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Book Review

Relieving the Burden of Self

By Linda Schiller-Hanna


As we venture into the mysterious year, 2012, it can be helpful to have a bus strap to hang onto. We’d like something from “above” that anchors us on a potentially jerky trail.  Relieving the Burden of Self has been designed for this purpose. It can be your “Daily Guide” to help you negotiate this adventure.


Edgar Cayce urges us to “set our ideal” for all major activities. Relieving the Burden of Self helps set a spiritual foundation for 2012. Our aim is to keep our consciousness above fear and worry and to be actively involved in the co- creation of our new and improved world.

Linda Schiller-Hanna, clairvoyant, and Chris Kwarciany, visionary artist, have joined forces to create a unique tool for navigating this important year.

Relieving the Burden of Self is a combination of stories, anecdotes, pictures, labyrinths, and more. It encourages action, journaling and introspection. Using this guide asks just a few minutes daily, but if you desire, you can ramp up your efforts to elicit profound spiritual unfolding.

There are two formats to choose from. You can order your on-line copy today, by purchasing through PayPal. Your link will be sent via email within 24 hours. The one time fee is $10.

Alternatively, you can order our paperback book version. Your investment for this full color edition, which also includes the 13 original paintings by Chris Kwarciany is $22 including shipping. You will receive this lovely book via regular mail in about 3 weeks. To eliminate any delay in starting the program, you will also receive (for free), your on-line link via e-mail within 24 hours.

Why do this? A Call To The Lightworkers by Rhea Powers says it best:

“Those of you who participate in the lifting of consciousness, need not fear the physical shifting of the surface of the planet.”

We don’t know if or how our planet will shift this year. We do know that change is afoot. All about us is in flux: it is an election year, they're holding the Olympics, the world economy struggles, our environment and weather are stressed.

We believe that if a core group of us continuously focus on the basics and nuances of spiritual development, we can provide a steadying influence to the events around us.

We welcome your joining our special group who wish to participate in this easing of our passage into the world beyond 2012.

To order your copy of either version, send an email to

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