Manataka American Indian Council










by David Avery


For Many years our people did not visit the Mountain of Manataka.  At first, they were kept away out of fear of the invaders.  Years later they failed to come out of ignorance of the traditions and the sacredness of this Place of Peace. 

Today we are bringing the people of the land back to Manataka.  The invaders like to tell people this was not a sacred place and that our people were afraid of the waters.  They tell tourists that our people believed the waters were heated by Satan while knowing our people did not know anything about Satan.  

We forgot about the healing herbs that grow in this area.  To this day this area is a place where herbs grow that have a greater potency than many other parts of the country.  Many people are beginning to discover this fact.  

We must get the story of the Manataka Mountain and it's valleys out to the people.  Today we not only want to spread the word to the Native American people but to the people of all races -  To all people who respect nature and honor the lives of our cousins, the Standing Ones, the Winged Ones, the Four Legged, the Stone People, and the Creepy Crawlies. 

Some of our ancient Standing One brothers on the Mountain remember the days when our people filled the valley with their fires and the sound of drums.   They also remember the fires growing few and the drums becoming quiet. 

Now Standing Ones want to know when our people will be coming back in the numbers that were once here.   They tell of  a new people who fill the valleys and the trails who do not honor them as our people once did.   They tell of people cutting into their bark just to test the edge on their knives. 

We need to bring the ways to these people to show them how to honor the ancient Standing Ones that reside on the Mountain.

We need to teach the history of this area before the invaders showed up and our people began to leave. 

Most of all, our people need to make pilgrimages back to the Mountain. 

Even the farthest people of Turtle Island have stories of Manataka. 

We do not have to stay away in fear and ignorance any longer nor do we have to wait until special gatherings. 

The Elders are happy to help you with what they can when you visit. 

This area awaits your return and will welcome you if you come to honor the residents of the Sacred Mountain.




A vision on the sacred Manataka Mountain by David Avery


“Who are the beings in the valley grandfather with the fire, smoke and drums?” 

"They’re the two legged ones my son, they come to the Valley of Peace to gather herbs and waters." 

"But aren't we in danger from their fires grandfather?"

"No, they only take the ones that have fallen grandson.   In my day I have seen many fires, but they have been getting smaller and smaller over time.  When my time is over they will be gone."

"However, you may see them again in your life.  Now I see fires starting again, and hear the drums and singing.  It has been many years since I saw them last.  I was but a young sapling when last they stopped. 

"Will they be getting stronger and more?"

This was of a memory granted me and a question posed by Standing One as I walked up the mountain. 

I walked a little way past the Standing One and the Lady spoke to me and said, "This is as far as you go tonight, you have seen what you have come to see tonight.  Now go share the story."

On my way back down, I stopped to honor Great Grandfather Standing One. 

As I laid my hand upon him to thank him, he asked me, "When are your people coming back?  I see people coming here today, but they are not the same as yours, they do not honor us, they do not honor the lady or the mountain."

Then I said, "Great Grandfather I do not know when the people will return in great numbers, the Lady told me soon, very soon. However, what she spoke of, I do not know."  As I came back down the mountain I felt stronger than usual. 

Before I reached the bottom the Lady spoke to me once again.  She said, "Your people will return, but you must help to guide them here.  Let them know of this place, for many have forgotten.  This is the place that has been visited by many of your people over many, many years, but they have left us and are just now beginning to return.   Help guide them here and show them the ways of this valley.  That is your mission."