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By Magdala Del Consuelo R, Mayan Priestess

Aug-Sept 2011





Journey of the Four Directions


We are just arriving from a long beautiful journey, a journey that have took millions of years, with many stops and new beginnings, a journey that have bring forward very ancient knowledge of being human


On our journey, we took the drum made of one single piece of a Ceiba tree, made from the Abuelos in the deep Mexico for the purpose of uniting the tribes, the purpose of awake the sacredness of all life, the purpose of perpetuate the song of the Great Mother, the drum went for more than 4000 miles, listening, singing, awakening the sacred dance of being human.


I am back into the temple and my flowers are blooming, my wolf is happy, the land welcome us with so much love. I know I am home.


So many messages we receive in the journey, for the journey took 3 weeks, making ceremony every day, for indeed, that is the way of human being, ceremony take place every day, every moment, in every heart beat.


We went into the top of the mountain in Trinidad to begging our journey, for that is how the Great Mother wanted, the kiva was ready that the beautiful sisters from all tribes have made, the breast of the mother was there nurturing us, connecting, singing, dancing, and the remembering together, my beautiful brothers play the water drum for us, while the ancient stories were spoken. In that way, the journey began…


The journey took us to Aztec, the place where the great kiva resides, that hold the ways of the ancestors, and became one and the same, for indeed the sacred place is intact, the wisdom of the ages were spoken as a whisper in the place of many doors, the permission to bring forward the ancient knowledge was granted, bridging the flowers of the many worlds to the true human being, for human beings are ready to embrace who they are and use the medicine of being human as a way of living.


In the 4 corners we rest, the four directions, the four races, in the place of unity, the very center we rest, for it is indeed, a place of peace, The next morning we were ready to go into the next adventure, the Grand Canyon, the place where Mama hold her story, the place where the sacred dance took place. In our journey to get there, we ask for the blessings of the Hopi Grandmothers for the woman, for the sacredness of life, the blessing was given with so much love, with so much encounter of the deepest core of the heart.


We went then to Chaco Canyon, guided by the white horse of my great great grandmother story, the white horse took us directly into the heart of Chaco, where the reading of the ancestors writings came forward, the story of what we are doing, where is our next place, the voices of the ancestors, the celebration of the return took place, in the recognition of the new and the old, becoming one and the same…


Our journey took us into Boulder, at the place where the Ixpapalotlis resides, love was everywhere, I felt home, for indeed, love is home, in there, we spoke about the coming times, and the song of the ancestors, the ways of being human, the returning of the true human being, we were so exited to get into Minneapolis to bring the ceremony of the 13 hours of the heart beat of the Mother, that was our next step.


The journey to the 13 hours began when I went for my sister, and together, for a week we made the dance of the condor and the eagle, we did fly together, and find a way… was beautiful… In this journey we stop for sun dance with my beautiful brother, I saw him, and I saw in his eyes the love of the brothers, the tree day took place, the tree of life, that we needed to be in that ceremony before we went into the 13 hours of the heart beat of the mother, the tree of life that show us, “there is only one root”.


Finally we get into Minneapolis, and my heart just bloom so much, when I saw, most of my moon dancers flying in there, all staying at my sister temple, my Ixpapalotlis, coming from all directions, with so much love one to another, being in there, strong and powerful, knowing who they are, the heart was awaken of the many tribes, the heart of one single Ixpapalotlis, that they were able to just see each other and communicate heart to heart, I look at them, I saw the sacred woman, each one so different, each one united by love, all my moon dancers with so much love!


The temple of my sister was crowded, for “after the door all is a bed”, the laugh and the songs the love was so amazing, so ready to bring 13 hours of the heart beat of the mother ceremony for they were doing exactly that, the heart beat of the mother have became one and from that oneness the ceremony took place. I love so much my Ixpapalotlis so much!


In the ceremony, in that beautiful day, everyone was ready, and the prayer began, in front of the lake, and in each beat the people became one. We have many grandmothers from all the tribes, many grandfathers from all the tribes, the Mexica men brought the bread for the people, the bread that we were sure that no one is hungry again, each of the people were fed by the heart beat, by the bread of life.


The heart beat of the mother, her song was perpetuated, and it happens after the voices of the many were lift, creating the beautiful weaving of one root, when the rainbows began to arrive in the east, first one, turn into double, then turn into triple… Joy and happiness was everywhere!


My heart blooms, just like the lotus flower that got awaken with the breath of life, now human beings are ready, I love you so much.  Tlatzocomate for being you!


In lakesh



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