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During a retreat the Elder Council decided to install all new upgraded software and build an entirely new website from ground up -- over 2,640 web pages and nearly 10,000 printed pages.  The new website will be accessible by mobile devises and it will have a state-of-the-art shopping experience in the Manataka Trading Post and added security features. This task will take many weeks to complete but the result will enhance the Manataka experience for everyone.  


Volunteers needed to copy and paste web pages into WordPress.  Call 501-627-0555




Respect for all beings and for Mother Earth

By Leonardo Boff, Theologian, Earthcharter Commission



If we acknowledge, as the original peoples and many modern scientists do, that the Earth is Gaia, the generous Mother, generator of all life, then we should give her the same respect and veneration we profess for our own mothers. The world ecological crisis derives in large part from the systematic lack of respect for nature and for the Earth.


Respect implies recognizing that each being has value in and of itself, simply because it exists, and, by existing, it expresses something of the Being and of the originating Source of energy and potentialities whence all of us come and to which we all will return (quantum vacuum.)  From a religious perspective, each being is an expression of the very Creator.








"We do not want riches, but we want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches, we want peace and love." -- Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota


The Elders say that what is important is peace and love. To have material things is okay, but if not, that's okay too. To have peace and love is more important than anything material. Our children will see the value of peace and love only if adults show they are a priority. Too often we think we can offer material things and they will replace the time spent with our children. But the most important way to give our children peace and love is to spend time with them.


My Creator, give me Your peace and love today.


Copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons at  Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.


"Manataka has been known for a millennium as the "Place of Peace" where all people come in peace and love.  Even though people of many tribes came together here on a regular basis, the focus of their gathering was not trading material things that is assumed by government and academic historians.  To the contrary, the purpose of their meeting here was to demonstrate a loving spirituality for the sake of their children's children." ~Lee Standing Bear Moore, December 2013. 




We Belong to Each Other: Resurgent Indigenous Nations

By Jeff Corntassel, Voices Rising



Train blockade in Portage le Prairie, Manitboa, on Jan 16, 2013.


What happens when the salmon people can no longer catch salmon in their rivers? Or when the medicines, waters, and traditional foods that Indigenous people have relied on for millennia to sustain their communities become contaminated with toxins? And how will future generations view our efforts to protect and respect the places and relationships we value?  It’s no accident that in places where Indigenous nations thrive on their homelands and exercise their self-determining authority, those natural environments are biologically diverse and healthy. State-run environments, on the other hand, are often sites of unlimited extraction, freshwater depletion, desertification, deforestation, and the overall destruction of genetic and biological diversity. The fact that over eighty percent of the world’s biodiversity thrives on Indigenous lands is not a coincidence.  READ MORE...




NEW DVD Documentary Film!



Russell Means was one of the most iconic speakers for both American Indians and Human Rights.  The directors were privileged to speak with him in 2009 before he was diagnosed with cancer.  Russell Means crossed over October 22, 2012.

This is an intimate portrait of a man reflecting on his life filmed at his home in Porcupine, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

The full interview of "Russell Means: Lakota Warrior" is available on this full-color 38-minute DVD Documentary Film for only $24.95 + S/H.



Speedy Delivery - Guaranteed



Don't miss this opportunity to own a great piece of history!

This portrait of Russell Means is a one-time chance.









Christian Doctrine of Discovery

Disputed by Disciples of Christ Church

By David Bell 


We can be encouraged by this resolution, but it is obvious there is much to do. My hope is to be a clear and effective voice in this process, Articles by David Bell and my reflections will become a  series of articles in the Smoke Signal News. 


Here is an article about the resolution for the General Assembly of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) this last summer.  The resolution passed as written.  This is a very good change in perception.  David Bell is basing his argument on an ancient history of the major change in thought that came out of the teachings of Aristotle.  All of my theology professors quoted the writings of Aristotle as a major contributor to modern systematic theology.  Dave is saying that the "rational man" theory contributed to Augustine's concept of a separation between the "Christian soul" and the "animal soul" (that inhabits the pagan person).  I am very much convinced that the Christian world has bought this "idea"  hook, line and sinker.  It is more than obvious that the "rational" church felt no guilt in sending their "armies"  to conquer a land  that was only inhabited by "animal" beings that did not know "their God."  


Before the ancient wisdom is lost, joining Creator's work of truth telling is a task that is set before indigenous people and all who support us.  ~Rev. Linda James   READ MORE..





Book Review by Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore


Entering the Mind of the Tracker

by Tamarack Song


For many years our family has been familiar with Tamarack Song's work as a master of living life in the Old Ways.  We loved reading his "Journey to the Ancestral Self: The Native Lifeway Guide to Living in Harmony with Earth Mother" many times over.  We have recommended his "Sacred Speech: The Way of Truthspeaking" to countless friends over the years.  My wife keeps all his books in her personal library for 'safe keeping' and often turns to Tamarack's "Timeless Wisdom" collection of nine handmade booklets for inspiration and guidance. 


We love Tamarack Song.  So, it was no surprise to us that his masterful book "Entering the Mind of the Tracker: Native Practices for Developing Intuitive Consciousness and Discovering Hidden Nature" immediately became a bestseller. 


This book spoke to me deeply.  Tamarack teaches a language hidden within the ancestral soul that allows readers to commune with nature. He teaches how to live in harmony and become one with the environment.  Maintaining balance in modern society is not an easy task, but that search for awareness and knowing is made easier with Tamarack's beautiful words of guidance.  READ MORE...


$22.50 + s/h

224 pages





Hano Polychrome Jar by Nampeyo

To understand the Nampeyo phenomenon, it is important to set the stage. The major villages of the Hopi are on the tops of three finger-like projections at the southeastern end of Black Mesa, also called Coal Mine Mesa. Archeologist have determined that the Hopi people have been living in this arid, semi-desert area since around the 13th century. Their prehistoric ancestors have been traced as migrating down from cliff dwellings near Kayenta, just north of Black Mesa.


The first European explorers came into this country from the east, and for the sake of convenience called the three fingers First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa. Actually, First Mesa is a precipitous, stand-alone mesa, a ship of the desert. It stands several hundred feet above the valley floor, the top being some 6,000 feet above sea level. Three small villages now occupy the top of First Mesa, the oldest is Walpi on the West, then Sichimovi in the middle, and Hano. (To see a living Anasazi village, visit Walpi. A tree-ring analysis dates this village as having started around 1400 AD.)


The art of pottery making came to the prehistoric Anasazi from meso-America, around 700 AD. The art progressed from a utilitarian grey-ware pinch-pot to more decorative ware, mostly black designs on white, prevalent around 1,000 AD. The use of colors, both as a base and as decoration, seems to have rapidly accelerated during the 11th through the 14th centuries. By the year 1400 AD, output was almost exclusively colored ware. This is true, not only of the Hopis, but all Pueblos.  READ MORE...




Grandfather Lee Standing Bear's



 World peace is a process of transformation on many levels of human relations.   


A Pessimistic View 

World leaders see peace as a political process driven by varied interests of security, economics and political stability - to protect power bases.  Yet, wars destabilize, increase power and enforce political ideologies.   


Global leaders of commerce see peace as an opportunity to expand free markets - to protect profits.  Yet, the economic spoils of  war often go to the barons of business.   


Leaders of organized religions see the peace process as an affirmation of dogma and doctrine that controls the masses.  Yet, organized religion is responsible for many wars. 


The world peace process today is motivated by fear of losing something, a desire for more power or by greed - the very same reasons wars occur.    


Is there a better way to achieve world peace?   READ MORE...





National Museum of the American Indian

Dear Manataka,

In the 25 years since our founding legislation was signed, the Manataka American Indian Council helped the National Museum of the American Indian change the way museums nationwide present Native history and culture.

No longer do museums create exhibitions
about Native people. Today, exhibitions are created with Native people – through community consultations and inclusive of the Native voice.

This wouldn’t be possible without your support. To keep the Museum the nation’s leading voice for Native history and culture, please make a year-end contribution today.

Your past support has helped the Museum do so much in our first 25 years:

  • More than 20 million visitors have explored the Museum, learning the truth about Native peoples;

  • We’ve repatriated more than 30,000 objects back to their Native communities;

  • Our collection of Native American objects is unquestionably the most significant in the world – with more than 825,000 items spanning 12,000 years of history;

  • We’ve brought objects and art to more than 40 cities through our traveling exhibitions; and

  • We’ve started long-overdue conversations about Native stereotypes and their pervasiveness in our culture.

We will continue to dispel myths, correct misinformation, and bring the truth to a public that deserves to know. We’re opening new exhibitions and reimagining old ones. The nation has shown us that it is ready to know more about our common roots – and the Museum is ready to tell that tale.


Kevin Gover (Pawnee) Director

NMAI Member Services  |  202-633-6984  |  PO Box 23473  Washington DC 20026  |  Privacy 





Campaign To Raise Awareness on Violence Against Native Women

The Indian Law Resource Center and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) have launched the first videos in a new campaign to raise awareness of and help end violence against Native women and girls.


The campaign is two-fold, featuring a series of “Survivor Stories” with Native women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence and another  series of videos on the theme of “Native Love,” with Native youth expressing what Native love means to them and the changes they want to see in their communities. READ MORE...




Comet ISON, imaged by longtime amateur astrophotographer Damian Peach in the U.K. He used a four-inch f/5 telescope for 12 minutes of combined exposures on November 15.

Credit: Damian Peach /


by Patricia Cota-Robles -


This is a time of vigilance for awakening Humanity and the millions of Lightworkers who have worked so tenaciously to cocreate the Cosmic Moment we are now in the midst of, but this is not a vigilance based in fear. It is a vigilance based in the inner peace and the elation of knowing that we have God Victoriously made it through the most fragile and complex, yet the most monumental, shift of consciousness ever attempted in any system of worlds.


 The Heavens are rejoicing, and every man, woman, and child on Earth is being bathed in the most intensified 5th-Dimensional Solar frequencies of Divine Love that we are capable of withstanding without being vaporized. This unfathomable Divine Love is flowing into the mental and emotional strata of Earth from the Divine Matrix of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, ALL That Is. This Divine Matrix is the Body of God within which every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. Within this Divine Matrix we are not only One with our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity, we are One with our Father-Mother God, the Legions of Light throughout Infinity, and every single facet of Life ever breathed forth from the Core of Creation.  READ MORE...




Chaplains Group

7,841 members on Linkedin


A response from Grandfather Lee Standing Bear to

Linkedin comments from Chaplains and Ministers



 Senior Minister at United Christian Church


"Hey everyone, please help me to translate the Bible to 65K unreached people in Sudan. Please follow the link for more details, thanks.   Got Word for 2014? FOR ONLY 14 MORE DAYS, we're offering these limited-edition custom, high-quality tees. 20% of the proceeds of this T-shirt will be donated to Mercy Partners and their efforts to share God's Word with the people of Sudan and...




Lee Standing Bear Moore

Secretary, Historian, Storyteller, Chaplain, Keeper of Manataka


"Proselytizing those with strong faiths in Sudan will only create resentment and anger. We know this is hard to accept by people of the Christian faith, but the act of proselytizing is sinful and contrary to what you have been taught by organized religion. It is insulting to those who are placed in the uncomfortable position of being evangelized.  A guest who insults the host with demeaning epiteths, holier-than-thou attitudes, and shoving personal beliefs down their throats is a horrific act of disrespect, ignorance and injustice.

In centuries past, Christians proselytized "savages" at the point of swords. Later, they used guns and cannons. Today, some Christians use shame, guilt and and a host of other marketing techniques to win over the savages.

Put yourself in the position of people who worship differently than you. All creation is made uniquely different. There is not a single leaf, blade of grass or stone or anything else in nature that are exactly the same. They are all made different because diversity is Creation in God's eyes.  Worship along side of your brothers and sisters of different faiths. But, do not attempt to change the way they see God. Your way is not the only path. 

This post may create a hail storm of rebuke, but it is respect and peace in the world that we seek, not rancor."





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Help be a part of building the Sacred Grounds at Manataka 


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Dr. Edward Sullivan, DC ND BD PhD, President of the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine recently announced that IBEM will offer a full scholarship to Renee Lewis and three part-time scholarships to Manataka members Croitiene Cree ganMoryn, Simone Caulderwood, and Lita J. Pepion beginning in 2014.  The scholarships are for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in natural medicine (Traditional Naturopathy and BioEnergetic medicine with a strong emphasis on American Indian healing and spirituality).


If you are interested in a 2015 scholarship, contact Lee Standing Bear Moore, MAIC.  If you are not a member, join today. 

IBEM is located in Centennial, Colorado outside of Denver. IBEM is the first Doctoral program of Bio-Energetic Medicine (BD) in North America and is an accredited seminary of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations.  IBEM provides courses, certificates, and degrees in Traditional Naturopathy, Natural Medicine,  Auriculomedicine, Biofeedback, and Bioenergetic Medicine.  Dr. Sullivan is a new member of MAIC. He received his spirit name Manitou-Makwa (Spirit Bear) and is a member of the Central Band of Cherokee of Tennessee and an honorary member of the Ojibwe (Michigan).  

Volunteer Counseling Positions Open: 

Are you a minister, psychologist, teacher or counselor?  Elder Robert Gray Hawk Coke announces that more professional volunteer counselors are needed for the Manataka's free online Counseling program helping hundreds of people with emotional, spiritual, family, marital and other issues -- anonymously and free!. There are education, professional experience and licensure requirements.   Email:


Elders Reaffirm MAIC Religious Status:

"The Manataka American Indian Council is by its nature, history and continuing practice a religious and spiritual institution," says a declaration unanimously signed by the Elder Council in March,2013.   The Elders proclaimed that Manataka is a sacred place of worship and a center for spiritual growth and communion.  Elders emphasized that MAIC is a religious organization from its inception and is a source of inspiration and enlightenment for all mankind.  "The Affirmation of Religious Status" declares MAIC to be a church with all the responsibilities and privileges of a religious body.  


Manataka Sacred Grounds project:  

Planning is in full-swing to convert vacant lots on the east side of Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain into memorial gardens.  Everyone is excited!


2nd Annual Native Food Sovereignty Summit April 14-17, 2014

Registration is now open for the Native Food Sovereignty Summit at Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Last year's conference was fully booked and got rave reviews, so register early to ensure you have a seat at this one. Once again, it is proudly co-sponsored by the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, First Nations Development Institute, the Intertribal Agriculture Council and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.





Manataka's YOUTH Books


A Basic Native/Iroquois Reading List



Tribal Flags -- 20 New Flags - Find Yours Now


2013 Native American Indian Music Awards






"The Natural Law is a spiritual law. Its powers are both light and dark." -- Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders


There are some characteristics that are evident in the system which the Creator made. He made balance, harmony, and polarity. In other words, every (+) plus has a (-) minus. Every positive has a negative; every up has a down; every problem has a solution. The Spiritual Law is the same - it has light and dark. Both are good, so both need to be honored. Lessons can be learned on both sides.


Great Spirit, teach me the powers of the Natural Laws.


Copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons at  Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.


"The word 'Manataka' literally means the 'Unbroken Circle'.  All powers of natural law are exhibited In the circle.  A circle does not exist without equilibrium with great poise, stability, steadiness and balance.  Harmony exists in the circle in accord within Creator's natural law and at the same time exhibits a divergence from its opposite poles generating great diversity.  The circle is the engine of Creation.  Discord and divergence are blessings waiting for God's natural law to take place." ~Lee Standing Bear Moore, December 2013. 





A Father, a Daughter and a Dog

A true story by Catherine Moore


"Watch out! You nearly broad sided that car!" My father yelled at me. "Can't you do anything right?"


Those words hurt worse than blows. I turned my head toward the elderly man in the seat beside me, daring me to challenge him. A lump rose in my throat as I averted my eyes. I wasn't prepared for another battle.


"I saw the car, Dad . Please don't yell at me when I'm driving.."


My voice was measured and steady, sounding far calmer than I really felt.


Dad glared at me, then turned away and settled back. At home I left Dad in front of the television and went outside to collect my thoughts..... dark, heavy clouds hung in the air with a promise of rain. The rumble of distant thunder seemed to echo my inner turmoil. What could I do about him?


Dad had been a lumberjack in Washington and Oregon . He had enjoyed being outdoors and had reveled in pitting his strength against the forces of nature. He had entered grueling lumberjack competitions, and had placed often. The shelves in his house were filled with trophies that attested to his prowess.  READ MORE...







Thomas Young:  One Man’s Love of Animals


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi


During my wanderings, I came across Queen Wilhelmina State Park near Mena. Arkansas. One of its attractions at that time was a small zoo and wildlife sanctuary operated by Thomas Young, a wildlife rehabilitator.


The zoo animals included a bear, a timber wolf cub, orphaned fawns, bobcats, wild turkeys, hawks, owls, raccoons – and a cougar named Sheena. Almost all of them had been injured at some point in time.


The side of a small unpainted wooden building on the property told the real story of this place. Large white lettering boldly announced that 12 bears, 5,000 hawks, 2,000 owls, 22 bald eagles, 18 golden eagles and thousands of small mammals had been released back into nature by Young. The $4 entry fee to the zoo helped cover his expenses.  READ MORE...




New! American Indian Vietnam Veterans Flag


See 147 Authentic Tribal Flags





Cherokee State Recognized Tribes

Manataka Siyu nigadv,

"...An Indian is an Indian regardless of the degree of Indian blood or which little government card they do or do not possess...". (Wilma Mankiller).  I ask of one thing from you now. That is “To be of a good mind”.

It is a great honor to address the 90 of the 250 groups across this great country of ours that recognize there self as Cherokee.

My name is Terry Miller; I am Cherokee because I choose to walk as one, and by blood.

Some have come to this by adoption, old family stories, and other ways. Some have known since birth and some found out later in life.  I am greatly encouraged that a lot of the 90 groups have reached out to each other. This is very good because the closer they get to doing this the closer we get to home as a Nation.

I am seeing larger groups of 10,000 join up with even larger groups of 50,000 and more I swell with pride of what I see of my people.






From Now On Find Her Among the Stars


Our beloved Wisdomkeeper, Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon, 93, has walked the Strawberry Path, and on December 6, 2013.  She was reverently planted by her People in her Beloved Mother Earth.  Her Spirit will not die, but forever fires the hearts of her Haudenoshaunee (Iroquois) Peoples and of all justice-seeking human beings.  Weep and smile with me as Edna joins hands with her loving husband Hannibal, both young again, romping playfully among the Stars as she once did along the banks of the O-hee-oh


Her words live forever in her two wondrous books:

Voice of the Hawk Elder –

A Broomstick Revolution –


All Edna’s royalties go to her family


Bless Edna Gordon and the path she took with us on earth, and now into the cosmos.  May our paths now knowing of her have more Peace and Love for Mother Earth and each other.  Kathy Cummings





Holistic Healing Community!  January 9, 2014

Let us together create a Healing/Wellness Center in one of the Hot Springs National Park historic bathhouses!



Hot Springs Holistic Wellness Bathhouse Network

January 9, 2014 (choose time best for you)

2 – 4 p.m.

6 – 8 p.m.

National Park Community College

Charlotte Phelps Building (CP-202)

Located just north of the main Campus Center Building


Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  ~ Francis of Assisi ~


Questions:  Karen Malone:




Peace Valley Sanctuary January 3– 5, 2014

Join us in a celebration of life, welcoming the New Year.  Have fun with new and old friends playing, meditating and creating together. Are you ready to let go of whatever no longer serves you? Participate in a Burning Bowl Ceremony and release limiting thoughts, fears and beliefs. Would you like to set your intent for what you want to create in the New Year for yourself and the world?

Create your intentions for what you want in your life in physical, financial, spiritual, social, mental, and emotional areas Do the same for what you would like to manifest for humanity in 2014.  Susan Waters at or (870) 356-2667 to register for the event, lodging and a private session with Shaman Rai. 344 Peace Valley Road, Caddo Gap, AR 71935



2nd Annual Native Food Sovereignty Summit April 14-17, 2014

Registration is now open for the Native Food Sovereignty Summit at Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Last year's conference was fully booked and got rave reviews, so register early to ensure you have a seat at this one. Once again, it is proudly co-sponsored by the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, First Nations Development Institute, the Intertribal Agriculture Council and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.



Strawberry Moon Women's Gathering


You are invited to attend and participate in the Strawberry Moon in New Hampshire in June 2014.

The Strawberry Moon is a Women’s gathering and it is at this gathering that the women “step up” in tribal status.  All young girls who have received their Moon-time, but have not yet been honored as women would be honored as such during this gathering.  Grandmother Nupa Maka -




Spirit of the Buffalo Powwow

January 10 - 19, 2014, 10:00 am 9:00 pm
International Market World Florida

1052 US Hwy 92 West, Auburndale, Florida - 33823

Phone: 863-665-0062
Head Man: Gary Hayes; Head Lady: Certha Schauble; MC: Rick Bird; Host Drums: Bird Chopper
Additional Information: Live Buffalo on site




WACIPI Fifteenth Annual Traditional Powwow

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Portland Community College and the Sylvania Multicultural Center

Sylvania Campus, Health Technology Building (HT)
Doors open at 12 noon

Activities for children:  12 noon - 9pm;
College Fair: 12 noon - 4pm

Grand Entries: 1pm and 7pm

Community Dinner:  5:30pm

Public Welcome!; Free Admission and Parking; Raffle Prizes; American Sign Language available day of the event

Native American Crafts and Food Vendors' Master of Ceremonies – Bob Tom (Confederated Tribes of Siletz and Grand Ronde)

Whip Man – Ed Goodell (Confederated Tribes of Siletz) Co-Host Drums – (TBA)  Head Dancers – (TBA)

Color Guard – Northwest Indian Veterans Association

Merchandise vendor space is limited to 20 vendors. Priority will be given to Native American-owned small businesses for a fee of $75 for each 10 x 10 space. Please call the Sylvania Multicultural Center at 971-722-4116 to register by January 3, 2014.




Bandsintown's event:

Jim Sawgrass @ Ormond Beach Powwow - Ormond Beach, FL

Friday, January 24, 2014 at 9:00am - Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 4:00pm in Ormond Beach, FL



AISC Annual 2014 Winter Powwow
January 24 - January 24

4001 Stevens Way NE, Seattle, Washington - 98195



Quincy’s Great River Eagles Days and Standing Bear Council’s Winter Gathering

January 25 - 26, 2014, 12:00 am
Oakley Lindsay Center Illinois

Rising Sun: 715-299-0236

$3.00 ticket for persons 12 years of age and up , 11 and under are free.

Drum: Black Fox Singers, inter-tribal dancing,

Random drawing for prize money

Crafts, Food, Live birds of prey.

Blessing of the Eagle Ceremony by: Forrest Liggett

Trader/Educator Chairperson, Leslie Haslem : 217-577-1930

Chairman: Rising Sun, 715-299-0236

Motel Discount: Microtel inn suites 200 South3rd. Street, Quincy, Illinois

or 217-222-5620. NO DISCOUNT AFTER DECEMBER 24,2013 Discount under the name of the Standing Bear Council.



Thunder on the Beach Powwow 2014

February 14, 15, 16th 2014

Indian River County Fairgrounds

7955 58th Ave. Vero Beach, Florida