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The Conscious Being

By Lee Standing Bear Moore and the Spirit of Takatoka


The whole world is speaking...

Be still a moment

Listen with your heart

There are beings all around you

Do not be afraid to hear them

The ancestors, the elders, the living spirits of nature

With their guidance, we will thrive Together.


Listen deeply

Be in conversation with the World.

Modern science has brought great wealth of understanding to the physics of the universe. Comprehension of the laws of nature has advanced human progress in countless arenas of human endeavor. However, science cannot explain why these laws exist or how the laws of nature came into being.


In this article, we discuss the source of human existence on earth in terms of consciousness in its various forms, and advance the concept of using the power of conscious thought in concert with large numbers of other humans to create a new mass consciousness, a new paradigm of human behavior, and a new world.


Understanding the source of existence, the reality of space-time and the underlying consciousness of the universe has been the pursuit of philosophers and theologians for ages. As humans, we understand the laws of nature that serve as a basis for mathematics, medicine, astronomy, physics, and a plethora of other sciences, that shares the same source as human consciousness. However, we fail to employ, at least on a mass-basis, ways to use the awesome power of conscious thought to alter our own realities.


We understand that without consciousness, human beings would not perceive sciences, arts, or each other. Without consciousness, humans would not understand the relationship between ourselves and the universe. We would not know the deep connection with our environment. We could not feel or recognize emotions such as love. We could not know the peace of spirituality. Without consciousness, humans would not be motivated to search the depths of human existence and interaction with the world around us. Humans would not experience or know anything without consciousness.


Manataka asks, what is infinite consciousness? What lays beyond space and time to encompass all that is or ever will be? What creates the objects of our perceptions and masters the human cognitive process? There can be only one answer to these questions. Modern science deals in theory and is often confounded by illusion, but the laws of nature, defined and verified by science are reality as we know it through conscious discernment.


There is more than one level of consciousness. The two lowest levels, subliminal perception and ordinary awareness, or self consciousness, are concerned primarily with self – with the mundane existence of every day living and coping with the challenges of survival. But, there is a continuum or spectrum of consciousness that extends far beyond. Cosmic consciousness is an awareness of the life and order of the universe. Awareness at higher levels, that we call the ‘knowing’ levels, that are given to those who practice ritual and self-denial of food – fasting, sleep deprivation, vision quests, nature walks, drumming, interaction with other humans.  Other ways of achieving an intimate link between the Great Mystery and humans include meditation, prayer and ceremony. God consciousness rises above and reaches into the sublime and holy union between humans and the Creator of All Things.


Albert Einstein said, “ can’t solve a problem with the kind of consciousness that gave rise to the problem...” Einstein knew that a person must achieve or create a new consciousness or way of thinking in order to overcome problems created by the old paradigm of thinking.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “ the change you want to see in the world...” This means a new kind of consciousness is necessary to achieve the world you want to see around you -- dreaming the dream and actualizing the dream by being.


Manataka’s Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore says, “...Speak it with your lips and it will become reality...” This means the power of our conscious mind can alter our awareness and create a new world around us.


Transforming or moving from one level of consciousness to another has been practiced by humans for millenniums. Medicine men, shamans, prophets, scientists, poets and people of insight throughout history have used this ability that God gave to all humans to achieve higher levels of consciousness. Ancient ways of transcending and ‘new thinking’ are essentially the same, but there is a an evolution taking place. Old ways of mind-moving are different in viewpoint and practice between various cultures, but the old ways are giving way to a new and remarkable expansion.


More and more people around the world are awakening to the idea that they can alter their consciousness. Millions of people are becoming knowledgeable of methods to achieve “super-consciousness” or “quantum consciousness”. Sri Aurobindo, an East Indian philosopher and guru says the “...emergence of super-consciousness in ever more people is the beginning of the next evolution of human consciousness...”


In a recent article entitled “Quantum Consciousness – our evolution, our salvation” appearing in the Huffington Post, Ervine Laszlo, a Hungarian philosopher of science says:

“...I believe that quantum consciousness could be the next stage in the evolution of our consciousness—and that this evolution could be our salvation...”


“Swiss philosopher Jean Gebser spoke of the coming of four-dimensional integral consciousness, rising from the prior stages of archaic, magical, and mythical consciousness. The American mystic Richard Bucke called the new consciousness "cosmic," and in the colorful spiral dynamics developed by Chris Cowan and Don Beck, it's the turquoise stage of collective individualism, cosmic spirituality, and Earth changes. For philosopher Ken Wilber these developments signify an evolutionary transition from the mental consciousness characteristic of both animals and humans, to subtle consciousness, which is archetypal, transindividual, and intuitive, to causal consciousness, and then ultimately to "consciousness as such."


“Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof summed up the characteristics of the emerging consciousness as "transpersonal." There is remarkable agreement among these visionary concepts. Superconsciousness, integral consciousness, cosmic consciousness, turquoise-stage consciousness, and consciousness as such are all forms of consciousness that transcend the divide between you and me, the individual and the world, the human being and nature. If these thinkers are right, this kind of consciousness will be the next stage in the evolution of the consciousness of our species...”

American Indians have long believed in ancient teachings about mind-moving that will lead them to rise above the perils and distractions of the material world. Salish Chief Dan George said, "...Oh God! Like the Thunderbird of old I shall rise again out of the sea; I shall grab the instruments of the white man's success - his education, his skills, and with these new tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society..." There are hundreds of examples of indigenous beliefs and practices that speak to the concept of mind-moving into other dimensions, dreaming things into reality, guided imagery and focused awareness.


American Indian people are survivors – they adapt well to anything nature or other humans throw at them. This is a true statement because their elders hold tightly to the ancient ways of transcending consciousness and thus leading their people into a brighter future. Their philosophy of life has not only survived – it is growing as millions of adherents across the globe find peace and direction from its truths. Yes, an increase in human consciousness is directly related to indigenous cultural expressions that are growing at phenomenal rates across the planet among many cultures.


Cosmic Changes

Cosmic changes in the universe can also affect our consciousness. The sun is currently emitting massive coronal flares and the magnetosphere is undergoing phenomenal changes. According to many scientists, cosmic impulses may be seriously affecting the rotation, magnetic fields and energy inside the core of the earth. The huge engine far below the earth’s crust drives magnetic fields and gravitational pull in concert with the earth’s core. Vast fluctuations in cosmic plasma surrounding the earth are emanating unpredictable massive energy flows. Some scientists believe these changes are partly responsible for the increase in earthquakes and variable weather patterns. Planets and large objects in our universe emit energies that affect our mental, emotional and bodily functions.


The approaching “Cosmic Alignment”, also known as “The Shift of The Ages” has been a topic of great interest to scientists and “light workers” for decades. Much attention has been drawn to the completion of the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar. The earth’s alignment with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way coincides with the winter solstice on December 21, 2012. Planetary and inter-stellar alignments are occurring at the same time that earth passes through a massive photon cloud. It is believed that this special time of convergences is part of the predictions of ancient prophesies. All life on earth feels these alignments in their internal circuitry. Could this phenomena cause an involuntarily change in human consciousness?


New World Order

These unpredictable and natural cosmic events are happening, but government and pharmaceutical / chemical company programs may be playing a role in jamming conscious behavior as well.


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionosperic research program jointly funded by the U.S. military, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance. ELF or Extremely Low Frequency waves from HAARP can when targeted on certain areas, engineer weather and create mood changes effecting millions of people.


The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) is a command and control communications system intended for use by the United States government to facilitate military communications before, during and after a nuclear war. Specifically, GWEN was constructed to survive the effects of a high-altitude nuclear explosion electromagnetic pulse to insure that the United States President or his survivors can give a launching order to strategic nuclear bombers. GWEN transmitters have many different functions, including controlling the weather, mind, behavior and mood control of the populace.


Everything that generates electricity, machines and equipment that generate electromagnetic and gravitational fields and radiation, affects all aspects of life. Government mandated or permitted consumption of metallic fluoridated food and water decreases intelligence and increase susceptibility to electromagnetic frequencies. The properties of the electromagnetic fields are exploited in many areas of industry and by governments worldwide. Has government declared war on the Awakening? Is the New World Order ready to launch its vast arsenal against Light Workers?

Powerful worldwide mega-corporations, governments and organized religions will not allow major changes in our economic and political systems. These world-wide institutions fought long and hard for the turf they occupy and they are not about ready to give it up.


Arguments Against Consciousness

It has been said there is no real way to see a change in human consciousness. Some assert that there is no way to measure changes in human consciousness and therefore our perception of consciousness is relative to itself and appears unchanged. If human perception of reality is changing or expanding, how would we know it?


This argument is single-minded and fails to consider that being able to quantify and identify individual cells in the universe of consciousness is not necessary to see and know its expanse – do we count every drop of water in the ocean to verify the existence of the ocean? Understanding the rise in the collective consciousness of mankind is not simple speculation -- It is a new reality.


There are people who do not believe this. They do not think an increase in love for our Earth Mother and all things will come from some abstract transcendence in to another dimension of consciousness. While they believe that man’s greed and selfishness will one day destroy man’s ability to survive, they are unwilling to accept the idea that God’s gift of consciousness shifting is the answer. Instead, they believe if humans somehow change our priorities and revamp our entire economic and political systems, our world culture will magically transform into a place where all humans, animals and environment will survive. The vast majority of people in the world today realize that current economic and political systems are not sustainable. A change of this magnitude will not happen without a major shift in our collective consciousness.


Scientists once believed DNA was static or permanent, not changeable. However, today science understands DNA surges, moves and pulses as it is modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields, sound, thoughts and feelings. Wow! we can change our DNA by thinking!



Throughout history, cultural change was a slow evolutional process. Major philosophical, infrastructural and cultural changes happened gradually over long periods of time. But today the breakdown of the unsustainable cultural practices is inevitable and moving closer to reality. Consumerism, capitalist indoctrination, greed and selfishness are the engines that drive unsustainable lifestyles and destruction of the environment – and humankind. While we understand these things are not good, as our religions and philosophies teach, we are caught in a fast moving train that is heading for an abyss. Will mind-moving through sacred guided imagery and focused awareness move humanity away from the abyss? Only God knows.


Will the New World Order be effective in its efforts to impose brain-bending technologies to eliminate vast numbers of people from the Awakening? Only God knows.


Does modern civilization have enough time left to willingly make the major changes in our basic philosophies and lifestyles? It is doubtful. Therefore, humans are faced with eventual environmental destruction and annihilation unless God intervenes. Will God allow humans to awaken to the realities we face and transcend to a dimension whereby major changes can take place and thus deliver us from the evil? Is there enough time left to affect major changes to more sustainable economic and political systems? Only God knows.


The Great Mystery set things in motion long ago to bring us closer to infinite and cosmic consciousness. We must escape the collective consciousness of past generations, removing negativity and destructive philosophies and thought patterns. We must remove the words "want and lack" from our vocabulary as these images limit the endless bounty of our planet and cause a scramble for the resources available. Ownership is God’s alone as we are only stewards of this world. It is no small Awakening to overcome a world filled with greed and selfishness. It is a magnificent Awakening to accept the love and bounty possible.


Some Things To Think About

Creating a peaceful and sustainable world requires an evolutionarily adaptive consciousness of oneness and belonging.


Teach constant God-consciousness and deepest truths about the unseen universe of the spirit.


Remove distractions from your life, block out electronic noise, allow your heart, brain and soul to receive.


Prayer and meditation are important to creating a new consciousness. Prayer heals.


Raising ones consciousness does not mean acquiring more information. It means new knowledge, a new way of thinking.


Creating mass consciousness is cooperating with each other on a higher level.


Creating mass consciousness makes us realize that all things are connected – what we do to the least of them, we do to ourselves.


Creating mass consciousness makes us feel the world around us and brings us into harmony with all things of nature and beyond.


Creating mass consciousness allows us to leave behind the world of greed and competition and enter the world of love and cooperation.


Creating mass consciousness erases ideas that separate us from each other; political borders, national and racial discrimination, greed, fear, and hate.


Creating mass consciousness is understanding everything is interconnected and consciousness is interconnected within itself.


Creating mass consciousness is done for survival -- for our children's children


Send love energy to all.. friend and feign alike.


Everything that is mean to be happens fast, easily, effectively, efficiently.


Earth’s population is now over 7 billion people -- requiring at least 8,844 of them loving and cooperating together to

create a mass consciousness.





Music and Moonlight

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone seabreakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems…
We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Ninevah with our sighing,
And Babel itself in our mirth;
And o’erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world’s worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

(Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Music and Moonlight (1874)


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