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The First Became Last

By Dr. Angela Finley Molette, Black Warrior Woman, Tuscaloosa Ohoyo


Old theories (like the Bering Strait theory-as the sole entry point for ancient emigrants, must be laid to rest when "one size" does not fit all or whenever a preponderance of evidence proves new theories more viable, probable or having a higher degree of likelihood than not, such as the case involving true aboriginal development and/or settlement of the Americas.

We include the whole of the Americas as our realm, which expands beyond the entirety of the American mainland at the center and reaches out to enjoin (in no particular order) ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Carthage (Africa), India, Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia throughout the Pacific Islands over to Easter Island, South and Central America, Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Coast, Florida and the Caribbean as additional DNA contributors and parental influence(s).












Ancient Aleut Dancing and Mortuary Masks, 1882
Study Subjects of Smithsonian Institutes First Director, J.W. Powell

Aleuts are an indigenous Alaskan people.

Members of an indigenous culture living in the Aleutian Islands and southwestern coastal Alaska. These were their ancient Burial Masks, clearly demonstrating two distinct types of peoples, prior to 1883.








These are not merely the postulations of Dr. Molette, rather, she provides long buried documentation proving that these were also the theories, postulations, subject of study and topic of interest to a bevvy of America's very respected scholars.

However, the information provided by pioneering Ethnologists, even modern forensic archaeologists and anthropologists has been long ignored by the mainstream, perhaps fearing the results of their studies would have the detrimental effect of insulting the sensibilities of modern generations of gentrified and/or non-African Ancestor Native Americans. So, in a trite show (of political correctness) any mention of melanin-infused Native American "blackness" became a taboo subject, giving rise to the European American program of denial of Nationality, Citizenship and Ethnicity of Descendants of Ethnic (Black) Aborigines of the Americas, who were/are unashamed of their connection to one of the essential (required) colors of the 4 Directions (Red, Yellow, "Black" and White).

Malcolm J. Rogers, Director of the San Diego Museum of Man for 18 years, challenged the conspiracy of silence regarding the Ethnic (Black) Aboriginals. In 1958 he went public with the results of his 40 years of study, begun in 1918, providing proof that the first San Diegans were like "Australian Blackfellows. In a classic demonstration of racial superiority in America, enforcing the political doctrine of the inferiority of all Black Peoples, his information was driven underground and lay practically dormant, with the exception of rare scholarly articles mentioning elements of his work, until re-embraced by the studies of Dr. Angela Molette.


Understanding that it is going to be difficult (but not impossible) to breech the longstanding political agenda of the gentrified forces that relieved the descendants of Ethnic (Black) Aboriginals of alloidial title to the land passed down by our ancient Fathers in treaties, never-the-less, it is a campaign and undertaking foretold in prophecy from the most remote times that (we), Black Indians would again rise to do precisely what we are doing today.


It all begins by telling the story of how these First Peoples became last on the order of humanity, and as First Peoples how they became the last acknowledged aboriginal in the Americas!


My Fatherís Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven,
Reclaiming each —uu Tnoo Huahi Andehui
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