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By Magdala Del Consuelo R, Mayan Priestess

October 2011




Beautiful Ones,


This Letter is for Women Only


Grandmothers, Mothers, daughters, granddaughters sisters from all traditions and religions from all over the world… I truly honor you, for I am you.


This is it! The time is now, this is the time when you bring your voice strong and clear, this is the time when the women from all over the world stand up in lead your people into a higher way of living.

We all need your voice strong and clear, we truly need you stand up in wherever you are and say out loud, “I am woman! thank you Great Mother because you make me a woman!, I am the daughter of the Great Mother! …I remember…!”


You are the change, the transmutator, the alchemist, choose and direct where the change needs to happened, do not be afraid of your own power do not let anyone silence you again, for your voice, your heart, your love, is the enlightenment of the world.


The whole world is begging for a change, and the change is you, you are sacred and hold the sacredness of all life, you have the wisdom and the power to do it, do not let your heart to be broken again, for you know that sacredness comes from within, no group, no tradition, no religion gave you your sacredness. For the Sacred woman is back to consummate all traditions.

Today we change the world for we know as a woman that the wounded father, the system, is falling apart, this is the time when the women from all over the world stand up together shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, and give birth to a new world, as it meant to be, as it was before time existed, for you know that peace comes from within and a balance world is the natural way of living.


Today, women know that our voices are perpetuating the song of the Great Mother, for you are the sacred land, and through your power in motion you are leading the people into a higher way of existence. The answer is in each one of you.  Know that you are the source of love that holds many directions, the time is know for embrace the freedom that you are, Love, so much, for through that love we are the weaving these awakening together.


The oppressor will cease to exist when the oppresses left behind the identity of suffering, do not suffer no more my Mother, my grandmother, my sisters for the last tear was drop and cleanse the spear that hurt the feminine for a very long time, the blood was share in the giving birth to a new woman that now have a voice to stop the massacre of the spirit, and now she is ready, so ready to love and embrace who she is.


Bring forward your ceremonies in your own tradition, all of them, create new ones if it is necessary, for indeed, you are the ancestors, you know what it is needed, gather your sisters, grandmothers, mothers, daughters and pray together, for you the ones to assist your people to the balance world. Say out loud what you want and don’t want. At home, at your work, and all around you… Do not follow the ways of the patriarchal system, no more, nor give your power away, for you will need every drop of it. Slavery of human kind is over.


Know that wherever you are, wherever you go, I am with you for I know that wherever I go you are with me.  I recognize you in me; can you recognize me in you?


In lakesh


Magdala R