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Significance of Our Lady of the Rainbow -

The Rainbow Woman

 By Lee Standing Bear Moore and Takatoka


    On Saturday afternoon, October 5, Lee Standing Bear Moore made his way up the steps leading into St. Mary's Convent in Hot Springs, AR.  A gathering of Catholic elders from many other parts of the country were invited by Fr. Bruno Ruel to hear Grandfather Bear speak about Manataka and the Holy Mother of All People - Rainbow Woman.

    Grandfather Bear spoke about Manataka's ancient past and the origins of the Keepers of Manataka, the Tula people who migrated thousands of miles to honor and serve the Mother of Peace who resides at the sacred mountain. 


    The people wore the wondering faces of beautiful children as they heard about the miracles and healing of Manataka and the Lady of the Rainbow.  The time allotted went by fast and the meeting came to close with far too much yet to be shared. 


 Later that day, Grandfather Bear sent a message to Father Bruno. "After leaving the gathering today, a simple way to explain the “Significance of the Manataka and the Rainbow Woman” came to us:  


Manataka Significance

*    It’s long history as a sacred site predates 99.8% of written western cultural history.

*    It’s history is imbedded in the stories of North, Central and South American indigenous people.

*    It’s history is buried deep within the sacred mountains and areas within its seven circles.

*    The healing properties contained in flora, mineral and vibration dimensions of the area were of great importance to        

      tribes who gathered here.


Lady of the Rainbow Significance

*     The Lady of the Rainbow has a historical connection to a god found among the Tula, Maya, Toltec, Olmec, and Aztec - IxChel.

       – representing benevolent, nurturing female energy.   

*     Stories of the Rainbow Woman are more than myths, they are parables relating to spiritual experiences, miracles and moral

       standards of the day.

*     The behavior and extraordinary powers of the Rainbow Woman are beyond human expression.  She taught the people how to

       love and live in peace.  She performed miracles and occasionally corrected the people.

*     The Rainbow Woman/Lady of the Rainbow is not only a historical figure of olden myth, her spirit lives at the sacred mountain.

*     Miracles of leaps in human consciousness have been witnessed over the course of many generations. 

*     Through the power of God, healings come from the Rainbow Woman expressing herself in the water, air, minerals and flora.

*     Many people in modern times reported seeing apparitions or spirits resembling the Rainbow Woman.

*     **The Lady of the Rainbow is also said to be an indigenous manifestation of the Lady of All People, Mary, Mother of God. 


Thank you Standing Bear, I made a copy of your text for each person who is attending the retreat. Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with us yesterday. These people will keep Manataka dear to their heart as I and the sisters already do.  May God bless you and your loved ones, Fr Bruno


The significance of Manataka and the Lady of the Rainbow is found in the past and the here and now.  Thousands of people come to Manataka (Hot Springs National Park, AR) each year to experience its gifts.  However, it's real significance is reserved for the future.


The future of Manataka is far more important than its past or present.  The future will reveal each of its great prophecies as time spins in a celestial spiral rainbow. 




**On August 24, 2011, in response for a gift of a Manataka crystal to Mother Paul-Marie of Lac-Etchemin, she wrote instructions to her staff, "Hot Springs, formerly called "Place of Peace" seems predestined in divine and Marian designs, and its rich history leads us to believe in the workings of Providence that has prepared everything for the establishing the seat of the Church of John in the U.S.A.... This gift becomes a symbol of a providential and divine link that connects the Lady of All Peoples - the lady of the Rainbow to the blessed land of Hot Springs...."


**On October 16, 2012 Sr. Joyce-Mary, OSM of the Servant of Mary Congregation wrote: "...The Sisters are comparing the Lady of the Rainbow to Mary, the Mother of God.  In the Apocalypse there is a reference to a woman crowned with twelve stars.  She is a type of Marian image of Mary, Mother of God.  The healing waters also resemble the healing waters of Lourdes where Mary appeared to a poor, humble girl called Bernadette Soubiroux.  The comparisons are truly wonderful because Mary is always inspiring us to pray for peace, which you are doing.  So, you—with respect, like me are a Servant of Mary, the Rainbow Woman..."