Manataka American Indian Council








The Owl and Bear
I called to the owl perched high in a tree,
"I hear your song but your beauty I can not see" 
She answered back the following eve
as she danced and circled and paraded for me.
Alone again, I thought I would be,
wishing and hoping for my owl in a tree.
She left me with wonder of how this could be,
how could an owl dance for me.
 The ones I did tell of the owl in the tree
they laughed and asked "how could that be?
I felt ashamed to have them say
"that story did not happen you imagined that day."
Well, I talked to a bear that following day,
he did not laugh I am glad to say,
he said "The Creator sent the owl for me,
and nothing was bad from the owl in the tree."
We talked some time later and then some again,
with my brother the bear; we are now good friends.
The bear had told me of a peaceful place;
it was called Manataka and its my kind of place
I wanted to find family, that was needed for me,
thus It was given by the owl in the tree.
Alone no more and this is from me
"the deepest respect for the owl in the tree.
he took me home and guided my way
and gave me a bear that took me the rest of the way.
The owl in a tree is a true story,
I have only seen owl a few times after that
 and each time I thank owl for the Manataka family
he led me to and watch over the family that departed.
I am alone no more.



Submitted by Shirley Miller