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May 2012

The Conscious Being - Part III
By Lee Standing Bear Moore and the Spirit of Takatoka

Part I of the Conscious Being defined consciousness and explored its various forms and concepts. We talked about how consciousness is expanding and ways that cosmic changes in the universe are affecting our consciousness. We opened the veil to understand how things were set in motion long ago to bring humans to a closer and infinite mass consciousness that will bring about a magnificent Awakening.

Part II of the Conscious Being announced that the people of Manataka and the sacred site of Manataka will play a significant role helping to inform millions of people worldwide who yearn to discover how these events will be presented and ways they will affect our lives and spirits. We explored ways that transition is important to the survival of the human spirit and how the transition began slowly hundreds of years ago. At the end of both Part I and Part II, we listed 'Things To Think About' that outlined ways to begin the process of interpersonal transition.

Part III will lift the veil of understanding even higher as we explore ways to prepare ourselves for the future.  We will focus on the magnificent gifts the Great Mystery has laid before us and ways to use those special gifts for the glory of God through the holy spirit found within all people.  It is a natural evolution of worldwide transformation that is occurring now with millions of silent and happy hearts who will gently love a new mass consciousness into reality.

Dispelling Myths

A great deal of everything written by mainstream media and personal websites about predictions of the year 2012 are poppycock - nonsense. The media uses fear to increase audiences for the sake of greed.  Similarly, we believe fear-based assumptions about worldwide devastation and the end of the world found in Revelations of the Bible are misinterpreted and used by religious fanatics to control the masses with fear -- for the sake of power and greed.  Literally, the word apocalypse means the "lifting of the veil" and refers to a disclosure of what was hidden from the majority of mankind.  In this time dominated by distortion, misconception and manipulation by government, corporations and organized religion, it is easy to fall prey to those who want to frighten the masses.


It is also easy to look beyond the fear and believe what was behind the veil is no longer hidden.


We do accept predictions of future worldwide economic meltdown, enormous ecological and weather-related disasters, and global political upheaval.  To find evidence look around you. But, we also strongly believe in the courageous resilience and adaptability of mankind. And therefore, we do not dwell on the fear conjured up by these approaching events.  There is a much better alternative. Moreover, we believe in the Spirit of God that lives on the Earth Mother and inside every person.  A loving benevolent Creator of All Things always provides an antidote to every calamity to befall mankind.  We have faith that within every poison, every disaster, every problem on earth, there is a positive learning experience that will help transform our lives for the better.  To find evidence of this fact look around you.


Intent holds the world up. Intent also has the power to pull it apart. Let's get it together and initiate the largest mass experienced paradigm shift our collective imagination and memories can collectively, and divinely, effectuate. ~Hal Eris

We hope to offer emotionally, intellectually and spiritually compelling alternative ways of seeing current challenges by pointing to a path that will leave the old ways of fear-based thinking behind.  Our current ways of thinking are misaligned and unbalanced.  For example, the global economic system today grossly abuses the laws of nature and human nature.  The system creates greed, planned shortages, damaging competition and corruption.  These are things that no individual person would choose, but we find ourselves mired in ways of thinking that produce negative, unsustainable and destructive results.  What is the answer? 


We must change our thinking!  We must change the old paradigm to a new way of thinking -- a new elevated mass consciousness that will bring about non-fear, non-competitive, non-destructive based thinking.  Yes, we need a giant leap of faith to perform this most miraculous change in human behavior ever witnessed in history.  But, thanks to the gifts provided by God, this gigantic miracle of faith can be accomplished by creating smaller, individualized 'thought leaps' within each person.  It is part of the unveiling -- the apocalypse rests inside you.


It is entirely up to you to fine tune your thinking away from the fear-based distortions of government, religion and corrupt corporations so that all of humanity can experience a global transformation. 


Connecting is the Key

Individual commitment to fostering "thought leaps" within ourselves is vital to the success of humanity's survival.  Centering on our personal spiritual beliefs and searching for deeper, more personal forms of conscious awareness is critical in these perilous times.  If this means regularly attending a church, synagogue, mosque or temple of your choice, great.  Whether you attend services conducted by an organized religion, or practice your own personal form of spirituality is your choice.  Regardless, it is imperative that you devote more time and energy to bringing yourself closer to your inner-being.  Turn your thoughts inward, search for God within you. 


Once on your sacred journey and you find that place of peace within you, it is now a good time to begin to understand the process of connecting those leaps of thought with other like-minded people.  Many are already attuned to melding their good thoughts with others, but how do we achieve a heightened feelings of conscious awareness to make those connections? 


Imaginal Cells

According to evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris, when a caterpillar reaches a certain point in its evolution, it becomes over-consumptive, a voracious eater that consumes hundreds of times its own weight. In fact it is so over-consumptive, it can eat its own body weight. One small caterpillar can eat all the leaves off a small tree.

At that same time, inside the molecular structure of the caterpillar, something called the “imaginal cells” become active. They wake up, look for each other, and begin to cluster inside the caterpillar’s body. When enough of them connect, even though they are not in the majority, they become the genetic directors of the future of the caterpillar. At that point the other cells begin to dissolve and become what’s called the nutritive soup – out of which the imaginal cells create the absolutely unpredictable miracle of the butterfly.

What’s possible is that humans are the imaginal cells on the planet right now.

To awaken now means to be aware that we’re already profoundly interconnected, and that changing this nightmarish consumerist dream we have created can only come about by working together both in and as community for the children of all species.


Submitted by Kirsten Bolwig, Poet and Author


One guy we admire is Mike Adams, Editor of who declared 2012 the "Year of Consciousness" and pointed out that the ultimate solution to ending tyranny, wars, corporate deception and environmental destruction is to upgrade our consciousness rather than "killing our enemies."

Adams' announcement was missing something because it failed to answer the question, how do we achieve higher consciousness?  His follow-up article that answered these questions had nothing to do with chanting mantras or meditation, but focused on practical ways to "upgrade our consciousness right now, here in 2012, in our own living rooms".


His article, "Five Practical Ways to Raise Your Consciousness in 2012 (and beyond) concentrates on things to avoid that "crush" your consciousness and expanding connections with other people and mastering ones own destiny.  Here is a sample of Adams suggestions:


1.    Spend more time in direct contact with nature

2.    Eat more high-vibration living foods and super-foods

3.    Clean your clutter to clear your mind      
4.    Observe your decisions as if you were your own life coach

5.    Increase your commitment to spiritual practice


Nature's Goodness

According to Adams, if you "want to boost your conscious awareness? Turn off the TV, ditch the X-Box, and go hiking in a state park somewhere. Go trail running. Plant a garden. Or just take your dog for a walk! Spending time in nature heightens your senses, opens your heart and expands your sense of connection with who you are and the miracle of creation. So make an effort to spend more time in nature, and if you can manage it, move to a farm or ranch where you can actually live in nature."


We can attest to the soundness of this good advise.  Each and every day we find the time to take a stroll with my good friend, Scamper, in the woods behind our home to feel the tremendous balancing power of the trees, animals and birds. The forest is a good place to commune with God and all creation.  A walk on the Manataka mountain is always a spiritual experience that allows the mind to be quiet and the heart to balance against the constant onslaught of distractions. 


Good Food

Adams is called the 'Health Ranger' for good reason.  In his daily column in Natural News, he advocates eating more "high vibration living foods".  Many people today, especially children, eat tremendous amounts of highly processed food that robs cognitive brain function with all its preservatives, artificial colors and other chemicals.  Yeck!  Processed foods may taste good, but they destroy our awareness and our body's ability to defend itself.  Eating living food is what God and Mother Earth intended.  Living foods contain 'life force' that regenerate living cells.  Manufactured processed food, especially food heated in the microwave, is just good tasting cardboard.  Its no wonder that developed countries with all its junk food have extremely high incidents of cancer.


Begin growing a home or community garden this year.  This will take you away from all the electronic brain-jamming devices and set you free in nature.  It will also fill your stomach with wholesome nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Mike Adams says, "...People who live on low-vibration foods (junk foods, fast foods and processed foods) have diminished consciousness and impaired cognitive function. They tend to have narrow, selfish minds and are incapable of assessing information from a wide perspective. They live on microwaveable dinners, they drink diet soda, and they vote for whatever political candidate the media tells them to. They are, in essence, "zombies" who operate more as brainwashed consumers than conscious human beings".

Good Clean Spaces
The third suggestion to Clean your clutter to clear your mind is a good place to start raising ones awareness.  But, my gosh, where to begin?  Take a survey of your home, office and storage areas and begin with the toughest, most cluttered area.  Get that cleaned up and organized and the rest will be easy.  As Adams says, "Eliminating that clutter is key to finding some peace in your own home".

Good Advice

Probably the most difficult of Adam's five suggestions is "Observe your decisions as if you were your own life coach".  This concept in itself sounds good, but in practice it is not a walk in the park. 

"...In terms of consciousness, the mere act of invoking your inner consultant is, all by itself, a meta-level advancement in your perspective (and therefore, consciousness). To be able to observe your own actions from the perspective of an outside consultant is a necessary step to grokking the world through the eyes and hearts of other living creatures. It is the gateway to empathy, in other words, and empathy is the gateway to lasting peace" - Mike Adams

Ego is a powerful driving force that is part emotion and part instinct.  Ego wants every action you take to be for your own preservation and glorification.  "I want to feel good", "I feel angry", I do not like that", "I want it my way!".   The way we react to what people say and do to us  are first filtered through the ego before our mind and heart has a chance to consider the other person or activity.  Adams says, "...Zoom out and take the greater perspective..."  and this is good advice if we can ever get the inner consultant within us to shut up long enough to give us what we want for ourselves.  It is a difficult task to defeat the ego within -- after all, we must look out for our needs and wants first, right?


Linda Schiller-Hanna, an author and lecturer says, " we venture into the mysterious year, 2012, it can be helpful to have a bus strap to hang onto. We’d like something from “above” that anchors us on a potentially jerky trail. Relieving the burden of self ... can be your daily guide to help negotiate this adventure. Relieving the burden of self helps set a spiritual foundation for 2012. Our aim is to keep our consciousness above fear and worry and to be actively involved in the co-creation of our new and improved world."


One good way we found to constantly remind us of the presents of our own outside consultant, is to always write and speak from the first-person plural: “we”, “our”, “us”, etc. and seldom write or speak from the first-person singular: I, me, mine, etc.  Why?  Because it is a constant reminder that 'we' are not alone, that the Creator and 'our' spirits are with 'us' forever.  This quirky manner of speech also reminds us that we must always consider others in our every word and action.  After many years of bearing this habit, it has become our second nature a good tool in defeating the ego within. 


Beatles lyrics - I, Me, Mine
All thru' the day I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.
All thru' the night I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.
Now they're frightened of leaving it
Ev'ryone's weaving it,
Coming on strong all the time,
All thru' the day I me mine.

We must always remember that you and I are bound together in ways that transcend our material bodies.

Good Spiritual Practices

Adams' fifth suggestion, "...Increase your commitment to spiritual practice," is the most powerful.  Deepening your commitment to spiritual awakening will raise your level of consciousness.  Prayer, meditation, fasting, giving/sharing, ceremonies, reading religious texts, singing and chanting, attending a church, synagogue, mosque or temple of your choice are but a few of the many ways to practice your own spirituality.  Bringing yourself closer to the Creator and giving thanks each and every day will have a tremendous impact on your level of conscious awareness.


Long before your body became a material being, you were spirit.  While you are in the human body, you are still spirit.  When your body ceases to exist, you will remain spirit forever.  It only makes good sense to know your own inner-spirit and stop spending the majority of your time being distracted by this modern world.  Spend more time each week discovering your feelings and deep questions about consciousness, life, the hereafter, God and the purpose your spirit on earth.


Good Love

You are a critical part of God's Divine Plan and all that you say and do at this time is preparing your circle of awareness that surrounds you and all others within your sphere.  The collective consciousness that is now being created by millions of people around the globe who are reaching out with good love and prayer has now reached critical mass.  That is, the Moment is fast approaching when a new mass consciousness will be born and history as we know it will disappear into a former dimension and an awakening of our inner spirits will connect all humanity as never before.  The catalyst that brings all the elements of the awakening together is love.


This transformation will not occur by chance.  It will happen through conscious efforts of millions of people worldwide who will recreate a new earth experience.  We will dream it into existence.  We will manifest it through the power of divine love, understanding, and acceptance. 


Listen closely to your inner-self and respond by connecting to all others who dream the same dream.  This will be the Moment our spirits will remember for eternity.

Mike Adams, Editor of

Kirsten Bolwig, English Poet and Author,

Linda Schiller-Hanna, Author and Lecturer,

Graphic and text, Hal Eris


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