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April 2012


The Conscious Being - Part II

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and the Spirit of Takatoka



In Part I of the Conscious Being we attempted to defined consciousness and explored its various forms and concepts.  We talked about how consciousness is expanding and ways that cosmic changes in the universe are affecting our consciousness. On the negative side, we briefly discussed how mega-institutions, religions, corporations and governments are playing a role in jamming conscious behavior.  For balance and perspective, we presented arguments against the idea of mass consciousness Finally, we opened the veil to understand how things were set in motion long ago to bring humans to a closer and infinite mass consciousness that will bring about a magnificent Awakening.


The people of Manataka and the sacred site of Manataka will play a significant role helping to inform millions of people worldwide who yearn to discover how these events will be presented and ways they will affect our human lives and spirits. 


The sacred Place of Peace is a haven, an island of sanctuary amid a world of confusion and conflict.  By the grace of the Great Mystery and through the power of the holy spirit, the Valley of the Vapors will provide clean air, pure water from the womb of the Mother, food from the forest and shelter for the thousands who will find their way here during the time of transition.  The Warriors of the Rainbows of Manataka will help us to create a new consciousness, a new world where love and cooperation are paramount.


Shawn Mikula, a neuroscientist at John Hopkins University once said, "...The vast majority of mankind is trapped within perceptual prisons... and we as a species must escape..."  We agree that man creates many prisons of the heart and mind and it is imperative for the survival of mankind that we find a way out.  Creating mass consciousness is a new frontier that will permit us to release the chains of egocentric thought and transition to a more beautiful and pure place of peace.  


How we transition is important to the survival of the human spirit.  


It is impossible to know for certain the moment in time when human consciousness will experience an awareness of itself.  The gradual change into a collective state of transcendence began long ago, but the moment when the Awakening occurs is beyond our comprehension. 


American Indian grandfathers and grandmothers of old times were wise not to create a dogma or doctrine that would profess such knowledge.  They were wise not to tell their grandchildren ways to conceive through imagination or spiritual visions what the journey would be like or what the other dimension would look or feel like.  Even the  prophesies of the ancients do not venture into this forbidden realm - as only the Creator of All Things possesses knowledge of the unknown future.  It is impossible for humans to conceptualize the dream of light. 


However, a collective or mass consciousness state of mind to the next level of awareness can be imagined, intellectually discerned, emotionally felt and spiritually seen. These facts are not discordant with previous statements about the forbidden realm. For example, we cannot see through a black hole in space, beyond its inner horizon, because light cannot escape from the black hole. And, we cannot fathom what is beyond on the other side, but, but we do know that it exists, and therefore, we can explore its being -- as we are doing now in this article.


Shawn Mikula, in his article entitled, "The Consciousness Singularity" compares what a monkey or rat might experience if its limited consciousness were unexpectedly raised to the level of a human. 


"Before the transition, it would be incapable of imagining what it's like to have human consciousness simply because it's beyond its limited cognitive capabilities. In the same manner, our species will undergo such abrupt transitions in consciousness of such magnitude that we cannot even begin to fathom what these new states of consciousness are like."


Mikula asserts that "...In the same manner, our species will undergo such abrupt transitions in consciousness of such magnitude that we cannot even begin to fathom what these new states of consciousness are like..."  


Contrary to Mikula's theory, we believe that increases in human consciousness do not occur abruptly, but instead, happen in an evolutionary manner just like all creation before.  The moment will occur gradually over a period of time. 


The transition began slowly hundreds of years ago.  Increases or spurts in mass-awareness occurred in concert with specific incidents in history.  Traumatic events in world history acted as catalysts that drove humans toward increased awareness and mass consciousness.    


After genocide against indigenous peoples began in 1492, visions and spirit-walking became common place among Indians. Prior to European invasions, indigenous people largely believed they lived in an Eden of sorts provided by God and few evoked visions of the hereafter.  As the invasions continued and more indigenous people suffered under the boot of western expansion, their spiritual practices began to reflect as desire to find a sacred place beyond the reach of greedy merchants, religions and government soldiers. They reflected a desire to shape-shift beyond their human bodies through visions and spirit-walking. 


With each war, time of famine, plague, natural disasters and other forms mass annihilation, large numbers of Indian people turned to their ancestral Creator and searched for spiritual ways to escape the onslaught.  Of course, many indigenous people were forced to convert to Christianity at the point of a sword and voluntarily joined to save their own skins, but they were nonetheless, seeking spiritual answers and longed for conscious enlightenment.


The same phenomena can be seen among other populations during the course of human calamity.  Religious fervor soared after the Civil War as thousands of new churches sprang up.  World War I and World War II contributed greatly to the desire of people find a place of peace as new religions and cults sprang up everywhere.  Collectively, all the major catastrophes in the past contributed to increases in human consciousness.  For centuries, the pattern has been the same worldwide   


Gradual increases in human consciousness occurred over hundreds of years.  Today, we are reaching a point where there is a clearly distinguishable black and white line that separates people -- those who walk daily in the light and those who do not.  There is still a distinguishable veil between this dimension and the next, but it is growing thinner daily.


Humans are at the precipice of realizing an expanded consciousness.  We will mind-move our reality above the confines of our ego to adopt a selfless, transcendent identity, to develop a combination of expanded individual consciousness and a form of collective consciousness.  Humanity's highest potential will be realized.  This new, transpersonal experience will lead the human form to even greater heights of recognition and understanding of spiritual and transcendent states of consciousness.


This process of continued development and expansion requires spiritual self-development and realization of the Oneness of all things through sacred ceremonies, vision quests, purification rites, prayer and meditation.   We must learn to bring into balance our mental and emotional energy to connect with our heart's innate guidance; We must lessen stress brought on by society's ever-increasing distractions and distortions; we must ease the pressure of planetary anxiety and stress by respecting the Earth Mother and getting closer to her vibrations. 


When our hearts, brains and nervous systems are lucid, coherent and balanced, we have greater concentration and sacred knowing gently moves our being into a place of peace (Manataka).


Fear not, for all shall pass in accordance with the Divine Will.  


Things To Think About

Creating a peaceful and sustainable world requires an evolutionarily adaptive consciousness of oneness and belonging.


Teach constant God-consciousness and deepest truths about the unseen universe of the spirit.


Remove distractions from your life, block out electronic noise, allow your heart, brain and soul to receive.


Prayer and meditation are important to creating a new consciousness. Prayer heals.


Raising ones consciousness does not mean acquiring more information. It means new knowledge, a new way of thinking.


Creating mass consciousness is cooperating with each other on a higher level.


Creating mass consciousness makes us realize that all things are connected – what we do to the least of them, we do to ourselves.


Creating mass consciousness makes us feel the world around us and brings us into harmony with all things of nature and beyond.


Creating mass consciousness allows us to leave behind the world of greed and competition and enter the world of love and cooperation.


Creating mass consciousness erases ideas that separate us from each other; political borders, national and racial discrimination, greed, fear, and hate.


Creating mass consciousness is understanding everything is interconnected and consciousness is interconnected within itself.


Creating mass consciousness is done for survival -- for our children's children


Send love energy to all.. friend and feign alike.


Everything that is mean to be happens fast, easily, effectively, efficiently.

Earth’s population is now over 7 billion people -- requiring at least 8,844 of them loving and cooperating together to create a mass consciousness.


"Those who see and feel beyond illusion have acquired a far greater gift than could ever be derived from studying scripture and philosophy books, for these were meant only to guide the blind." ~ Shawn Mikula


Shawn Mikula (born February 28, 1976 in Castellon, Spain) is a neuroscientist at the Mind-Brain Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


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