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January 2014


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Cherokee State Recognized Tribes

Manataka Siyu nigadv,

"...An Indian is an Indian regardless of the degree of Indian blood or which little government card they do or do not possess...". (Wilma Mankiller).  I ask of one thing from you now. That is “To be of a good mind”.

It is a great honor to address the 90 of the 250 groups across this great country of ours that recognize there self as Cherokee.

My name is Terry Miller; I am Cherokee because I choose to walk as one, and by blood.

Some have come to this by adoption, old family stories, and other ways. Some have known since birth and some found out later in life.  I am greatly encouraged that a lot of the 90 groups have reached out to each other. This is very good because the closer they get to doing this the closer we get to home as a Nation.

I am seeing larger groups of 10,000 join up with even larger groups of 50,000 and more I swell with pride of what I see of my people.

Any of you that get this letter if you will please look at your neighbors, lay down any pride or difference and now reach out to each other. We only have to recognize each other. Our Nation relies on us and no one else

I ask that we not try to get State recognition anymore. This has only caused hardship on our people and slowed our walk. We are already a Nation with treaties with the USA broken or not and have great governing bodies at work.

I do believe that getting State recognition is like trying to slip in the back door of somewhere we already are. It is time we find the front and true door.

If we are here for the casino then let me fill you in. our people are at their best when they have little, and are humble. To except casino money is to except blood money. There is always a price that comes with that, and that price is our children. Since the casino came to the Eastern band a lot of my friends drive new trucks, they love their new trucks.

The cost of these new trucks? I get calls all the time from my carded friends how bad things are and how many children are dying, or on drugs or have killed someone---this is daily. Pick up a One Feather news paper, see for your self. Our tribe owes the casino so much money that they will never be able to pay it back not even in many life times.

Many of you have been to the Green Corn Ceremony at my place and all of you are welcome. I do not know everything, but anything I do know I am willing to share, and ready to help any of you that want Stomp Dance grounds set up with the teachings I have. As we all become closer I know there are a lot of you that carry great knowledge, and I would like for you to step forward and be ready to share with your brothers and sisters. In the end it is not that we got there, but how we got there. So don’t separate your self from Unetlanvhi (creator) and be of a good mind.

For any of you that don’t mind other groups reaching out to you, let me know because I do not share info unless I am told it’s ok.

I would like to take this moment to thank Cecil Abbott and the Indian Ministry for all their help, and as they continue to do for us all. To all the rest of you I give also my thanks and gratitude.

Sgi –Wado Terry Miller" Website

Dear Manataka,


We wanted to share with each of you our new website at Some of you have seen it but most have not. We thought you might want to check it out. One person from Poland has asked us to put more about the Lakota teachings on it. We think that's a great idea and plan to add a page just for that. If you have any more ideas what you would like to have seen, please share with us. Remember you can also visit us on Facebook and share your ideas.

We want to take this time of Thanksgiving to share our gratitude for all of your support of us. We also wanted to remind you about our annual Christmas event of sharing Christmas with those that normally wouldn't have it. Our children are saddened when they can't share in what the rest of the world is doing. Your contributions last year gave over 70 people a wonderful Christmas. It made a real difference in their lives. But remember if you decide to participate, tell us what the contribution is for. Remember that we are a non profit and it is tax deductible.

We hope that your holidays are blessed with love and loved ones around you. Let us take this time to thanks you for being apart of what we are striving to do.  Warmest Regards,  ~Peter and Cindy Catches


Sharing this Knowledge

Dear Manataka: :


Good day and thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with me. This so called world that we are living in is falling apart very rapidly and is destroying Mother Earth too.

We are reduced to trust in man made religions that pray for the same god but yet kill each other wholesale.

We are forced to live in a materialistic society that is so disposable and false. And sadly so has the very moral and fiber of society and family values also become disposable and false.

I would really love to learn more about the true way of life and to find out if there is a group in South Africa to associate with as this whole lot has left me very disillusioned.

And I am not alone as there are millions of mankind that feel the same. Kind regards. Will Jacobs. Magoebaskloof, Limpopo Province. Republic of South Africa



Giving Thanks

Dear Manataka:


I am not Native American, but I strive to learn about the true history of North America. After reading your story about the true Thanksgiving, I have to say that I am disgusted. I've heard stories of what really went on but none specific. I am grateful to have read your story and learn more about what was done by the English settlers. I see Thanksgiving not as a time to remember the dinner of the Pilgrims and the "Indians" but more so to appreciate the time with my family and be thankful for what I have. I am thankful for the opportunity to live in America and remember the native tribes who lost their lives. I encourage my children to think of Thanksgiving as a time to help others and be peaceful unlike the settlers who robbed, raped, murdered, and pillaged. I can only hope the natives who were enslaved, murdered, etc. would be proud to see that their story lives on and that some people out there are giving peace in their memory. Many parents in my culture give their children the imagination of Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. until they are old enough to know that it is made up. Why are parents also not telling their children the truth about Thanksgiving. Food for thought and thank you for the history lesson. ~Carl Miller, PA


Truth Telling



Thank for using your gift of writing and truth telling to bless me on this so-called Thanksgiving Day. ~Char Diamond Coal


No longer the same America

Dear Editor:


Thanks for the writing about the true history of Thanksgiving and sharing all the information you have. I agree with you and  I believe it. I will share this with my kids every year for Thanksgiving. I have always let my kids know that you can't believe everything you see and here on TV, the computer, or even in school. I've had arguments with their teachers about something's. If I could afford to I'd have them in a small private school or home school them. I was wondering if you have studied much about America today and the lies being told to us by the government. America is no longer the same America that so many believe is still the "land of the free" or that we have "constitutionally protected." That America only exist in their minds. A plan over 100 years old has been played out perfectly to take full control of America and the people that live here. The Federal Reserve that most Americans think is full of gold or that its sort like a savings account, is owned my private banks. Mostly owned by one family that has been the richest family on earth for over 400 years. The Rothschild family. This family owns half of all the money in the world, around $500 trillion, and could feed, clothe, and shelter every human on earth. The father of the family that started it back in the 1600's realized that if he loaned huge amounts of money to a country, the interest to be paid was secured by the peoples taxes and if they didn't pay then he could take the land and everything in it as collateral. This family alone has started wars and funded both sides, making money off it and putting countries in dept. They have hand picked presidents. Today, they own every country except 3. In early 1900 they took what gold America had and just printed more paper when we needed it. They own the worlds gold an personally raise the value up or down. They are why the economy is like it is. America will suffer soon and they won't see it coming. America is now considered a private corporation. The constitution no longer applies to us. We are voluntary slaves. Everything from the TV, PC, pro sports and coliseums was part of keeping us dumbed down and not pay attention. YouTube has documentaries. Look up:   Rothschild, 13 families, 4 horsemen of banking, How your being brain washed and don't even know it. ~ J. Keith




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