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Black Indians - The Tour 2

By Dr. Angela Molette, Tuscaloosa Ohoyo, Black Warrior Woman




Halito and Greetings to All Whom These Blessings May Come!


Dear Dr.’s Rashidi, Anderson, Squire, Ansari, Leatrice Brown, BIU President Barbara Finley, Chief Al Running Bear Molette, All Chiefs, Council Members, Citizens, Ambassador Akil Ali, Brother Bernard, Jamia Shepard, our Families and Diasporan Kin-Groups;


What an exciting year to be who we are!


Boxing with the U.S. Federal Court of Claims and Supreme Court of late, has been a daunting experience, but not for any of the reasons you might expect.


Black Indians have had to fight for our Treaty Rights to be equally and fully adhered to (as all other multi-party beneficiaries), because it is clear that sitting Justices are not at all familiar with our history as descendants of Aboriginal Natives of the Americas settling this land (in excess of 11,500 years ago) regardless as to whether or not our ancient root origin is as Autocthons arising from the soil or admixture with Australian, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Mende from Sierra Leone (Mande, Mandinga), Angolan, New Guinean, or Tasmanians.


There remains clear apprehension (in the Justices) that makes them appear extremely fearful that acknowledgement of Black Indians in North America will be viewed as an insult (to other Indian tribes), based solely upon our unique ethnicity.


The fact remains that an absolute abundance of Ethnic names (attached to Tribal Peoples--called Indians by Columbus) found and preserved in archaic (and certainly ancient) American Indian Tribal Settlements from Tierra del Fuego to the Bering Strait, as Toponyms attached to geographical features having nothing whatsoever to do with African Slavery among Indians in any continental division. The list is extensive.


Perhaps Dr. Rashidi can convince U.S. Justices’ and Politicians to join his Olmec, Maya, and African-Communities-In-Mexico-Tour? It would be well worth the effort for our people to insist that Justice (at every level) and in every legal venue in the Domestic United States and Internationally, become thoroughly familiar with our history, which also includes Aboriginal Pre-Hispanic Mexico, because “American Justice” is wrecking shop in their Freedmen-plausible-deniability-tactical-deflection-deception plan, due to feigned (or real) ignorance, because this land is truly our land, from California to the New York Islands, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters, and beyond…this land BELONGS TO YOU AND ME!.


The U.S. Federal Court of Claims refuses to hear Class Action claims brought by Black lineal descendants of Aboriginal and Indigenous Cherokees, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Indians, because, as Judge Robert H. Hodges, Jr., in HARVEST INSTITUTE FREEDMEN FEDERATION, et al. v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA indicated that that the plaintiffs (Freedmen) rely on “a trust relationship whereas the courts evidently held that no such relationship between the United States and the plaintiffs existed.”
After our Freedmen Attorney was “hobbled” by U.S. law, which saw fit to dismantle his ability to represent our claim, it was only a matter of procedure for The Supreme Court of the United States to reject the claim on a technicality for Freedmen Representing the case “Pro Se“.


All of this occurring under a United States that has been a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, signed by President Barack H. Obama in December of 2010. The instrument referenced represents the dynamic development of international legal norms that should aid Indigenous People and assist them in combating Discrimination and Marginalization.


Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes are Indigenous, which according to Encarta ® World English Dictionary ©, means;
1. Belonging to a place: originating in and typical of a region or country
2. Natural: natural or inborn


As you well know, Freedmen of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Nations are continually marginalized and diminished by the United States, Congress, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Governments of the 5 Civilized Tribes, their systems, laws and media, which tends to distance us (in the minds of the masses) from Indigenous and historic Aboriginal Status with each news story that inserts “descendants of Slaves” in every paragraph, ad nauseum, despite the fact that each Indian Nation (and its Citizens) throughout history has been at risk for captivity, slavery, or death.


There are many great examples of enslaved or imprisoned Indian Chiefs and Mothers of Great Chiefs who were former Slaves (even in the Cherokee Nation). The most vitriolic of past enslavers were Confederate Bands of Indian Tribes (which includes the lineage of the Cherokee Principal Chief that ardently pursued legal disenfranchisement of modern Cherokee Freedmen, as depicted by the news in recent years. A glossed-over fact is, that Confederate Tribal Factions were infused with the Blood of European Slave-owners and are therefore, not representative of “Indigenous or Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas” as are Freedmen Indians, who can prove they are attached to the continent by Heritage, extending back 11,500 years, who were Free, Autonomous, Self-Ruled and Sovereign, they are ours.


Besides, it being a clear violation of U.S. anti-Discrimination, Civil and Constitutional Rights Laws to discriminate against a people because of their Ethnicity or Previous Condition of Servitude. The insertion of statements such as, "non-Indian Freedmen" is intended to subliminally suggest that Iindian Feedmen People of the 5 Civilized Tribes are not "Indian", Indigenous or Aboriginal.


We can definitively demonstrate that our tribes and others (particularly, Black Tribal Peoples of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Nations) are descended from Peoples resident in the Americas as far back as 11,500 years, as Black Aboriginals in the Americas, whether Indian or Ethiopian. Now that is something to celebrate! We can also demonstrate that Black Indians inhabited California from 2,000 B.C., and spread out from there, now if that is not aboriginal, nothing is.

It is now time for science to enter the fray. If the Courts won’t hear my Claims, then the Americas will have to let the Dry Bones Speak! A Preponderance of Evidence shall be revealed.


Our “Trust Relationship” (apparently one-sided) extended from the Colonial Government into the newly formed (post-1776) United States Government, beginning with the Hopewell Treaties (in South Carolina) that ran (in various instruments) clear through to the 1866 Treaties (for which Freedmen served as council to Chiefs, witnesses, interpreters and signatories). Additionally, our Trust Relationship caused the U.S. Congress to enter into law- Authorization for a Special Tribunal known as the Dawes Commission in 1896, to determine all eligible Freedmen deriving Rights Under The 1866 Treaties and to make a descriptive Census thereof, requiring the Federal Tribunal to gather the Citizenship Rolls of each Tribal Nation, compelling each Indian Micco, Chief and Town King to furnish a master list of the Citizens of their Tribes--which our ancestors were on, so Commissioners could Interview them, review the evidence and count each of our ancestors from 1898 to 1907 within the Oklahoma Indian Territory in exchange for a Government issued Citizenship Roll Number. Only persons counted and confirmed by the Dawes Commission were issued Original Patents for their share of the Tribal Domain, referred to as Allotted Lands, as the 1866 Treaties provided for ceded Reservation Lands and Districts for the settlement or ‘location’ of Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes. They also kept a roll of rejected Indians, but not because they weren’t Indians. Rejected applicants were unable to furnish satisfactory evidence to the European Dawes Commissioners. Still others were so fearful of the U.S. Government and their penchant for removals and mass imprisonment that they risked all to avoid the tribunal. Regardless, the 1866 Treaties established Trust Funds, Trust Lands and Laws to Protect Freedmen Treaty Rights.


After that, the United States Department of the Interior kept close tabs on all births, deaths, marriages, name changes and the status of our lands, even handling Leases on Freedmen Lands (in the 5 Civilized Tribes) until the 1970s, which were subject to approval (or disproval) by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior and deposited to accrue interest to benefit the very tribes from which we are exiled…that was a relationship! What do we now call the lines of communication still open between the U.S. Department of the Interior and present-day Freedmen still attached to the tribes?


What (in the present context) will the relationship be between hundreds of thousands of Freedmen still eligible for enrollment and that of their progeny? It’s time for the U.S. Government to quit slighting the Tribal Governments of Indian Freedmen.These endless lawsuits are only necessary, because the U.S. Government would rather force descendants of Confederate Indians (despite their endless protests) to care for Black Indians (but only if Their Courts say so), meaning the courts are creating Laws by which the Government must abide, instead of upholding already existing law...something is very, very wrong with Congress and the system of Checks and Balances. These actions are cowardly and only serve to continue delaying vital or essential goods and services, Trust Fund and Trust Land access that has been ours by Natural Law before, during and after Indian Removals in the 1830s, and by U.S. Treaty Law, since 1866. Withholding our rightful inheritance, forces impoverished Freedmen to expend monies they don’t have (and can’t accrue) fighting expensive Court Battles with Tribes-and the U.S., who have become unbelievably enriched by seizure and expropriation of Freedmen assets.


The President and Congress need only DECLARE PUBLICLY that 1866 Treaty Rights inscribed for “Freedmen” are to be honored. That is all it takes. So what is their problem? It seems as if they want to force our access to Treaty Rights and Trust Funds back into the hands of historically negligent Indian Tribes and equally negligent Federal Trustees, dispensing to us only what they determine is best for us through the Tribes, instead of a lump sum settlement and reappropriation of lands--allowing us to Represent Ourselves Autonomously, achieving parity, as Successors-in-Interest, Beneficiaries, Heirs and Assigns as we have demanded. Anything less won’t do.

The U.S. Department of the Interior filed a counter-lawsuit (in U.S. District Court) on Monday, July 2, on behalf of Freedmen, to stop the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from denying tribal citizenship and other rights to the descendants of Freedmen. Think of that, the Federal Trustees of Indian Freedmen filed suit against an Indian Tribe in contempt of U.S. Treaty, Civil Rights and Constitutional Laws! An example of a relationship which Judge Hodges says, does not exist!


OK, now I’m confused. We are talking Monday of this week two days before Independence Day, 2012: Did the U.S. Department of the Interior (Federal Trustees) file a counter-lawsuit on behalf of Freedmen seeking a Declaratory Judgment on their 1866 Treaty Rights because a Trust Relationship exists or just because they just “felt like filing a cross-complaint for Freedmen?” It seems this Federal action flies in the face of Judge Robert Hodges, Jr.’s fiction, which contends that Freedmen are relying upon a Trust Relationship that does not exist!


Yet, even at that, the whole problem with the (District Court), even the U.S. Court of Claims and the supposed Supreme Court, is that Freedmen are Sovereign and every U.S. Court can be viewed as part of the arsenal of Foreign Occupiers against Freedmen, even their contrived laws, are inferior to laws of Sovereigns. Yet, these are intended to suppress Freedmen will and determination to self-govern, by keeping us impoverished, penniless and distracted with busywork. Nevertheless, we still have a right to an autonomous Identity, nationality of our own choosing (which we never forfeit, nor pledged to any other country), and return to our Country (the Indian Country), Indian Territory. Europeans (and representatives of Europeans) took over the Hemisphere by force, by Papal Decree facilitated by the Catholic Majesties, fomented by (unbeknownst to us) declared war against us, followed up by dispatched Conquistadors sent forth in Expeditionary Units into the Indian Country of the Americas (which they destroyed and still occupy, forming the basis of our claim), specifically to vanquish the Kingdoms of Africa, Saracens, Pagans and non-believers “wherever they exist” (even in the New World).


All the aforementioned was said, to say Thank You! Dr. Rashidi for conducting Tours to places that furthers and legitimizes our claims. Good Luck with your Tours.


I have begun pre-orders on the revised version of my book; My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven Reclaiming Each Nuu Tnoo Huahi Andehui, part 1 for $35.00. It will be an indispensable educational tool used towards gaining a complete understanding of the tremendous losses occurring in the Black Indian World, known as the Americas (from a Black Indian perspective), which outlines as many Black Indian settlements as I can fit within the boundaries of part 1.


Of course, it also means that now, since he is covering Mexico (Dr. Rashidi has already covered Africa and India) and (if he has not already) will need to expand his tours exponentially to include a great deal of archaic Melanesia, Polynesia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, Mexico-Veracruz, Central America-Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, The Mosquito Coast, Panama, South America-Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador (Esmeraldas), Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia (Atacames), Argentina, Canadian Great Slave and Lesser Slave Glacial Lakes, portions of Russia, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Haiti and Dominican Republic, Cuba, Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco, Tunisia, the land that was once ancient Carthage and Phoenicia, Bermuda, Sea Islands, Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and more, all contributing or receiving Black Aboriginal DNA into the original unique Gene Pool of the Americas creating ancient Black Indians and Indigenous Indian-African Americans, having nothing to do with later Trans-Atlantic Slavery (which was a later 'subsequent' forced emigration of Africans under European regimes) though amalgamated to our phylum as historically related by blood.


The world needs to know that when the most remote South American Indian Tribes tell you that their ancient Fathers came from Mesopotamia (land between Iraq and Syria)-and they can still be considered as the definitive archetype of Aboriginal, Indigenous Indians in the Americas, then it was also not impossible for our ancient Fathers to have reached this place either to implant their seed here germinating the Peoples who were and are Black Aboriginal, Indigenous Indians in the Americas. Nearly all of the places aforementioned have been destabilized to prevent us from finding out the truth about ourselves.

Hikia Tuscaloosa! (Stand Up Black Warriors) Be Counted!


Expand Black Indian Education Worldwide in Four Directions!


Support Our Struggle For Continued Sovereign Autonomy and Independence!



Angela Molette