All My Relations
The Journey of Life Begins
By Grandmother L.Cota Nupa Maka

When we take our first breath we are connecting to all of our relations. The very air we breathe is connected to the trees and all the plant Nation.

The beginning of our life will be spent in the relationship with our mother, father and connected family. It is in this protective shelter of love and family that we bond with living. The Clan connection is always with us and in our lives from beginning to end. Knowing who we are on this Earth is important to our Stability.

Venturing out into the next hoop of our relation will be when we recognize and connect to the extended family. These relations include our Grand Parents, Uncles, Aunts, and cousins. Here we are accepted in the hoop as family and Clan. Belonging is very important as is strengthens our bond with our place on this Earth.

With our first steps we begin to expand our hoop of relations and gain friends and start to put down our roots into the Earth.

In the first years we learn to use our intuition and other senses that are there to protect us in our younger years.

When we grow older we tend to over think these gifts of protection and other dimensions.

Throughout life we explore and learn the wisdom and lessons of this Earth Mother.

Community and outer connections are also relations to us for without them we could not survive. If you look at the food you eat and your connected to that support system as a source of life, you will began to understand the relation between animals and plants.

Humans are complicated with many sensors that can filter and separate all things into four dimensions, or cardinal points of the Wheel of Life.

There are four separate parts, one is the physical body that hosts our Spirit and Mind.

The other is our Soul it is the fourth part but most important, for without this we are like a ship without a rudder.

Our body is related to our genetics that are also in many ways connected too others. The body is inherited but this genetic connections go much deeper. It is also the food you eat that enables us to grow physically. Love and touch are important also for our mental and spiritual growth. A child that is not touched and loved as a baby fails to thrive and will not have the physical stature of a child that has been nourished with love.

Our emotional growth is also influenced by the environment we live in. A child raised in the city will differ emotionally from the child that has the freedom to learn and enjoy Nature. Touching trees and plants and the Earth are all a part of learning and emotional development. This helps us to understand our connection and relation to the Earth Mother. A child who has always been taught that to touch the Earth is not clean, will carry this with them into adulthood.

My mother always said a healthy person will have eaten a bushel of dirt as a child.

Perhaps this connection to the Earth is more than we realize, as we strengthen our immune system when we allow our bodies to connect with the Earth in this way.

The mind and emotions are influenced at an early age by our social status. Where we live what we do and where we worship hold a vital link in the mental growth. We must learn to hate to love and to judge it is not something child comes knowing. Children are open and learning at a very fast pace and they act as sponges to the parents and imitate their mind sets. TV and other things such as music can stimulate the mind set and mind thoughts during the early years.

The Spirit also has a mind or memory that connects to many layers of the Great Mystery. This is where our people say the spirit comes from; The Field of Plenty. The Great Mystery, the vast unknown resource of Life giving energy. From this all life flows and when done returns to be recycled on this Earth. So indeed we are all related down to the no legged ones who are so small we cannot see them with the naked eye. These words of the micro living things each carry their own connection to the Great Mystery and are worlds within worlds.

We all this the Beyond , the Beyond, the Beyond Into infinity it goes until there is no understanding of what it all may be.

The central core of our beings is the connection to our Spirit and our soul purpose here on this Earth. We all came with a mission and are here to serve that mission. Deep within our genetic memory we hold the truth of our purpose on this Earth. This is the Within, the Within, the Within the Great Mystery gifted us with the ability to rise above all obstacles if we but touch into our spirit connections and realize our soul purpose.

It may take a life time to understand this and again we may never in this live time achieve our goals or dreams.

The Great Mystery has a perfect sense of timing, it is related to the universal harmony. If you tap into this harmony then your life can be one of joy and understanding of all your relations.

Look higher than your every day needs; think larger than the actions of those around you. Understand and forgive those who are not at the same level of development that you are. Look into the future and the path that lays before you, start to walk that path with confidence and strength.

It is in this way you will grow in Spirit, and realize your visions and purpose, here on this Earth our Mother.

Remember that what you do in action or in thought effects all things both alive and dead. Think carefully before you make such actions and weight the possible out come when you cast a stone in the clear calm pool of life. Ripples will form and spread and same ripples may someday be the tidal wave that sweeps you away.

The Hoop is created in the shape of Harmony; it is without beginning or end. What holds all life is the hoop that you and I share, let us live here in peace, and love.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Many Blessings


Copyright 2012 by Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah and Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved