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Our Children's Future

By Morten Wolf Storeide, Norway

World Drum Project


Dear Human, Dear Borrower.


Yes I write ‘human and borrower’ because that is what we are.


Humans as a part of the web of life, borrowers as we borrow the earth from our children. The future of our children depends on us.

We may ask ourselves, “Do we take good care of what we have borrowed, our loan?”


The answer is NO! We do not keep our payment in balance, we don`t even “pay” any interest. We take what we have been able to borrow, and exploit and destroy this faster and faster in the name of growth towards a higher standard of living. Soon, very soon, we will have no possibility to be able to “pay” what we have borrowed.


I wonder, are we humans waiting for some kind of miracle to happen, to sort out all our mistakes?


How can we walk through life with our eyes closed, and not be able to see miracles happen every day? Every day that you wake up and open your eyes is a miracle.


Every day the sun rises in the east is a miracle. Even if there are heavy clouds, the sun is still there and gives us light, life and warmth, and we are a part of it, even though we take it for granted.


Every day many of us are still able to breathe clean air. Air that gives us and all that is around us the opportunity to live. This is also a miracle that we are a part of, even though we take it for granted. Unfortunately many, many people around the world do not take part in this miracle because of strong pollution.


Every day most of us are able to get fresh clean water, either from wells, springs or creeks. Water that gives nourishment for all living animals, birds, bugs, fish, trees, flowers and humans. Every day we are still able to do this. This is also a miracle even though we take it for granted, but many people around the world do not take part in this miracle because of strong pollution and poisoning.


Every day we are still able to put our feet on the Earth. Our Mother the Earth that we live and depend upon. She still feeds most of us every day with what we need, even though every day we step on her, tear her apart and drain her. Despite this she still remains as a part of the web of life continuing to give us what we need.


We cut down the woods, we dig and drill holes, we drain her, we poison her, all because of power, greed and control. How can we treat her so totally without respect? We are only borrowers! How can we have no conscience and destroy what gives us the possibility to stay alive? And what about the next generations?


What we have borrowed is not a private loan for you or for me, where we do our little partial-payment. This is a common loan. All humanity is responsible for this loan, and if we ever are going to be able to get this loan back to balance, we must do it in unity. We must unite to be able to make all payments and interest.


Then, and only then, will we be able to give our children a heritage that they can live with and a future to live in.


Dear human, dear borrower,


As we all have our part of responsibility for this loan, the time is now to unite. We must unite no matter status, religion, culture, political persuasion, color or race. We must put away our ambitious demands about more growth together with our ego. It is no longer about you or me, it is about us. It is about the continuing existence of the human race as a part of Mother Earth, as a part of the web of life.


How many times throughout history have we not heard the prophesy about the end of the world. Hey, got news for you, the only thing that will end is the human race as a species, Mother Earth will continue to regenerate herself as she always has. Despite all our destruction, poisoning and polluting she will carry on when we are gone.


She is not depending on us to carry on, but we as a specie are depending in Her to carry on. We must open our eyes and see that we are a part of the web of life and not something above it that can control and rule over everything else. It is critical now, and it is time to put ourselves as species on the red list. Maybe, just maybe, then we will understand how serious it is. Humans are dying species and will very soon go “bankrupt” because of our arrogance towards our loan, because of our lack of respect and ungratefulness toward what we have borrowed.


We humans are as everything else on Mother Earth, a piece of the web of life that is meant to function in a complex but perfectly adjusted interaction. This again is a part of something even bigger, the Universe and The Great Mystery. We humans are only small pieces in a gigantic puzzle, and now is the time to admit and declare that our piece cannot manage independently. We as a species are depending on all the other pieces in the puzzle to be able to continue as a part of the web of life.


The time is now to unite all the pieces, no matter their shape or color. All pieces are equal and have the same importance toward getting the complete picture. One piece cannot exist without the others.  We have the power, we have the resources and we have the opportunity. Let us now use this toward paying our debt. We crossed the line for credit and economic growth a long time ago. Let’s pull the brakes and unite in the common cause – the continuing existence as species on Mother Earth. The people must rise together in unity and tell our leaders that they must open their eyes and see. They must make the decisions needed to be able to carry on. We as people must all carry on doing our part in this. Whether it is saving the rainforest, the whales, frogs, wolves, rivers or land, mountains or water, fish or air, we must unite all these causes under one flag.


We must rise and enter the streets, shout to our leaders that we need to stop all the madness we find in human made wars, exploiting of nature, pollution of nature, poisoning of nature, destruction of nature. We must unite all the resources we have and use them to save what is left to be able to have a future as a species.


It has been said many times by many people; “the children are our future”. Earlier this was most likely correct, but the truth is that now, we are our future as we are our children’s future. We have the resources, we have the opportunity to change, but we must do it together in unity. And we must do it NOW!


Let us all unite, let us all cooperate for the common cause – the future. A future where humans as a species still have a part. Money and power must be put aside, ego and luxury must be put aside, greed and materialism must be put aside. This is about our future for survival as a species, and this we cannot find through guns and economics. The only power which is able to save our specie is love. Love toward Mother Earth. Love toward each other. Love toward everything and everyone that lives. Respect, humility, and honor toward all. We are the future of our children.


Let us pay our debt in unity, so that we are able to give our children a heritage. Their future and the seven generations coming are depending on it!



Morten Wolf Storeide

I was born in 1962 and consider myself as a simple man of the people. Living by myself with my children and a dog and cat in the only house on a hill far out in the forest, in the eastern part of Norway. I feel privileged having the possibility to live out in nature and close to all of life. Working earlier in PR-business, building log-houses, as a teacher and social worker with kids with difficulties, and as foster parent, I have most of all been a student in The Great Mystery of Life, trying my best to live after the rule that all life is sacred.


I love nature, drawing, photography, music, poetry and writing. I am a moderator on the internet forum


(Norwegian network towards Shamanism),  administrator in the FB-group of the Norwegian Organization “Our Wild Animals”.


But most of all I am the Co-founder and Coordinator of The World Drum Project.

The World Drum Project is an idealistic non-profit organization founded in Norway in October 2006, with focus on peace and environmental issues. The World Drum itself was created from a spiritual viewpoint of life and is a Shaman's drum made in Sami (indigenous people of Norway) tradition style. The World Drum is the manifestation of the vision, and is to be seen as a symbol of the circle of life and that we all are connected, and it is meant to be a wakeup call to humanity. The vision is to bind people together across race, religion, borders, cultures, ethnicity, colours or political conviction in a common struggle for humanity and Mother Earth. As the World Drum travels from country to country, people to people and from hand to hand, its heartbeat grows stronger each day. It is a wakeup call to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth.


This project have become my path and in many ways my task in life. Since the beginning of the journey and so far, The World Drum has now visited more than 450 different locations in the world. This has led to an exciting and huge network around the world consisting of wonderful people working for the better good and a common cause. TWD is at this time in Nova Scotia, Canada before She goes on a journey in South America and later will attend “The Moment” at Manataka in October.


Blessings and Walk in Beauty


"As The World Drum travels the sound of Her gets stronger each day. It is the sound of Heartbeat and Life itself"