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A Journey to Chief Crazy Horse National Monument, South Dakota


Darryl Grey Grey Eagle Brown, a member of the Choctaw Nation from Hugo, Oklahoma and his family journeyed to the Chief Crazy Horse National Monument in South Dakota in September to perform the Honoring the Circle ceremony.  Grey Eagle shares photos and his own words in this brief diary:


Greetings All My Relations,


Many relatives came together in the beginning of this vision, to Create this wonderful event. We were truly Honored that the amazing family who are creating the largest monument in the United States accepted us and allowed us to come together for this time at this awesome site in South Dakota.


Many prayers were answered along the way and as we gathered and offered tobacco in respect of our time and the powerful energy and spirit of this place. We are so thankful for the many elders, leaders, children, artists, and relatives of all four colors that attended.  It was a great day and a sign that we are all working together to bring the Light of Peace to this place and beyond," said Grey Eagle.



My sister DJ Battiest, a native flute artist and I offer up a prayer song and a thank you song.

"Carved in Oklahoma, we loaded up the Eagle Peace Pole and transported it to South Dakota for a special dedication ceremony and presented the pole to a representative of the Korczak Ziolkowski family on the 65th Anniversary of the time when he began his great work," said Grey Eagle.


In 1939 Chief Standing Bear of the Lakota invited Korczak Ziolkowski [core-chalk jewel-cuff-ski] a noted New England sculptor to create a mountainous tribute to the North American Indians.


The video link below shows the Living Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  It was beautiful and moving for all.


Crazy Horse Memorial is the world's largest mountain carving in progress.


"The Crazy Horse Monument is truly an awe inspiring story and legacy that he built and that they continue for The future!. We recommend anyone and everyone to visit this wonderful site in South Dakota in a Peaceful and respectful way. All the employees and staff were just awesome! said Darryl Grey Eagle.


It is being carved in the round and when completed it will be 641 feet long and 563 feet high.

All four 60-foot high heads on Mt. Rushmore would fit inside just Crazy Horse's head.   Seven of the 10 Korczak children still work on the project.


The Memorial does not accept any government funding and hosts more than a million visitors a year.  In addition to the mountain carving, there is much more to see and do. The complex includes a visitor center, twin theaters to show orientation DVD, Indian Museum of North America, Native American Cultural Center, education and conference center, sculptor's log-studio home, bronze showroom, gift shops. The Crazy Horse Memorial complex is open year-round and work continues on the mountain year-round.


"We were just proud and again honored to be Creator guided to help All Our Relations and may peace prevail on sacred Mother Earth," said Darryl Grey Eagle Brown.