Eastern Region 
Mailing Address:
920 Main Campus Drive
Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210
(919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123
Intuition is loving guidance. Cheryl Ward, AKA "Momma Bear"



Good Wolf vs Bad Wolf

Hi Manataka,


Yes very appreciated first heard this story many years ago it has given me much in site into who and what i am " so i started feeding the good wolf only, shunned, pushed away the bad wolf even though rocks at the furry fucker. BUT the bad wolf got stronger and uncontrollable and unpredictable, ( good and evil are different side of the same coin) so i watched and studied it , one day i saw the good wolf and the bad wolf playing as friends ???? played so well they became the one wolf..... SO i started to feed the bad wolf love, compassion and understanding and made peace with my bad wolf and became one with my self and nature" Loving the parts of you that you like is not enough, loving the parts that you don't like and CANNOT change in the real journey.   I thought you would appreciate this xxx 


Murray Drechsler





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