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MARCH 2014


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Animals in Heaven

Dear Manataka:


Regarding your recent article entitled, "Do Animals Possess a Soul?Why then is Jesus and his army coming out of heaven riding horses; there must be animals there. I hope so. ~Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle



    Commercializing American Indian Spirituality

Dear Editor:


I read today Andrea Smith’s eloquent indictment For All Those Who Were Indian In A Former Life of the New Age craze to commercialize Native American spirituality.  She seems to be saying that to embrace the feel good aspects of traditional Indian values without the responsibility of addressing social evil and injustice is the one of the worst forms of hypocrisy.


I like many non-Indian and white women have been guilty of admiring all things Indian- the beadwork, the dreamer catchers, the drums- without doing more in my power to help. I do support the two local tribes, the Mattaponi and the Pamunkey,  by attending their powwows, but  I know I could do more.  


My question is this: Is it all right to buy goods at the powwows from Native Americans, or is this action still considered a rip-off of the culture? May the Great Spirit bless.  ~ Virginia Fick, Ed.D. English Faculty. ECPI University  



Manataka Giving

Dear Editor:


Thank you Manataka!  It makes my heart happy that you can use my little contribution for the Sacred Grounds and Elders project.  Thank you.  I already receive Smoke Signals and need to give more of a donation later. Please keep up your good work. I am somewhat familiar with Manataka because I had the good fortune to meet Lee Standing Bear years ago.  He has never left my memory. All this because I attended a crazy conference in your area.  Still amazing to me that I was suddenly in Arkansas  for a short while.  I was in Pasadena, Ca. at the time and now am in Las Vegas of all places.  Life is an adventure, very interesting!  Best Wishes, ~Jane Asari



Women and Drums

Dear Manataka:


Thank you for your article about the drums and women.  Women and the Drum by Shannon Thunderbird; WOMEN CANNOT TOUCH MY DRUM!!; Taking Back the Drum by Shannon Thunderbird


I recently accidentally got into an argument with a man about this and he turned it very ugly.  I was asking a female friend, who in researching her ancestry had recently discovered powwows, a question, and he intervened.  I was asking her how she mentally dealt with powwows and the sexism of the drum.  There are things I participate in where I do not agree 100% with everything and have chosen to participate because the overall good outweighs the few flaws.  Like most people.  But I wanted to talk to her about this.  The man said it was traditional, accused me of being racist and disrespectful, that I was offending Sitting Bull's spirit, on and on.  The woman eventually chose his side and has ended contact with me.  She feels like she needs this man's approval to continue to get in touch with her recently discovered native ancestry.  I am just another opinionated woman friend that she doesn't need. 

Anyway, every so often, the thing replays in my head and I go looking for some sanity out there.  I found your article on such a pursuit!


I am also disturbed at the notion that women can't participate in certain things during menstruation.  That idea seems horribly outdated and unscientific as well, and I wonder if anyone is doing anything to rise against that rule? 


I am tired of 'traditional' being used as a reason to do bad or just silly things.  Tradition should be valued if it is good and useful and beneficial, but not if it is harmful.  Many things that have changed for the better were once traditional: slavery, women as property, harsh punishments for children, and on and on.


I am also tired of being told I cannot have an opinion on this because I am 'white'.  For people lashing out against being discriminated against for being of a different 'race' to tell me I have no right to an opinion on women's equality in Native American issues seems a little hypocritical.  Yes, I do look very white, but as to actual ancestry, I am not telling anymore.  But should it matter, anyway? 


Well, I've ranted here more than I intended.  I meant to say thanks for the article and to encourage you, whoever you are, to keep up the 'good fight' for equality for women.  Treating women poorly may indeed be a tradition and a tradition of many many cultures, but it's time to move beyond that and stop tolerating it!  Thanks, ~Karma



The Blue Star Prophecy of the Hopi

Dear Manataka:


The Blue Star Prophecy of the Hopi brings prophecy to an almost understandable story for even the most contemporary of readers.  It states; the understanding only being realized by the comprehension of the ancient teachings.  This understanding or perception involves a translation from the ancient dialect, just as what an 'automatic' used to mean not so long ago or in another age.  Of course we know it now as an instrument of violence.


Portions of the translation presents itself as so simple as to appear childish silliness to the worldly wise, causing a subsequent dismissal of the teachings.  This leaves one open to being caught up in their own guile or craftiness, not heeding the simple things of the  goodness of the ancient teachings.  It does not matter how worldly wise one is, the cycle or nature of the psyche of humanity still holds sway. 


This prophecy speaks of as the time draws near,  of those walking in their own man made canyons through the mountains, being heavy in their walk.  Is this not how we act as going to work on a daily basis, letting nothing or no one in our way, as we make our way towards arriving at work on time.  This is but one example as it is even true for those who work not, being heavy in their walk.  We all have our habits and expectations as we walk this earth.  From the spiritual perspective this is how the worldly walk toward their expected destination.


Of this looking towards an expected future, the prophecy speaks of the turning about changing the rotation of the Earth  to its natural rotation.  This Earth; this  vessel of flesh, your body is looking to an expectant future, shall be returned to its natural rotation or expectant concerns of this worldly life.  This is the repentance, the conversion, metanoia, the exchanging or changing of one's hopes in this life from the material to the spiritual foods.  If one's focus of life exists in the unnatural direction, this event  will come from behind and tap that one on the shoulder when least expected, just as said, 'when all is well'.  Unexpectedly from behind, as described in another work of theology.


The Hopi people are of a tribe in the same way as the other native Americans, the  people of Nephi.  The Hopi are the ninth stone of Israel, while the Nephites were the sixth stone or tribe.  This is to the speaking of laying the stones in order as the Hopi prophecy speaks of the twelve stones or tribes of Israel.  The chair of Moses or the  mentality of mankind, Edgar Cayce 281-63. 


Moses left a riddle of sorts, a crossword puzzle type set of clues to the specific  type of spirit that the sons of Jacob represented.  The twenty three blessings given to the tribes in the form of crossword puzzle clue.  This is what is referred to in Matthew as the chair of Moses.  You gotta love the irony of the type of clue; CROSSWORD. 


The ninth tribe of Issachar as given represents  the spirit of HOPE or with a variation of  vowel,  HOPI.  There we are again with the simplicity of the child.  Of the spirit of Hope it is said,  in Isaac they shall be called, they shall call the people to the mountain and will enlighten all that hope in the Lord.  ISSAChar carries the name of Isaac.


The people of Nephi are responsible for the texts of theology referred to as Mormon.  The Nephi bear the name of Nephthalim, or the sixth stone.  The existence of the people of Nephi was foretold in the Nag Hammadi texts uncovered in 1945.  Extensive details of the name they would bear and the time of their exodus from Israel mirrors the details given in the texts.  The description does not mention nor preclude the Hopi people as an off shoot from those of Nephi.  The riddle of Moses does match the Nag Hammadi description as the representation of the spirit of WISDOM.  


The resolution of the riddle of Moses leads to the identification of the scattered tribes of Israel.  This is of the laying of the ancient  sacred stones in order, the key to the translation of all prophecy in one. 


The Fatima prophecy  speaks of the eleventh pontiff or stone ruling leads to the consecration or sanctifying.  As the eleventh chapter of another text it is said: when Joseph perfects the favor upon the house of Jacob.  The eleventh son or tribe of  Joseph, representing the spirit of UNDERSTANDING.  Is it any wonder;  envied by his brothers and sold into Egypt Pharao placed him over the kingdom and called him the Savior of the World.  Portrayed as the father of the Messiah,  just as the Hopi call him the Massauu . 


The event of the visitation of the Purifier has the performance of inward cleansing of ones thoughts, thereby being able to build a better or new world.  The Purifier is another description of the Spirit of Truth, the other Paraclete or the Holy Ghost.  We were truly confused in our speech at the tower of Babel, when it comes to the tongue of the spirit.


After the arrival of the blue star, it is said: the ceremonies of my people will cease.  The performances of HOPE cease at the attaining the intended goal, just as one who has been fed is usually not hungry thereafter.  This is how the spirit of hope and hunger perform within us all, as when one knows, one stops hoping to attain that knowledge.


Knowledge of the twelfth son, Benjamin's type of spirit, will allow one to drink down the true chalice of BENediction, spiritually bowing down as one undresses in the material and begins to dress in the spiritual, unspotted garment.  For as He said:  My chalice indeed you shall drink.  


During this visitation spoken of in the Hopi prophecy:  Many will ask for the mountains to fall upon them just to end their misery.  This sentiment is an exact match to that of the biblical Revelation.


So intense will be the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit.


The changes?  The change?


Paraphrasing Jesus:  When you were younger you walked where you wouldst, but latter another shall lead you where you wouldst not. 


The changes so intense?  Do we not have 'the change' and the 'mid life' as the name given by humanity?  Are these occurrences more of a spiritual than physical, yet how aware are we in this life of the spirit?  The weak in awareness will go insane, still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring, while others appear on the evening news, as all this spoken of in the prophesies plays out in the spirit, unseen by the blind of heart.          


The sufferings of humanity upon the face of this Earth, experienced on a daily basis, brought about by the nature of the mentality of each and every one of us.  A cycle of the psyche of humanity, unspoken of openly, taking its toll upon the unsuspecting of us all.  Unsuspecting, as this natural calamity has, does and will come upon the unaware.  Has been, is and will continue to overtake and destroy those that advance towards the condition of being set upon by their particular state of mentality or the appointed time and also referred to as a ripeness.


Whether presenting as an act of destructive rage, suicide or crimes against society, the nature of mental mankind repeats itself over and over.  Little notice given to the cause and effect as the number of the destruction grows.  Take heart, there are others being, so to speak, the other side of the mental coin, who go untouched or bettered by the event of the Purifier, going on to create a new and better world.


The prophecy speaks of what has, is and will go on in this life, as blindness of the heart leaves us wondering in confusion  as these events play out all around us.  This theatre  of spirit enabled by the  ACTS of old or the theatre set again, as described by Nostradamus plays out on a daily basis as the Purifier visits among us.


His Quatrains are of a semblance to the four conical gospels which contain a hidden mystery within their subtle variances.  Being a weave of the fabric of holy wisdom in a mystery.


Nostradamus also speaks of the royal nephews,  just as the Hopi prophecy speaks of them visiting prior to the Purifier.  John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins, thereby being nephews.   I will send my angel before thy face.


As to the blue and red stars of the Hopi, of course they being the angel of the waters and the angel with the power over the fire of John's REVELATION.  It is said in the first  part,  from the voice behind to tell what has, is and will happen in this walk of life.  Paul says plainly in his epistles that he himself went up to Jerusalem according to the REVELATION.  What part of that is unclear?  This is going on all around us every day.  Yet we are told to look ahead for this great visible event for all at once, while Isais tells us plainly 'one by one'.


The beautiful thing of the Hopi prophecy is the summing up of the theologies.  As to the coming of the Purifier, The Gospel of Thomas, says this:  Jesus said, When you see your likeness, you are happy.  But when you see your images that came into being before you and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will have to bear.  This is number eighty four of the one hundred fourteen sayings of Jesus.


And from another work of theology,  He that is given his book in his right hand shall have a lenient reckoning, and shall go back rejoicing to his people.  But he that is given his book behind his back shall call down destruction on himself and burn in the fire of Hell; for he lived without care among his people and thought that he would never return to God.  Yes; but his Lord was ever watching.  Chapter eighty four of the one hundred fourteen chapters of the Quaran.


Yet remember as stated, of  the lenient reckoning,  when the time arrives it will be our opportunity, if needed to change and build a better life, world or heart: the New Jerusalem, to be born again.  The alteration or change, the altar of this walk of life.  The fight, the jihad of the inner man of which the commandments were of an inner performance, plainly said in the books of Nephi.


Be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.  Paul says to the Romans.  While being chained in this earthly body to your own ego, psyche, roman soldier, apostle or your own lord.  For as Paul also said:  Salute them that are of NARCISSUS' household, who are in the Lord.      WAS-IS-SHALL  be unto this present day.


The Hopi handed down oral traditions and prophesies are of summing up of all the theologies that were given unto mankind, for as given in the clues of Moses, FEAR  judges like another of the sons of Jacob; fear tends to divide or separate things off.  Is it then any wonder that Dan the fifth stone  is not included in the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. ~James Dixon



Animal Spirit Guides

Dear Editor:


I have so many spirit guides who come to me in meditation and dreams, but just one animal spirit guide. Miss Bear, that is what I call her. She came to me in 2010 for the first time.   I was in meditation, standing in front of a large building. Suddenly, the doors flew open and many large dogs came running out and about to knock me down and trample me. At that moment, a large bear put herself in front of me,and actually wrapped herself around me. At first I was afraid she would crush me.But,amazingly, I didn't feel her weight at all.  Today, she comes and goes, but is always there when I ask her to stand by me during trials.  ~Roberta McDonald



Pathkiller Genealogy

Hello Manataka:


I recently found I am related to Leaf Nellie Pathkiller and Dragging Canoe…through Sarah. My grandmother told me stories of our family being Black Dutch. She also told me of my Indian grandmother midwifing. This story was very interesting and made me feel more connected. Thank you for posting this information… ~Katrina L Bretsch




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