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Casting My Net
By Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah

I cast a net into the sea of life long before I came to be a human. In the deep bottomless ocean of time and light, I drew in my first breath of air.

From this spirit light my soul emerged full of hope and vision and gives me purpose.

My Earth body is clean and pure, formed from infinite time, then developed and was born.

This physical breathing body carries my soul and my spirit on this Earth.

Through this physical body my mind and spirit reach back and draw the vision around me like a shawl. The soul takes comfort in knowing its purpose for this life time and perhaps many more.

Enclosed at last in the shawl of creation, the vision takes root and grows.

Fed from the vast ocean of knowledge passed on from generation to generation, the roots slowly take form and spread. In doing so, they touch all other living matter and create a new system.

All living breathing things have a purpose and power to their lives. They are all part of a bigger system of life, one supporting the other and creating endless possibilities.

When one passage is blocked the vision will recreate itself and find a better and greater way to completion.

Perhaps this is a form of redesigning, and taking the vision to a higher place. This process makes it stronger and more in tuned with the reality of today.

All change than can be seen as good and in time will be proven so. Everything that creates change will strengthen and support the future.

This is the pattern that forms the system; this plan is there for us to follow.

We are all part of a bigger system or plan than we can see from our view point. It is the person who has reached a place of knowledge and can see this total picture that we call Elders or Holy People.

As one generation of Elders passes, another takes over, each with a better defined view of the vision that will help the next generation.

For those who will not or cannot change or adapt this will be difficult. If we cannot hold the vision in place yet let it grow and become its own identity then it will not live.

Remembering that the vision is only the seed the finished product is the fruit. How we see this as providing human kind with, love, truth, and peace, will be the understanding and completion of the vision. For I have been given a part of the vision to hold in my hands for a little while. This is why I am here, to complete my part in the plan of life. The great harmonic cord is only a voice away.

Peace in all things in all ways love Waynonaha


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