Manataka American Indian Council

Proudly Presents







Water and Seed Blessing Ceremony 

Saturday, March 22  2:30 p.m.

Adamah Kedoshah Grounds (the Sacred Space)

5342 Park Ave (Hwy 5)

Hot Springs, AR


In The Arms Of The Mother

13 Water and Seed Blessing Ceremonies


The Vernal Equinox (First Day of Spring is March 20)




We will teach the true history of Manataka and Sing the Songs of Light

We will roast corn and plant the seeds of life

We will hold the energy of the Earth Mother and the Rainbow Woman

We will love in the Arms of the Mother and know we are safe and warm

Please join Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore and the Elders of Manataka for Global Meditation Ceremonies

Thirteen locations around the country have been selected to participate with the Council of Peace event. 


These seeds will be planted in our gardens.  They are the seeds that carry memories and are the link to life. 

These seeds are a link to the continuation of all gifts the Creator gave to Earth Mother to grow and be fruitful.

These seeds will planted in our gardens and the pollen will be carried by the wind and bees all over the world.

The power of these seeds is the Power of Creation.


The ancient sacred 'Birthing Waters' of Manataka will be used to bless everyone who participates. 


Free admission.  No donations requested.  Bring drums, rattles, flutes....  Bring chairs or blankets... Bring your friends and family.


DIRECTIONS:  From the corner of Hwy 7 North and 70 East (Central Ave. at Grand Ave.):

Drive approx. 7 miles on Hwy 7N - continue straight on Hwy 5 for 1.5 miles to 5342 Park Ave.

Watch for Red, Yellow, White and Black Streamers


Email for Questions






Manataka (Hot Springs National Park, AR) led by Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore


House of Phacops, Ohio led by Thomas Johnson Thunder Rock and Terri SingswithRavens Rivera


Serpent Mound With Delsey Wilson Friends of Serpent Mound 

Head Waters of The Mississippi led by Grandmoher Nancy Hummingbird - Honoring the Circle

Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site Lead by Donnette Rizzo and Melissa Ellison


Spring Equinox and World Water Day
Montezuma Well

Camp Verde, AZ

UN Headquarters, New York

New York, New York


Niagara Falls, New York

Black Hills, South Dakota

Mt Shasta, California

Vancouver, Canada

Stonehedge, United Kingdom

Nepal, India

The True Colors of Corn





Meditation: World Water Day & Spring Equinox

Boca Raton, Florida

Michelle Goebel


World Water Day and Spring Equinox Ceremony

Witch's Brew, Florida  Ave. Palm Harbor, Florida


Blogs and radio events led by Lynn McCallum




Night Ceremony -- Start Time: 1:44 a.m., March 22

13 Seed and Water Blessing Ceremony

750 Old Dove Rd
Mountain Pine, AR


Facilitators:    Brett Scott and Kayse Willams


Anyone who is in alignment to be there is welcome!


The land is very open and excited to host all of us for a beautiful ceremony!


--Cleansing space and ourselves with intentions and sage and other

--Creating sacred space, calling in the directions, invoking ancestors and other divine energies

--Sound Vibration - bring tuning forks, bowls, vibration instruments

--Prayer Ceremony

--Light Rythmic Drumming. Dancing and Chanting

--Conclusion: Meditation and Prayer


Driving directions:  From Hot Springs to 750 Old Dove Rd, Mountain Pine, AR

From Hot Springs: Head west on Albert Pike Rd (Hwy 270 West) towards the direction of Mt. Ida.  
At four way light (McDonalds is on left side) - turn right onto AR-227 N/Mountain Pine Rd - travel for 6.1 miles ( You will cross over RR tracks). Turn right on AR-227 N/ Mountain Pine Rd (heading towards - Lake Quachita State Park and Marina (Three sisters) - Travel for 2.4 miles. Turn Right on Old Dove road - travel for 1.2 miles. Old farm house is on the left - just before the creek. Its about 20 minutes from the PO on Albert Pike. 12. 3 miles.

You will park at the house that is the address. If facing the house, there is a dirt road to your left in the front yard. This will walk you down past a couple a cabin on either side and ultimately lead to the spring creek where we will be gathering.

The elder in charge is "Running Bear" who lives on the land in the etheric and his tribe.
Please honor him and invite him in before you start any ceremony.
He loves tobacco and would appreciate an offering of tobacco.