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May 2012


Happiness is a Voyage

By Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah


     If you open your heart when it is hurting and offer your hand to another then you have connected to what being a human being is all about. One cannot go through life hating or being selfish or mistrusting for any reason. I know at times in our humanness we all find this part of our lives as not acceptable but we all do it just the same.


I was feeling rather down as the traffic was slow and not being an established reader with no banner or advertising I certainly was just sitting there watching the crowd pass by.


I saw this young black African mother and her baby sitting waiting for a reading. Finally I made eye contact with her and she smiled and so did her baby. Being bored out of my mind we started to talk and she came to my table for a few minutes.


I had to of course; being a grandmother, and missing my own children, make some contact with her and the baby. We spoke and chatted for a while then she left after making an appointment with my friend for a reading on Sunday.


She came back on Sunday to get a reading but was late to her appointment because she could not find her wallet in her hurry to get herself and the baby dressed and ready to come to the fair.


She could not find a sitter for the baby as all of her people were attending church where her husband plays the organ for the congregation. She had a lot of challenges to over come that morning but she did come to tell the reader that she could not do her reading until later on that day. She wanted to ask for a later appointment but was told she would just have to take her chances and find a slot if possible.


I looked at that young women she was in such need of help. I offered to hold the baby taking one of the problems off her hands. She said in a hushed way that she would have to wait for a ride back home to get her wallet. I said not to worry I would lend her the money and she could bring me the money later on. She said you would do this for me a complete stranger? I said are you really a stranger or my sister or daughter in spirit? She had no words and went back to a chair to sit down with her baby and wait for her ride home. I still kept speaking to her and finally she came back to my table shyly and said she would accept my offer. She kept saying she could not believe a complete stranger would offer to help her in this way.


I did not think for one minute that she would not come back, that thought never crossed my mind. She had her reading and I got to hold that adorable baby for a few minutes. I sing to the baby and connected to her sweet and gentle spirit. We started to draw a few other admires and it was all in all a good time. Many people were talking and playing with the baby and she never stopped smiling at us all. I have never held such a gentle soul in my arms and felt that she will some day be a good healer. I know the healing I got from just holding her was good.


The reading was over and I really had a wonderful time with the baby. Later on that day the young woman reappeared, she handed me the money that I had give to her that morning. I had another chance to hold the baby for a few minutes and get to know her better. I will not forget her face and the kind and gentle spirit that I met that day I know in time we will meet again.


You see sometimes you must fly on blind faith and offer that hand. No matter how you are hurting there are many who hurt far more than you do and in time all well be made known.


To me it is not about the money even though I must survive out here as you all do but it is about the spiritual aspect of the matter that many seem to have forgotten. I trust that I never forget the higher power and wonderful Creator who gave me this gift to help others.


Even though my knee ached and I was on pain for the three days I know there was a reason that I attended the show and perhaps this was the reason. I too lose my place in this world and need to find it again, it was good to remember the reason we are all here is to help each other.


Many blessings and may you all prosper through this new year in spirit and in love.


 ~Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah