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MAY 2014


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Crazy Horse Memorial

Hello Manataka,

I was at the Memorial the third week of August, 2013.  I was so impressed and just in awe of this magnificent sight!  I am back home now in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. My husband, my cousin and his wife from Denver, Colorado and myself drove from Denver to see the monument. We are going to try and visit in two more years. I believe this monument will be more impressive than Mt. Rushmore! The story in itself of the family is just absolutely outstanding. I have been telling all my friends and grandchildren about it. I wish all the family God speed in their work. I will pray for their safety as well.  ~MarthaJane Battaglia


Children of Boarding Schools

Dear Editor,


Pedophilia, which was an indirect consequence of the Boarding School system.


In the late 19th century, when Indians were forced onto reservations by the U.S. government, Indian children from the ages of 5 years onward were forcibly taken from their homes and placed in boarding schools run by religious denominations of all sorts, with the approval and sanctioning of the government.


Christopher Columbus brought Europeans to the shores of what is now America; he also brought countless diseases, like smallpox and venereal diseases. But there was another disease, more sinister and invisible, called pedophilia. Pedophilia was first documented about 1500 years ago by English and French scholars. It became a subject of study as the function of the mind and human habits were being studied by the early scholars of psychology.


With the Indian Boarding Schools, religious pedophiles found a “candy store” of victims. This scourge quickly became the most defiling and long term psychological cross for our people to bear. It affected, and continues to affect, generations of our people. The toll it has taken is just now being realized, as we see that the abuse of pedophilia creates a ripple effect manifested in alcoholism, sexual abuse and the battery and abuse of our own elders, children and spouses.


There exists a dark history of pedophiles not only in America, but throughout the boarding school system that existed in Canada also. The First Nations or aboriginal peoples of that country have had to deal with the same scourge that we have in this country. They are somewhat ahead of us in that the Anglican Church and the Canadian Government have monetarily settled the issue to some extent by providing billions of dollars to those affected, forcing the Church to file for bankruptcy protections. But the issue is still pending and remains unsettled to a large degree.


In the U.S., we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding justice and restitution for this tragedy. There has been some litigation involving the Catholic Church, and the Diocese of Los Angeles has so far settled monetarily to the tune of $160 million, but only in local cases. The problem seems to be an endemic one and encompasses all regions, including Alaska, which has been devastated by the effects. Other Dioceses within the states have also been proven to be involved and have settled some minor amount of cases by monetary means. The Catholic Church has shamelessly depended on the passage of time, the death of victims, and what’s commonly known in legal terms as the “statute of limitations.”


All of these tactics may serve to prolong the process, and in some cases make them disappear, but with so many victims or heirs remaining, there is little doubt litigation will continue. Today we have the unique distinction as a society of having to deal with pedophilia on many institutional and social fronts. Consider the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, and a recently-convicted individual named Sandusky. My question is, when will we put standards or preventative methods in place to stop the spread of this sociological cancer? When will these perpetrators, institutional or individual, be held accountable for the irreversible sociological harm they have caused to the minds and lives of our most innocent, our most precious resource, our children? Only time will determine the true measure by which we have been affected. May the Creator embrace our children, for they are the true innocents. Aho. ~Sonny Skyhawk


Theology of Proselytizing

Dear Editor:  

Outstanding article on 'proselytizing'! Love all, serve all.  ~Barbara Rousseau   


Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it's from Neptune. ~~Noam Chomsky


Dear Manataka,

Today I took my first deer. I took it with my bow, because I have always felt it was too easy to hunt with a gun. I did not take the first deer I saw. I took the fifth. I watched the first four walk under my stand, and I just watched. They had no idea that I was there.


When I loosed my arrow into the buck, he jumped and ran about fifty yards before he laid down. The others just continued to walk and feed.


After I came down from the tree, I opened a bag of walnuts I had with me, and spread them out where the group of deer had been eating.


When I found the deer where he had fallen, I thanked him. I thought to him, “thanks brother, I will treat you with respect, and use all of you. I will not take you for granted”.


Everything you said about “modern hunting” touched me. I am still just a white man, and I still feel shame for my ancestors. But not for myself. I see the world for the disgusting mess it has become, and I see the beauty that it holds. I live right, and I don’t try to get anything by taking it from others. Thank you for your article. May the Power you pray to bless with eternally.  ~Humbly, Tom Mattingly


Kateri Tekawitha

Dear Manataka,

I have read and appreciated the description of the life of Blessed Kateri Tekawitha as written by Alma Ranson.


I have always held the first peoples of America dear to my heart since I was a little girl and have sympathised with the way they were unfairly treated in the past.  I am thrilled that a Mohawk maiden has made her people proud.  I would love to be in Rome on the 21st October at her canonisation but can’t.  I have, however made a Retreat in Auriesville where Kateri was born.  I love her.


I am a Roman Catholic Servite Sister and would like to ask for prayers to become who the Lord created me to become.  Please pray for a woman who has pancreatic cancer.  I have promised Kateri to make her known wherever I can especially if my friend is cured through her intercession. May God bless the Mohawk Tribe and all the First peoples of America and Canada. ~Sister Joyce Mary Fryer, osm



Nightshade Discussion


Hello Manataka,


Is Manataka familiar with any connection between nightshade plants and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and autoimmune system disorders (lupus, fibro, etc)?  I'm researching plant medicine (food medicine) to treat some symptoms naturally, but am finding some conflicting information. I don't have access to exotic foods, but am using everyday fruits and vegetables, spices, legumes, tea, agave nectar, etc - and yogurt (my one dairy).  This is for myself only. I am under a doctor's care, but am a bit disgusted with pills, tests and environmental pollution wreaking havoc on my body (all of my systems). Fed up and doing things my way, while not stopping meds .... yet. Seriously, a vegetarian should not be this messed up, though it's also been a rough winter here.   Thanks in advance.  ~Kim Summermoon


Hello Kim Summermoon,

The Nightshade contain Alkaloids are nitrogenous organic substances produced by plants as a secondary metabolite and which have an intense physiological action on animals even at low doses. Solanaceae are known for having a diverse range of alkaloids. To humans, these alkaloids can be desirable, toxic, or both. The tropanes are the most well-known of the alkaloids found in the Solanaceae. Plants that contain these substances have been used for centuries as poisons. However, despite being recognized as poisons, many of these substances have invaluable pharmaceutical properties.


Here are a few references found on the Manataka website:


NIGHTSHADE (BLACK NIGHTSHADE) (DEADLY NIGHTSHADE) All parts of this woody shrub-like plant are poisonous, especially the unripe berries.

Ethnobotany of the Minomini


ONAGRACEAE (EVENING PRIMROSE FAMILY). Lesser Enchanter's Nightshade (Circaea alpina L.). Not used. Enchanter's Nightshade (Circaea lutetiana L.).

Potawatomie Medicine IV

Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum L.) "aciba'nīmīc" [coon weed]. This plant is not used by the Forest Potawatomi because they consider it to be poisonous.

Potawatomi Medicine Part II


Lesser Enchanters Nightshade (Circaea alpina L.) The Forest Potawatomi considered this plant adventive to their territory and have no name or use for it to our ...

Poison Plants

NIGHTSHADE (BLACK NIGHTSHADE) (DEADLY NIGHTSHADE) All parts of this woody shrub-like plant are poisonous, especially the unripe berries.

Ethnobotany of the Minomini


Nightshade is a very complex plant that requires expert handling.  We do not use Nightshade for any purpose, but there are many medicine people who favor it for many purposes.



Stop drinking anything that comes in a can or bottle.

Drink only fresh spring water.

DO NOT drink a drop of tap water

DO NOT take a bath or shower with tap water

It is the source for many illnesses.


Research the meds you are taking.  Duplicate those synthetic drugs with natural herbal remedies.  It takes time to do this, but you will find what is needed.



Being Afraid

Hello Manataka,

I hope you are keeping well and all is good at Manataka. Just a little question, you know my mystery Black hat, and Al those nice men were there as well, and the chopping down of the tree, do you think it could have been some sort of tree ceremony?  Was it a good or bad thing? I feel unsafe like I am being watched. As there has been other things happen, cant ever put it in an email, I got to move on and find the truth, I am trying to be the peace I want to see. I don't understand so it makes me afraid, I am trying to understand. I feel like I am chasing my tail. With respect, Clare.



Hello Clare,

You must say whether the events were good or not.  When in doubt, call them good.  Of course you are being watched every moment of every day.  The Creator of All Things and all your spirit guides and ancestors peer through the misty veil between dimensions to keep a warm, gentle and loving watch over you.  Fear =    False Evidence Appearing Real


Get rid of the doubts and fears.  Rest in the peace of being.  Be happy knowing you are a special soul created to perform a specific task in this life time.  Fear takes you away from fulfilling your destiny.  Fear is the opposite of knowing and being.  There is absolutely nothing in this world or the next to be afraid of.  Not understanding something is not a reason to feel fear.  It is simply the absence of understanding and that should create a thirst, a deep desire to find what you are looking for.  Fear stops that process.  Do battle with fear and you will soon learn that it is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.  ~Editor



Energy Conservation

Hi Manataka,
It is a question of global stability. If trees emitted WiFi signal, we’d plant them everywhere and never chop them down. Shame they only emit the oxygen we breathe! Lowering company energy usage should be the number 1 priority, if we want to make any impact on the world as a whole.

Through changing the way companies see the importance of energy conservation, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK by over 35% in the next 7 years.

You can do your part even at work. Bottles, cardboard, paper and glass can all be recycled. There’s no reason why we can’t increase this. Energy can be saved. Lights and PCs turned off. Do something different. Make a change. Regards
~Kerry Stevens.


Hello Manataka,
Your writing spoke to my heart.  I have come to know and feel that the same God worketh all and in all.  I was raised Christian and taught to seek the truth.  When the truth had to fit in a box I had to break free.  Truth cannot be bound and neither can the heart.  I have always loved  the Great Spirit even though i did not use that exact name.   Now, I think it the perfect name to express my thankfulness and it is my wish that all people's one day would also, as a healing for all nations of the earth.  Many thanks.  I think you understand much and that is a gift not to be taken lightly.  


Freedmen Black Indians Petition

Hello Manataka,
One of my "Computer Cousins" has begun this petition for all of those left off or kicked off the rolls.

It is based on the "one drop" rule. As long as you can show any amount, no matter how small, of North Amerindian DNA, (tribe affiliation doesn't matter) you are eligible. On 23andme, they do not detect very small increments, so many have transferred their 23andme info to , which can check the 'minute' amounts and records them and all other ethnicity's found. If you would like to post this for anyone who wants to be acknowledged for being Native American (but is not on roll) they can do so  by signing this petition to the White House. Here is the facebook page if they would like to find out more:    ~Shanen Givone


Grounding - Earthing


Your articles are simply terrific. I've learned so much from reading them. Thank you for sharing this information. ~Jeannie Stone  

Mother Earth and Stress Relief:  Earthing


Manataka - Place of Peace

...and I am saddened and cried. I try to imagine the spectacle of beauty and awe that was in the valley. Thank you for sharing this moving story.  (Cherokee descended) ~Cheryl Farmer


Two Classes of American Indians

Osiyo, friends.

I read the article about the BIA interferring with Native religion and culture with complete disgust.  It is absolutely true that these government people know no bounds of propriety. I have, therefore, created a new word. It is "bureaucrotic". "Bureaucratic" would simply mean they adhere to the ideas and practices of a bureaucracy, which may be good or bad. "Bureaucrotic" substitutes part of the medical term "necrotic" which means "cell death". In other words, these agencies and their followers destroy whatever they touch. Thus they are "bureaucrotic".  ~Dave Choate, The United Cherokee Republic 



Whelk Shell Terraces

Hello  Manataka,

Enjoyed recent article on same.  Not surprised “Florida archaeologists” ignored, etc.... “Been there, done that!”   You might enjoy some of my frustration – as reported on my website at and again at


BTW – Still have not found “home” for the (cased) Block Model Diorama of the infamous “Miami Circle Dig” – shown there...

Any ideas? ~Bernie Powell


The  Sourgum Tree

Hello Manataka,

I had a strong experience next to a Sourgum tree today. We went to the Shofuso Japanese House, that I love so much. I worry my Medicine Buddha pendant in honor of the occasion. I love the peace and simplicity of the House, lingering among the trees and feeling their energy, and listening to them talk. I talk back to them. My family just keeps walking.

Today, the energy of these trees was SO strong ..... Through my legs, in my arms and hands, buzzing everywhere. I stood there and felt energy moving even in my partly numb leg/foot.

I understood "Healing, stay here a moment." And  I saw part of an old branch on the ground and was instructed to take it with me. I felt weird about that (to me it was sacred ground) but it came again to take it with me as a friendship sign.
My family was calling for me, but I said to go on. My legs were still buzzing and the tree was still "with" me. Time passed. I wondered at the power of these trees, I could feel it all around me - love and energy, life. I placed my hand on the strong, thick bark and "sent" my thanks and love to the tree as the energy was clearing. I felt the friendship and acceptance - RESPECT - of the tree .....
I don't know how else to say it.

I bought 2 items at the Japanese House. The man was very nice. He joked that the tree branch was "free" - I said the tree gave me the branch and that I asked first. I said "Yes, I am one of those odd people who talk to trees!" He smiled and said "Hey, that's no problem for us and it makes perfect sense here!"

It was a beautiful, powerful experience of love, healing and acceptance.
~Kim Wilson



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