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Our Earth Mother & Purification Time

Ngungu’taota (greetings, we are relations), Tutskwa I’qatsi (Land and Life are one).

My Hopi name is Hohongwitutiwa, which was given to me by my Hopi father when he adopted me as his son. My Hopi father was a mongwi, a priest of the higher religious order. As his son and kiikelt (young hawk/learner), I was taught sacred knowledge kept by the Hopi, which according to their original instructions was to be freely given out at the end of this Fourth World. My father’s dreams and visions, as well as the signs around us, told him that now was the time to share this knowledge, as the Hopi were instructed by Masau ages ago. Together with my father, I openly shared this knowledge for two years, until his death, and will continue to do so as long as I am able. You may know my father from the name he used on the internet: Wikimahaw. The knowledge being passed to our brothers and sisters is sent from our Earth Mother to all of Her children, a giveaway to prepare us for the times ahead. I am privileged to be one of those sharing this information with you. I do so with humility and respect.

In our modern age, ancient truths once known have been mostly lost leading to the world of today, where our Mother Earth is seen as inert matter, a planet to be subdued rather than a living entity within whose great life ours are given. As stated in the first Hopi pootskwani or spirit law (Tutskwa I’qatsi) Tuuwaqatsi/Earth Mother is our land and our lIfe, the one who provides us with the spirit of life and everything else we possess. She is our true Rock of Ages, nurturing us from age-to-age as She moves us ever forward toward the Fifth World, following each purification time.

Many indigenous people recognize the presence of God within all of creation. They understand that the Earth embodies that same life and power. The term “Mother Earth” aptly describes our relationship to Her: She has bore and nurtured us from our earliest beginnings, carrying us within Her life-giving womb. We are rooted within Her great life, which no other world can say of us— She is our Mother; we belong to Her.

I’ hak itamuy it hikwsit maqaaqa pam ita muy him u’yta.

The one who gives us the spirit of life, is the one who owns us: this is our Earth Mother.

Before we can progress it is necessary we accept that we belong to our creator. When we recognize this sacred truth, we naturally honor the Earth, holding fast to Her so nothing can separate us, until She Herself releases us in the Fifth World.

The Sacred Path of Migration
Perhaps the greatest difference between native religions and others is this: we believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the divine artist; evolution is the divine art. Evolution is God’s Kiln, and man is still in the making. (Wikimahaw)

The “migrations” in the “Sacred Path of Migration” refer to what occurs thoughout Kokyangwuhti’s nest— our sun system— at the end of purification times, when each mother world of our system will birth its mystery egg and advance nearer Tawa, our Sun. The strange weather and other geological disturbances we have been experiencing are part of our Earth Mother’s birth pangs, as She readies to birth Her core/mystery egg from deep within Her-- what the Hopi know as Nohu’na’uyi’yta: the secret of the hidden egg. Following the birth of Her core, the Earth will fly to the orbit of the Morning Star (Taalawsohu/Fifth World), and each world of our system will move an orbit closer to Tawa following the birth of their eggs. Venus and Mercury will enter the sun and be converted into energy. The life on each world will then evolve to more advanced forms adapted to live in their new conditions nearer the sun. Those of Tuuwaqatsi’s children who have striven to live the best lives they can, always holding fast to Her, will receive their crowning lifeforms, what the Q’ero Incan people call Homo luminous— man of light, and the Hopi refer to as loma katsinam – good and beautiful spirits.

As Wikimahaw explained about the Fifth World with our Earth Mother: When we reach the Fifth World we will be complete. Earth Mother will remove the blindfold from our eyes and our minds. She will give us the knowledge to all the mysteries. And because we will be perfect, we will not abuse the universal truths. We will then be the guardians of our younger, unevolved brothers and sisters.

Like Caterpillars within their cocoons, we are meant to be rooted within the Earth until our evolutionary development with Her is completed. For our Earth Mother, our final development will be realized at the end of the purification cycle now in progress. This cycle is part of a process in nature that evolves life from age-to-age and World orbit-to- World orbit, also known as the Sacred Path of Migration. The Sacred Path of Migration specifies the importance of remaining upon our mother world, from earliest beginnings to our completed forms, in what the Hopi call the Fifth World and other people call paradise or heaven. Our Mother has carried us through six past purifications to get where we are now in the orbit of the Fourth World, about to become the new Fifth World, and our perfected life. According to our Law of Life, each World-Orbit has its own sacred bird and color— our Earth Mother’s is the Great Horned Owl, and turquoise.

Warnings and Preparation
Our Earth Mother also sends us warnings, not to raise fear, but to protect Her children from lies and deceptions that can be used against them in the coming days. She prepares us for those who would take Her children from Her by using seductive lures and fear: lures to deceive us into leaving Her for another place that will soon be announced to the world, and fear to drive us from Her. The place in question relates to “time and direction,” a secret kept from us for our protection by the elders who know of it. The calendar time given us on Earth is meant for us; it allows us to live, die and advance forward with the Earth toward the Fifth World, the destiny hoped for each of us. When properly understood, death is not fearful (as traditional native people understand), but as natural as breathing, part of the process progressing us with the Earth. In the following, my Hopi father shares his words about death (speaking to his granddaughter).

Do not be afraid to die, my granddaughter. You want to live forever in this form you have now in this Fourth World, where even children die of hunger, and no water, and getting very sick with many diseases, and wicked people are going around hurting and killing? Or do you want to go to the Fifth World, where there is no more struggling?  Maybe you would speak to me: “when will these things be happening? I don’t want to die a young woman!” I answer you: “be strong hearted!” Every day, even small children and newborn babies are dying, and women younger than you are dying, and many young men going to war are dying. In 110 years all creatures alive today will be gone and replaced by new creatures. To be born is natural and to die is also natural.

“Time-as-direction” is a knowledge of Time allowing entry into a time structure not meant for us while we are still unfinished in our evolutionary development, as we are now. The knowledge preserved by native peoples, and others, warns that this Time reality will soon be announced to the world, and made to look wonderful in order to entice us into going there. Those who fall prey to this deception, abandoning their Earth Mother, must finally prey upon others to sustain their lives. They need us there for that dark purpose, but we certainly do not need them! Down the ages this unholy Time-frame has been spoken of as an abomination, an accursed place devoid of godliness. Those who fall into the snare used to lure us there will be making a tragic mistake that leads to devolution - to what the bible speaks of as “beasts” and “outer darkness.” The Hopi also warn of this zig-zag road leading to oblivion, as shown on the Hopi Prophecy Rock. If we follow our hearts, remaining immovable from the Earth, we are on a safe course, the true road to the perfected life awaiting us in the Fifth World with our Mother Earth.

Final Thoughts
As you read my words, I hope you’ll come to realize that this period is a jubilant not a fearful time, a wonderful opportunity for all of us to welcome, as we remain faithful to the Great Spirit, and Mother Earth, through this final Purification. When a human mother is in labor, do we focus upon her birth pains, or the wonderful new life which follows? Of course, it is the life! In the same way, those who understand welcome this Purification Time, with all of the Earth’s labor-tribulations, as the long promised coming of paradise, an event to be faced with joyful anticipation rather than fear!

Although I have discussed several ideas which are probably new to you, the basic ideas are simple: The Earth is our land and our life; to reach our crowning life in the Fifth World we must cling tightly to the Earth through all the trials and temptations of purification time, even unto death. For death has no sting, and the grave holds a reward for the righteous who have remained immovable from their Earth Mother. So let us keep our eyes down to the Earth and not up to any other places. Our Mother asks us: who has ears to hear?

As the editors allow, I will be here for anyone who has questions about these matters. You can also reach me at

Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita – with love and respect,
Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa



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Graphic Credits:

1.    Mourned by Hopi Artist Michael Kabotie

2.    Great Horned Owl from the author.


4.    Emergence by Hopi Artist Michael Kabotie