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Patient Medication Assistance


Websites for Assistance with Patient Medications, Free or Discounted, and other available information.  One most of these company website you can search by your medication name, etc.  Some may require forms to be completed by you and your health care provider, but others do not.


1.        From Lilly for help w/Diabetes patients who take Humalog     

            They have a free trial offer where you get a sample kit every 12 months


2.        Lilly,  assistance with other Lilly medications


3.       Novo Nordisk for patients with Diabetes, Bleeding Disorders, Growth Hormone

           issues, and Women’s Health Hormone Therpay issues this website offers assistance


4.       Novo Nordisk for Diabetics there are free pamphlets and guidelines, and other free offers at 



5.    has links to many pharmaceutical companies that have patient assistance programs


6.       Pfizer:


7.       Merck:


8.       Glaxo Smith Kline


9.       Astra Zeneca:


10.     Abbott:


11.     Bristol Myers Squibb


12.     Bayer Healthcare:


13.    Wyeth:


14.    Janssen:


15.    McKesson:


16.    Another website with links to multiple pharmaceutical companies


17.    A website that offers disount coupons you can print for discounts off medications. 

         Supposedly these coupons can be used at any pharmacy such as Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, etc.




List compiled/updated  by Lorria Ross