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 Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel, or the gospel of success) is a Christian religious doctrine that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one's material wealth. Based on non-traditional interpretations of the Bible, often with emphasis on the Book of Malachi, the doctrine views the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver his promises of security and prosperity. Confessing these promises to be true is perceived as an act of faith, which God will honor.


"THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL: How do you view Prosperity, in Christian theology, how would you define it? As a need or an inconsequential concept?"

"The definition will definitely determine how you handle issue surrounding prosperity in your Christianity. Is prosperity unlimited physical resources, like money, belongings etc. or is it just spiritual knowledge and morality or is it both, and if both, do you have to own the whole world, even if you don't, are you permitted to keep on hoping for more resources even while being God fearing?"  --Reverend Dungji Chinke Pastor at Christ Revival Mission


"The bible clearly tells us that we are to prosper even as our soul prospers. The problem occurs when we as believers place too much emphasis on money and forget about the rest. The reason that God wants us to prosper is to be givers to those who have not." Dr. William Trayer - Senior Pastor at Lords House Ministries


We believe the "Prosperity" TV preachers speak about today is a throw-back ideology espoused by the Roman Catholic Church in the 13th to 18th century when the ugliness of the "Doctrine of Discovery" was born and millions of indigenous peoples around the world were killed, tortured and enslaved in the name of God -- for the benefit of their pocketbooks. The TV preachers now and a long line of Popes used the same Bible references to justify their way of thinking.

Prosperity ideology prays on fear -- the fear of scarcity.  TV preachers are using fear to drive their flocks in the same way the high church drove regents of old Europe to commit horrendous crimes against indigenous societies. It is a shameful ideology. The Creator of All Things provides abundance for All Things in the cosmos. This knowing is opposite of fear-based scarcity teachings. We see Prosperity ideology as intentionally placing temptation clearly in ones path, bringing about confusion, greed, envy and....  We agree with Dr. William that giving is vital to balance in ones life, but giving does not begin with money. Giving begins with clear heartfelt intention. The person who has no material wealth is able to give everything from his/her heart, whereas the person of material wealth metes out gifts according to emotional reward. Prosperity teachings sound good, but it is a false path full of thorns.
~ Lee Standing Bear Moore, Secretary, Historian, Storyteller, Keeper of Manataka.



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