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“The Invisible Gift”

by Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


While strolling in the quiet darkness after midnight on the sacred Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain in 1982, the vibration of the trees and all manner of things seemed to speak to Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore in a cacophony of movement and sound.  He came to a place used a hundred times in the past for ceremony, so he thought it was a good time and place to offer up prayers and chants to quite the dissonance he felt.   The vibration was strong like a big wind and he felt uneasy.


His great-grandfather learned at an early age to feel and hear the vibrations of the stone people and over the next 95 years he honed his ability to interpret the frequency language of natures vibrations for the purpose of diagnosing people in need of healing.  Over the years, Grandpa learned to use a variety of stones, each having a unique vibration, to read ailments.  Selecting a stone from the windowsill, he placed one an inch or two away from the body.  He discerned pictures inside the patient's by “listening” for frequencies.


He could hear or feel the location, size, weight, consistency, color and a dozen other pictures of the affliction causing pain or suffering for the patient.  Using that valuable information, Grandpa was able to create successful treatments with herbal and mineral medicines to bring balance back into the body. 


Grandpa crossed over and the family lost much of the knowledge and art of using vibration to heal.  Three generations later, g-grandson Standing Bear Moore began searching for answers and ran across a plethora of modern medical information about vibration.  Today, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment is used to non-invasively diagnose a large variety of symptoms.  He realized immediately that Grandpa was using the natural magnetic resonance (vibration) of stones and the earth to ‘hear’ inside the bodies of sick patients using ‘frequency languages’ – without the use of expensive medical technology and equipment.


Bear has attempted to duplicate Grandpa’s lost art many times and has achieved some limited success.  However, his knowledge of ‘hearing’ the vibration of stones and other elements of nature is not sufficient to diagnose and benefit others.  His years of exploration of this wonderful phenomena of Creator’s many gifts has produced other good results about understanding the experience of ‘hearing’ or feeling natures vibrations – sufficient enough to sometimes know what they are communicating. 


It was on the great Manataka Mountain that late night in 1982, that the combination of “hearing” the vibrations all around him, the confusion it produced in his mind and racing thoughts about spiritual visions came together like a loud clap of thunder.


Everything in the world vibrates.  Every grain of sand, plant, tree, stone, fish, bird, insect and humans – all manner to things in the universe posses a unique vibration he calls the ‘language of frequency’.  He discovered that all manner of things must be grounded to the Earth Mother in order to maintain a balance of frequency – an electro magnetic field that surrounds and permeates the earth allows all vibration to maintain its unique frequency.  Thus, the language of frequency, unique to each minute part of creation produces a constant output of discernable vibrations – all traceable and verifiable by modern science.


"...Mankind could once speak to all of nature..."


It is said that man once possessed the ability to speak with the animals.  It is said Adam and Eve spoke with the animals in Eden.  Lee Standing Bear Moore is convinced this myth is true.  But then he adds the idea that mankind could once speak to all of nature using frequency language.  Somehow mankind lost that ability by listening to himself rather than to God's creation. Today, he wonders if Creator is laying the ground work to allow humans to again speak with all things born on Earth Mother.  Will this miraculous event occur when mankind achieves higher mass consciousness?


Dwelling often on ‘frequency languages’ and sometimes seriously experimenting to find vibrations he calls "songs of light"  or "nature's dance" emanating from familiar trees, stones, animals and humans, Bear knows that he is not the only one led to these wonders.  The world of vibration healing is everywhere these days.  Some practioners do it correctly when they remember that God is The Source and never fail to give thanks and provide a sacrificial gift.  Others, who take credit for knowing something about vibration's Songs of Light and charge money or demand a donation for ineffectual 'energy healing' are fooling themselves and others.


Bear is not crazy, he is just fascinated with the idea of communicating with the Creator of All Things in a different way.  “God gave us this invisible gift, now it is time for mankind to learn everything that Grandpa knew and used for the glory of the Creator of All Things,” said Lee Standing Bear Moore.