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Misinformed Legislators Pass Unfunded Mandate That Can Jeopardize Animals, Tourism, and the Poultry Industry


Most folks in Arkansas cherish our animals, whether it be for food, income, or, best of all, as companions. Manataka believes that we have a right to know what will affect our health as well as what will affect the health of our pets and our livelihoods. In March of 2011, the governor of Arkansas signed a bill into law (info is available on our website) that requires all districts providing water for over 5000 people to add hydrofluosilicic acid to their water supply. The water fluoridation mandate bill was rushed through the House and Senate in less than 7 working days - hardly enough time to hear from all the citizens in Arkansas that actually voted against adding a known toxic substance to our water.


Because of the rushed passage of this law, there was not any time to consider how this mandate could affect our animals. Most farms that raise livestock have traditionally had wells to provide water to their animals. With the expansion of the rural water districts in Arkansas, that has all changed. We have water districts all over the state, especially Northwest Arkansas, that fall under this mandate but the vast majority of the water supplied in these rural areas goes to maintain the lives of chickens, horses and cattle. Now we don't want anything to happen to our pets, but what about the people or the big corporations in our state that depend on animals for their income.


Although some of us have a few issues with the way some big corporations conduct business, even Tyson would have to agree, poultry producers are already facing bone issues with their chickens, as seen here in this study, "Factors Regulating Bone Maturity and Strength in Poultry," by N. C. Rath, G. R. Huff, W. E. Huff, and J. M. Balog, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Poultry Science Center, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Will they be seeing more problems when mandatory water fluoridation is implemented?


Although chickens don't usually live long enough to show long-term effects of water fluoridation, they do show damage as seen here in this study, and a different problem here.


Another important industry in Arkansas is tourism. Since we're speaking of animals, Oaklawn Park, in Hot Springs comes to mind. How do you think the owners of these very expensive horses would feel if they knew a substance being added to the water could damage their investment to the point that their horses would not be able to race or, worse yet, have to be put down because of fractures. Shown on this link is a letter written by Dr. Richard Sauerheber (B.A. Biology, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, San Diego) to then Governor Schwarzenegger, over his concerns for the California horse-racing industry as it pertains to water fluoridation.


But what about the horses that are used for riding, horse shows and personal pleasure? Meet Cathy and Wayne Justus of Pagosa Springs, Colorado who experienced incredible debilitating symptoms in their world class quarter horses and their dogs with seemingly no source or reason. After the death of Cathy's prize horse, the local veterinarian tested for every known possibility for the cause but could not come up with an explanation. It was not until Dr. Lennart Krook, Professor Emeritus of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, tested for fluoride toxicity that they knew for certain what was killing their horses. They had been poisoned by fluoride in their drinking water. Quote from Justus, "I have the sad distinction of owning the first horses to ever be diagnosed with chronic fluoride poisoning from artificially fluoridated municipal water. I have this distinction, not because it hasn't been happening for years all over this world, but because vets, like doctors and dentists, are not taught in their schooling the science and biochemistry of fluoride and what it does to the body. I know of this lack of training of proven science because I have made it a point, over the last 25 years, to talk to hundreds of these professionals. We have now lost 8 horses and 4 dogs to this virulent cumulative toxin. This was scientifically proven by the world's authority of fluoride poisoning at Cornell University in New York." See the rest of her amazing letter here.


You can also view her very personal story with pictures of her champion quarter horses, studies, and related videos at her personal MySpace page .


An excellent documentary of the Justus' struggles can be seen on YouTube.


Direct access to the well-documented, published, peer reviewed studies about her horses by Krook/Justus and prefaced by an editorial by Dr. Albert Burgstahler. This manuscript led to a second peer- reviewed manuscript on fluoride poisoning of her horses by Justus/Krook. Do you think that this has not happened to others? Here is another peer-reviewed manuscript on horses in Texas by Krook/Macicek.


This research should be a HUGE heads up for all animal lovers and animal associations in Arkansas!


If this can happen to horses, what about our children and grandchildren? If water fluoridation is known to cause harm in horses, why is this type of investigation not being done for our children? Could it be that water fluoridation is their sacred cow? Will they stop at nothing to protect it, even at the expense of our children, grandchildren and our animals' health?


We don't want or need hydrofluosilicic acid (aka Fluoride) added to our water supply, especially without our consent!


Call, write, and fax your state representatives and state Senators. We must demand that Arkansas Act 197 be repealed before more damage is done!

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