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May 2012


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Indian in a Former Life

Hi Manataka,
I just read an article you posted recently by Andrea Smith "For all those of you who were Indian in a former life". I am blown away by how much I needed to read this. I just cut ties with a teaching partner because I felt she was falling victim to these problems Andrea outlines (appropriating things- she is a white woman with a medicine name) I don't know if you or if possible Andrea, could view the website of this person for me and let me know your thoughts. I would gratefully appreciate your feed back. I really respect that you posted this article. Thank you so much. (I am a singer in Toronto who is facebook friends with another singer named Tanya Gillis who posted it on her wall- she is Indian) The website/woman in question is: (person's name is Sandra Moon Dancer) thanks so much, ~Leah Salomaa


Likes Manataka

Hello Manataka,

Thank you for sharing this fascinating news, which is professionally laid out. All of those involved should be proud of the work you have done and to share with others; it is indeed a tribute to ancestors. I know the hard-dedicated work involved, and applaud you all. Sincerely, Hazel Lawson

Choices about Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss

Dear Editor,
Okay .... after numerous attempts to write ..... it is not meant to be. I must respect the spirits' wishes.  I can say that I really enjoyed the article - from my own perspective and experiences with dying, death, and the Other Side.  Also, from what I have witnessed and listened to how others view death, and how they feel about the Other Side. Also, from what I have witnessed and assisted with how those on the Other Side interact with us - and how some struggle (need help) in between.  It is an important article, and thank you to Dr. Cheryl Dusty.  with love, gratitude & respect for a Gift I've been blessed with, Kim / Shemandoah


Choices about Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss


Dear Editor,

I like this piece by Cherly Dusty.  The night before I delivered Marian, I had an "epidural malfunction", my blood pressure dropped into the low 30s, and I began to journey down a long dark tunnel.  Everything around me vanished. (During this time, my mother in law was fighting with the night nurse to "do something, she's gray, get some help!!" as she pumped ice chips into my mouth).   All I was aware of was .... nothing. I had no body, no physicality, only my consciousness - it was nothingness, but I was floating towards something.  My children's names began to float towards me, one at a time ..... and then I realized - I was not supposed to be here.  

An awareness, or a question - I still don't know which - came to me - it was not my time to go yet. I still had much work to do. Go back now!  I stopped as the awareness came into me and I realized I was crossing over. I went no further.  My eyes opened, I gasped air (didn't realize I had stopped breathing), and I felt the freezing ice chips in my mouth and heard my mother in law screaming for help - she was shaking me hard.

Funny how I was completely unaware of the commotion in the room (my mother in law told me) - and only aware of the silence and peace of the Tunnel .... and no fear.  Later on Marian's heart rate dropped, but then a team of nurses was there instantly to take care of it - no more "night nurse" ignoring my dying situation ......

BTW .... yes, I reported the night nurse's lack of response because there was religious discrimination involved (she did not like my spiritual beliefs and told me so - she was a born again Christian).  I had prayed that I would survive the night shift, and I know my prayers were heard - at one point I opened my eyes and saw a "Circle of Ancestors" surrounding me ......  Marian is now 7 years old ..... and how my spiritual walk has evolved.  ~ Kim Summermoon


Little Shell Pembina Band


Dear Manataka,

I'm Wayne Fearnside, member # 80135. One of my daughters and her son would like to know if memberships are still being accepted and if so a link where the application [papers can be found. Are you not the Little Shell and Pembina band of Fargo, ND? I tried to find them online but I guess not. Do you know them/us? Are you accepting new members? Thanx ~Wayne Fearnside

We are sorry to inform you, but the Little Shell Pembina do not and never have solicited membership from people outside their family.  The do not have a membership roll with numbers. They do not have anyone on their roll with your last name. 

You have been scammed. There is a group of ex-federal prison inmates who set up a scam a few years ago to sell phony memberships, license plates, insurance and land swap deals -- that is still operating in some states, because they are smart enough to keep moving, changing names and addresses. The are phonies. They sucker people in by promising them all sorts of benefits and they have absolutely no association whatsoever with the real Pembina people. Sorry. ~Editor


Deeply Grateful for Manataka's Presence

Hello Editor,
I wish to thank Manataka for its continued openness and ability to present all viewpoints, and its balance in publishing.  Many times I have seen something in the newsletter and in the website 'search' that appears "simple enough" - but 'something' pokes me .....

Then over days, weeks, months - I am led - thinking, dreaming, reflecting - learning about myself, others, our worlds, my place in them.   Sometimes I can share what I've learned and experienced. Usually, I can't.

There are things I wish I could share about my walk, but out of respect for privacy and the spirit worlds - I cannot. Bound by a sacred trust. But - I am deeply grateful for Manataka's presence in my life - because I wouldn't be "here" (at this point on my journey) without it.   So I decided to write a 'thank you' message instead .... I figured 'thank you' is always good!  With love & respect, Kim Wilson




Hello Manataka and David Three Dogs,

I gave up long ago want the approval of mankind, they are all at different stages of growth. In our big family and our own lord of the manor and the mother the hub of the wheel. When we lost poppa after he and mom had been married for 65 years , it was a glorious time in the lord even at his and also her funeral.

At the wake her old precious parents looked like the guardian angel that lay asleep finally at rest knowing she the real mom was in heaven as I had personally witnessed oh yes I actually seen her ascend into the heavens right through thee ceiling of the hospital.  She had regained her sight just ere she left, she has always warned me to ''never let anyone or anything draw me away from my Lord," so I never did.  ~Jenny Wren



Dear Editor and David Three Dogs,

This is so awesome! I actually forwarded this to many people that don't understand my spiritual belief. I have never been comfortable with the different denominations. I have tried many churches, they didn't work for me. Thank You for this article!
Elizabeth Romine, Indiana



Dear David Armstrong -- Three Dogs,

OMG , Not you David , but your Spirit for sure!  This was the best reading I've had in a long time!  Thank you so much , My heart was blessed over and over as I could not stop reading !  There was not one jot that I disagreed with or did not understand .
I feel so bad for what we did to your people, now my people .  Please come back and visit us here , when you can!  And may I have your permission to share your link on other forums , please!  TTYL , okay !  Frank Phenix



Three Dogs,
I am an ordained minister and an Iroquois Indian and have never read a more enlightening discussion of the reconciliation of the Indian and Christian beliefs. the creator has gifted you greatly with the ability to express in words how He feels always remain humble before Him and He will reward you with the power of the sacred center of the circle of life.  White Bear


Anasazi Equinox Marker and Connections to Lakota Star Knowledge


The article on the Lakota Star Knowledge - interesting - reminds me of "children with autism" - the ones who seem lost and the ones who wander. Quite a few of them seem as though they are looking for something, or communicating with something that we can't see. Many love colors and lights and "spinny things."

Incidentally, my kids and I all can see colors (in different forms) and also see flashing lights sometimes. I learned this recently.
Quite a bit in that article reminded me of various aspects of what is called autism - but autism itself seems a misnomer to me.

Many children diagnosed with autism, or with the markers of it, seem (to me) to be operating at a different level. The way their hands move, what they look at, and how they interact with the environment. It's not that they're "not there" - they ARE, but in a different way. They sense things that others don't.

Many behave in this world as though they are 'aliens' trying to understand where they are and what they are doing here.  Others interact with people and kids as though from a much higher intelligence. I think most, if not all of them are highly intelligent. Unfortunately, dominant society (and school systems) continue to use verbal ability as a mark of intelligence, and so the "MR" label is still used if a child is nonverbal :(

While I was reading the article, I couldn't help but wonder .... I often feel that the diagnoses given by doctors are really because "modern medicine" doesn't have a good understanding of the ancient wonders that are walking among us (or the walking wounded, depending on how one views things).

Then there is the families themselves, along with the school systems, the teachers and the classrooms. I have seen this on all levels. I mentioned to a few families recently that our school system is not set up for children with autism and their needs - that they don't need "fixing" but we need to work with them at their level to learn about the gifts they have already, and to help them express their gifts in good ways. Dominant society is not equipped to offer real support. Some parents looked at me like I had three heads, others agreed with me.

I know the article was not about autism, but I couldn't help but see the correlations in what happens to the children.  I would attract many flaming arrows by saying that autism may be connected to the nagi detaching as described in this article - and it could be generational as well (not just the parents, but the residual energy and spirits of ancestors also) - but there is also growing evidence (?) now that the environment plays a larger role in autism than genetics, biomedical .... (DNA, vaccines, etc.).

Usually I have not had a problem connecting with autistic children (moving away, for a moment, from "person first"). It is mostly dominant society I have trouble understanding and relating to.

Love the pictures and graphics of the Stone People with the drawings and the descriptions. I've heard of the Anasazi before, but I don't recall where. ~ K.S.W.



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