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Star Children

Hello Manataka,

I found something interesting (I feel) that describes some of what I experienced last summer, and why the change was so deep.
It wasn't mild or smooth for me in any way - but my road never has been, from the time I started opening up as a child. (I used to think it was in adolescence. I now know it started in my childhood.)

Some people would find this hokey and say "get real" .... my answer is, if you haven't walked it, how do you know? It's true for me because I've walked it in my own way. The mental stuff (panic attacks, anxieties, nightmares, etc.) - I got through it. I learned how to fight some inner demons, and learned how to let go of stuff.

The physical stuff, grounding, energetic shifts, etc. .... eh, kind of ongoing, intermittent. It is not a short process. I am coping. What I have learned, and what I continue to learn - I help others as I am able to. Changes take time to integrate. I was surprised to see Crystals in the context of transition, but I learned about Indigos years ago. So now I understand Crystals in this context, albeit "bumpy" ..... It is nothing to get hung up on, but it is nice to understand some of what happened (for perspective, for context), and to know that others have also.


I had a thought recently, and I'm still working on it ..... about projecting energies. There is a matrix or energy grids that surrounds and moves through all things. Sometimes, these grids or matrices "open" or "thin" for a moment, for various reasons, during which times a few things can happen. People can project energies into openings or "thinnings" of these matrices or energy grids just with their emotions, thoughts, etc. - good or bad - whether they are aware of it or not - by force of intent - (which also may be how people like me 'read' others so easily, whether we want to or not) ..........

Then People of Light and Peace (by any name) can also project energies when we sense an opening in these matrices or energy grids (by intent, prayer, dreaming, etc.) - directed energy of emotions, thoughts, etc. - into these matrices - to change the vibrations of the energetic fibers of existence around us. Thoughts and emotions can affect the grids at other times also, but I think it is more permeable during the "open" times .... or maybe that's just my speculation interfering.  I can see and feel what i am trying to say - but translating the process into words is not so easy. I have watched it in my mind, felt the timing of it change events ..... sometimes the grids are overwhelmed with fluctuating (or very strong) vibrations, and I've seen the effects of that also. I think (speculation) it's especially hard on children and sensitive. But writing or saying it?? Ah, well ..... if only I could master visual-spatial telepathy, communication would be much easier for me.  With love and respect, Kim Summermoon Wilson

My Respect for the Hopi People

Dear Editor:

Many moons ago, I travelled through America with my family, and visited the Grand Canyon. On leaving the Canyon, heading for Monument Valley, the top hose on my Econoline van burst due to the heat and altitude, leaving me in a really tricky situation.

By the roadside was a Native American woman selling Hopi Jewelry. She stood up from her sales stand and offered us the water she had set aside for drinking, so that we could limp to the garage some way off, which she told us about. I stripped a rubber-covered flashlight and spliced it into the broken hose, and filled up with the water we were so kindly offered, and for which I am eternally grateful. We managed to limp off to the garage, where we were helped by three members of the Hopi Tribe to fit a new hose. They then filled our cooling system again and sent us on our way. While they were being so helpful, one of them asked me if we were here for the dances, and invited us to attend. Sadly, we were on a tight schedule and did not do so, but nevertheless, I have maintained a deep interest in the decent, kind and helpful people I learned were the ‘Hopi’ People. I am so pleased to see that the teachings and decency exhibited by Dan Evehema in his Message to the People is so strongly evidenced in the kindness of the Hopi People I met and still remember fondly. May he rest with his Creator.  With greatest respect. Dr. Nigel Williamson

Chief Engineer

Medicine Wheel Colors

Hello Editor:

You try to write as if you speak of the Cherokee wheel. But in fact, you use a Lakota wheel. Why is that? the Cherokee wheel is white south, black ,west, blue ,north and red east. If you are going to profess Cherokee ,at least use a true Cherokee medicine wheel. Jim Noble, Standing Wolf, EB, ani Waya...

Thank you Jim, Ah yes, this article was written by Jim Ewing, a book writer from MS. We in no way attempt to correct the author or you, however, this is another way to view the four sacred directions and their alleged associated colors.

When In use the medicine circle is not a flat object as you see it. When in use, the circle is a globe (180 degrees above the earth and 180 below) and its attributes move in cycles around the globe in 360 degrees. The cycles are interpreted in many ways, but they are in constant motion, pausing only long enough for connections and associations to be made and then moving on to the next for a new set of connections and associations. Therefore, colors (vibrations) assigned to specific directions have no meaning in practice. An individual practioner may assign a meaning when interpreting the associations and connections. Colors are a very recent phenomena of the wheel, not appearing in any stories, legends or practices prior to the European invasions. Of course, today some practioners of the medicine circle will assign specific colors to various directions as a matter of easy orientation.


There is another thing to consider. It is a good practice not to dogmatize or doctrinize indigenous spiritual beliefs. Once you set something in writing and say, “this is the law”, and no one can believe any other way, then spiritual freedom is erased and that is something that our spiritual elders have worked hard to prevent all their lives. Otherwise, indigenous spirituality becomes another organized religion – not good.


We are grateful for your comments about the medicine circle. It sure shows you are watching and listening – and that is a very good thing.

Blessings to you. ~Editor

Be The Rainbow

Dear Carol Spirit Dove,

Thank you for this honest and sensible article. I enjoyed reading it very much.  I found it while searching for information on boys dress styles in 1904.  I have been researching my ancestors to do a Family Tree and came  across a picture of my father wearing a beaded necklace but was also wearing a formal looking dress suit.  I've always known I have Native American ancestors but don't have any other information to prove which nation except my father saying Cherokee. Wish I knew if 5 year old boys wore beads around 1904. We grew up near the mountains in NC.  God Bless You! ~Gail

Indian Spirituality is Big Business


Hello Manataka,

I ran into James "Tyberonn"s webpage and was astounded at what a big corporate operation he appears to have going on. Very unsettling so see such BS taken to such a level with so many gullible people getting sucked into con man nonsense. Very disturbing indeed. So then I found your article Selling American Indian Spirituality is Big Business and you clarified so many things regarding this guy and so many others. I stayed in Sedona and had many genuine spiritual experiences of a personal and quiet nature there and ran into a lot of sincere people who were living in the woodwork and not in the limelight. Not surprising that this guy is Sedona based since Sedona for the most part has become the New Age Disneyland.

So thanks for the eye opening article about how out of hand and corporate this false New Age snake oil nonsense has gotten since I lived in Sedona in the early 90's. I'm not sending you my website in order to promote it and I never have charged for this little adventure but I thought you all might be interested in seeing a very ancient and sacred mountain that is off the map as far as the frauds are concerned and I hope it stays that way. Maybe someday I will fully understand the significance of this mountain but I'll let the mountain and the ETs who seem to like to call it their home teach me that. Hope my site is a breath of fresh air in this world of exploitation, ego and greed. I'll be looking more deeply into your website and thanks so much for the honesty of your articles.

Here's my website: Pleiades 9/08/2012 - Home Hope you have enjoyed it. ---Tom Sanger Tucson, Az.


Comparing Native American Religious Practices

To Whom it May Concern:

I am currently attending The University of Phoenix online to earn my degree. For my current World Religion class I need to write a paper on a religion that I am not part of. In order to complete this paper I need to interview someone of this faith. I am currently comparing a few different Native American tribes and their religious practices. I need to find out what are the major holidays and traditions of this religion? How does this religion shape one's life? ( I understand that it is very personal, but any explanation would help). And finally, what are the challenges to practicing and maintaining this religion?  Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Rebecca J. Castle

Rebecca, There are over 1,000 spiritual ceremonies among North American Indian tribes. To identify them all is impossible in this response.  American Indian spiritual practices cannot be called a “religion” because it lacks:

1. A defined dogma or doctrine

2. A hierarchy of clergy

3. A central theological base

4. No formalized system of indoctrination and education

There are many other points that make clear distinctions between a formal religion and American Indian spirituality. American Indian spirituality is free from the tightly drawn precepts of religious dogma and doctrine that must be continually revised in order to adapt to changing social conditions. American Indian spirituality is Spiritual Freedom. There is no such freedom found within on confines of religions. 


Read Manataka’s entire collection of stories on these subjects:

Read this important message: Native Wisdom


Chief John Red Cloud Married to Mohalla

Hello Editor:

I'm not sure who I address this to so i address this to all of you . First hello, what a wonderful welcome to hear your music, see your documentary and to even know of your existence was to my very soul. I would like to first tell you a little of my story and then tell you what I would like to propose to your band.

All My life I have been told you're Irish, you're Irish, you're Irish. Since I was a child I have had these reoccurring and vivid dreams of being in wars, shot in the neck, drowned, stabbed, etc. They were always explained away as nightmares. I always saw and heard a couple of my ancestors (just a few certain ones I was close to) after they died, they put me on medication. A few years ago I kept having a reoccurring dream and in the dream my name was Oanykha (I thought) and in the dream my father died next to me and I was wounded as well, and as he died he looked at me and said "At least I die holding a hand I can hold on to forever" I asked him if he promised and he replied " as much as one can promise another." A woman named Carrie and her husband came along and carried me to the healer and I survived. I did some research and found and ancient Native Sacred burial site in Alabama in a small town called Onycha. I started to do my genealogy. Now I do have some Irish in my father's mother's side. I also have some scottish and German in my mother's side if you want to go back to the Mayflower and to 1380 when the western night came over with Henry Sinclair and stayed married into the Micmac tribe. Other than that It's Native American, however it is from different tribes, and my grandmother did not know this her mother told her she was orphaned when her own parents died when she young. Truth is My g-g- grandmother was sold off the Nez Perce in 1930 for 3.00 and they did not know this. However I live in the Northern part of Ohio in the Greenville treaty area of 1795. My g-g-g- grandfather was brother in law to Chief John Red Cloud Married to Mohalla, I have tin type photos and can show you the cemetery she lies in. I can also show you Snipetown where she was raised after she was taken and raised by the Snipe family. I am descendant of Chief Cornstalk by his 2nd wife Oanoconoa and their son Peter married Mary Adams who was an ancestor of my father's father. She became Tecumpseh's 3rd wife. Chief LeatherLips aka John A Red Wing his wife Mary Red Cloud cousin to John, Jack and Mohalla Red cloud and married Ardillon aka Musick dillon aka John Mann (my mom's maiden name) Leatherlips was executed by Tecumpseh's order not far from where I grew up. Mohalla was known to have chase census takers and outsiders off with shotguns and and that continued down even into my childhood.

What I would like to propose is a Greenville tour for XIT. I have an old map that shows the greenville treaty line"whereabouts" I also have a list of old "ghost towns" I also have a list of old settlement sites. Mohican also has a big Pow-wow in the summer/fall which is in this same location area as this was tecumpseh'sterritory. I can also show you where alot of the old sites were. But there are alot of folks in this area that are into their ancestry and heritage, and this was "Indian Territory" at one time by Government law. I saw on you're myspace site that other folks have already tried to bring you to Fredericktown, by 2 sons graduated from there. They are in the Marine Corp now. My youngest son, just looking at him, there is no doubt of his heritage. I have friends that say the same about me... they say quit dying your hair and there would be no doubt I reply but there would be alot of gray! We have alot of small county and local fairs and festivals in the summer and fall time. I have also worked managing bars for years(I don't now, I'm disabled) I know there are alot of bars that would have you on their venue as well. I think this would be good for us locally to remind us of who we are, what happened in this area, those of us that are descendants it would help revive that surge of honor and what happened to our people and to those that live here that aren't it will remind them of what their ancestors did. There is so much more I want to say but yet don't want to over whelm you. I have an idea on how to get land back, and so much more. I hope you will think on it.  I wish you all the best of luck on you ventures and journeys in this life. I hope you and your families enjoy good health and much love. Sincerely, Christi L Taylor

Questions about Spirit Guides


Hello Manataka,

My name is Shelby Noyes and I was reading your website and I had a small question about animal spirit guides.

What does it mean when you feel as though you can transform into the guide? I have a lot of dreams in which my guide and I work together, but there are many more in which I am actually able to be one with my guide and become for moments at a time the form of my guide.  I read a lot about finding one's guide and it was very insiteful and helpful, but I think I've already found my guide. ~ Shelby Noyes

Hello Shelby,

What does it mean when you feel as though you can transform into the guide? May be you are looking at your “guide” and yourself as two completely separate entities. Your soul and psychic are two separate entities within one body, so in the same way your “angle” or “guide” is also a separate entity from the human form of yourself within one body.  In our own case, the wisdom and knowing of the Bear has been within this body for well over 50 years. Its spirit is a part of us and it is easy to ‘transform’ when needed. Many times our conscious mind is not aware when the transformation occurs but people see and feel the presence of the bear in many healing ways. We began dancing the bear in the sacred circle at the age of 13. Today the bear dances when he is needed by the human side of us or those around us. We hope this helps you. ~Editor

Tanning Hides

Dear Editor:

Thanks for your bit on tanning. I'm a hunter and i do hunt with rifles both on foot and in blinds. I can purchase meat from the local store so do not "need" the meat. I do use the meat, take it all, and eat it with the family. I have seen, having lived on a farm, how animals that are born and bread for meat live and die, and if I could pick a life I would chose that of wild and dead by hunter over that of imprisoned and dead by (various methods). I want to learn how to tan skins and such to use more of the animal, as you said, out of respect. I think this is a skill everyone should have- being reliant on stores for all of one's needs may work now but may not work always. Your article here along with some others should eventually help me learn how to tan a hide without the use of store-bought materials for practical purposes such as clothing. (lye can be made from ash, etc) thanks again.  ~Shannon


Wedge Tail Eagles

To Manataka

I have always been attracted to our Wedge Tail Eagles, long before I became a spiritual person and when I used to ride a horse around our property to check the lambing ewes and at other times when I rode around the property. I had the pleasure to watch a pair of eagles teaching their young fledglings how to hunt and how to drop, they did this by using a thermal to gain height

and then they would close their wings and just drop and then they would open their wings and soar back up and drop again.


It has just been during the last 2 to 3 years that I have really felt a spiritual connection to our Wedge Tail Eagle. Now when ever I am by my self in a vehicle, I stop and get out and connect with the Eagle as it flies near me, even if it heads away from me, I still feel a connection. One Saturday when I was on my way home from Geelong, I had just spent 2 hours with my son and I was near home and I had the joyous moment to connect with not just one Eagle, but there were 5 Wedge Tail Eagles in the one place and they actually circled over and around my vehicle, before they went on their way.


I was forced by the family law court to sell our family property and moved to another property a few kilometres away from it and there are around 100 to 200 Grey Kangaroos and some have joeys and there are joeys that have recently left the pouch, I run my cattle and my 4 horses with the Kangaroos. There is also a resident pair of Wedge Tail Eagles that have a nest up in the bush near my property and I have had a very memorable experience with these Eagles I was working on my utility out in the yard when one of the Eagles flew very low over the yard and just a few meters away and above me, it must have seen and known that I was there and yet it still flew past without changing course. I have since been able to observe this pair of Eagles and been able to have spiritual contact and been allowed to get fairly close to them and been  able to observe them at close range. When ever I work with spirit I usually see any of the following Rapture Birds :- Wedge Tail Eagle, Osprey, Hawk. Black Shouldered Kite, White Goshawk and Kestrel. Mitakuye Oyasin ~ Roger Brien, Australia


My Hope for the Earth Stays Strong


Dear Manataka,

As I am of this earth, I do not pretend to be other than what I am. I am earth and sky, wind and rain. I am love and light, yet human. All of what was here and what came. They were native, then they gave that away to be French. Then they gave their French away to be American.

What was French was once of light and love, earth and sky vital to their existence. Then the evil ones took control and some left to repeat there bad behavior elsewhere ..and others suffered. The vicious cycle repeating. New age is old age and what was will be
native spirituality was the earth speaking.  Be wise my children.  Treat me with respect.  The evil ones have no respect. Take, take.

Where do the lost children of the earth go? The ones so long removed from the vibrations of the living universe? We are now all victims of the evil ones. But it is the plan.  Now the universe answers the call sent by the mother. It is upon us. We feel its energy calls it free flowing electrons. This is the spark of life, Creator, creation. My skin is white, but my blood flows red. I stand united with the earth, of this earth and for this earth.

Now I humbly say about the article for all those who were Indian in a former life, the message of what is considered new age term new age, ugg. I hate it. Oh right for those who practice this maybe it is new, but it is not. It is as old as the universe that most will never see the relationship that is be correlated in the article but maybe and this is said in a very small voice. Maybe as we are all
of this earth and she needs us to be one now that a message should go out with teaching words.

We the Native Women of America are happy and thrilled that others are embracing some of the earths spirituality but please know that there is far more to this than going to a sweat lodge...that once all the tribes of the earth held the knowledge. They
need to be taught ..all peoples of the earth were removed from the truth. This is part of the plan, the awakening.

My hope for the earth stays strong.  Let those who are the descendants of the evil ones that continue to inflict their reality on us. Be the first to feel the wrath of the mother.  Let the punishment be just. With the greatest of love, this being Levels Of Variable Energy...I send out to you as you read my words.. my little voice... ~Kathleen Koblensky

Rotten Bayou Cemetery

Dear Manataka,

I was very shocked when I read about what was going on at the Rotten Bayou Cemetery. You see, I am part of the Cuevas family and this situation is very confusing to me. The Cuevas family owned the property in the 1800s.In the Hancock Co. Courthouse, records show that the Cuevas family heirs through Francoise and Filicity Cuevas; they deeded the property to the Catholic Church. For many years, the family maintained the cemetery, but the county helped along with the committee since Katrina.   Now, I ask, why are your supervisors so interested in this cemetery while there are so many problems in Hancock County? The President of the Board has stated that the Board needs to see who legally owns the cemetery. How long should this take? Is something else planned for this property? Why has the committee been dissolved until proof of ownership? And again, I ask, what is the motovation behind this historally significant property? All these questions are still unanswered. ~Casey Sloan


American Holocaust Museum

Osiyo Everyone:


Below you will find a link to the American Holocaust Museum. I would recommend that you read the first piece on the front page by, Michael J. Rutledge, entitled "Forgiveness in the Age of Forgetfulness".


As a primer for this piece I would like to offer the following:


In the US today we have the continued colonial domination of Indigenous peoples in law, policy, history, media. crime, property, health, ecocide, paper genocide, etc. How can you forgive, that which has not been acknowledged and corrected? Not only has this been a history denied, but the government and the dominant culture continue domination through the use of ancient racist precedents, (Doctrine of Discovery) in Supreme Court decisions, in education (history) and racist names, nicknames, logos and mascots, media, and in symbols, ideas, images etc. throughout the culture. The (Christian Doctrine of Discovery) has shaped an identity for the European-American as superior and master of this country and has shaped an identity for the Indigenous as worthless inferior. This has resulted in the highest violent crime rate in the country (70% perpetrated by European-Americans), highest school drop out rate, highest suicide rate, worst mortality, etc., etc.


Until the truth is admitted, the Christian Doctrine of Discovery is repudiated and new law estabished based upon fairness and remuneration for losses, and Tribes are made truly sovereign, then true forgiveness will not occur and does not make any sense.


That which is denied to consciousness will not influence future actions. The holocaust not only has been denied to consciousness, heroes have been made out of perpetrators of the longest, deadliest, most systematic holocaust in recorded history. Unless there is a consciousnes about these events, and present events influenced by the institutionalized colonialism of present day US, the crimes of oppression and subjugation will continue.  ~Richard Wilson


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