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Spiritual Elders, Medicine People, Shamans, Mystics, Light Workers, Rainbow Warriors, and Earth Activists

 A Message From Lee Standing Bear Moore




It Is Not Going To Happen This Way

Spirit workers of this age are wasting a their time and energy sticking their collective heads in the sand waiting for some cataclysmic event of the cosmos that will somehow mystically transform our earthly existence.  We are not helping creation by wandering around in empty illusory space chanting, channeling and chortling bits of energy at each other.


We must not stray too deeply into the realms of Light, just as we should not wander into the dark places.   We live in reality of this time and space and must work in both worlds.  We must learn to unite the two – light and reality.    If we continue this one-sided path of oblivion, disregarding the real problems of Mother Earth, we risk… everything.  


It is good to pray and call upon great powers of loving energy vibrations to heal the Mother.  However, we must also become active in reversing the tremendous crisis least we become a part of the great apathy that consumes most of humankind.   We must become a part of the solution.


This world is not an illusion as we have heard many of our brothers and sisters say.  Others say we are living in the “end times” or in between worlds, or this reality is not real, but a dream.  They say there is little that can be done to revive the Mother, so they spend their time preparing for the dimension. Is this some sort of psychotic response to the terrible crisis mankind now faces?   Are we attempting to save ourselves while the rest of creation goes into the dumpster?   Is this some kind of lunacy?   


The world of Light is not separate from the reality of this world.   We cannot separate creation from the Creator.   We cannot separate ourselves from the reality of our four-legged cousins who suffer near extinction.  We cannot live in clouded numinous worlds of light and not see the beautiful standing ones turn brown from chemical pollution.   We can no longer sit by and watch our relatives who swim and fly die by the millions in the name of ‘progress’.  The insects needed by plants; birds and fish to survive are drowning in pesticides, while we sit smugly in our ceremonial circles waving sage to purify our sanctimonious butts.


If we believe the Light is sacred then we must also believe creation is sacred to be respected and honored.   


Disrespect for nature began when organized western religions canonized the false idea that man has dominion over the earth.   The demigods of western religion demonized nature and considered her less than man for man they say was created in the image of God.    Man does not own this garden called earth.  Our purpose here is not to capitalize on her resources and abuse her beauty.   We are given the privilege of tending the garden so that it may give us sustenance and the greater glory of this work is given to the Creator.   


Light workers believe in the visions, energies and powers gifted man by the Creator and the omnipotent powers of the Great Mystery.  Light workers understand that man is but one small grain of sand in the universe and part of the greater whole of creation.  We are made of the Mother and when we seek to desecrate, plunder and destroy her, we destroy ourselves.    


Earth Activists Are Dying

We give thanks to the activists who have fought so long and tirelessly to call our attention to the dire circumstance of earth’s present condition.   They have endured years of attacks from mega-national corporations, government bureaucrats, organized Christian churches, and the right-wing media.  They have suffered at the hands of an apathetic public.  


Moreover, do-nothing Spiritual Elders, Medicine people, Shamans, Mystics, and so-called Light Seekers are adding to the weight of their burden as they sit motionless staring at the clouds spewing out beatitudes.   


After years of achieving but meager gains, the activists now feel desolation and are desperate for relief.   They are frantic with grief knowing they are losing the battle to save Mother Earth.  Their spirit wanes and financial resources are drying up.  Many have lost hope.    


Unite Now or…

Will The Last Person On Earth Kindly Turn Out the Lights?

Spiritual Elders, Medicine people, Shamans, Mystics, and Light Workers must become more passionate and active in the battle to save Mother Earth.   We must ground ourselves in the reality of today’s world and bring the strength, power and energies of spiritual awareness and wisdom into the fight to honor and respect our Mother Earth.   We must stop talking about it and get busy giving assistance to the activists.   


The activists must learn they cannot do it alone.   They must ask for Divine Intervention, Divine Knowledge and Divine Wisdom.  They must move away from the idea that they are saving the earth simply for the sake of future generations of consumers.   The activists must acknowledge that this is a spiritual battle and not just a fight over land use, economics or esthetics.   They must bring energies of the Light to bear against the greedy forces of darkness that subject the Mother to unspeakable horrors.  


These two forces must become one on a massive worldwide scale.   Anything less leaves the outcome in doubt.   


When these two groups fuse into one, the battle will no longer be fought in boardrooms and courtrooms.   The confrontation will be moved to a higher plane where justice, respect, honor, and love conquers all.    The warrior grounded in reality of the dark with the sword of light at his side becomes a powerful, fearless and outright irritation to those in power.


©"Attention: Spiritual Elders, Medicine People...," Story of Manataka by Lee Standing Bear Moore, all rights reserved, 2004 -2017.