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Legends of Old: ----- Coyote Steals Wheat: Coyote's Feces Under His Hat
Feature Story:: ----- Lightning Medicine: Rare white buffalo calf named
 Guest Editorial: ----- Justice Scalia Article

Letters to the Editor:


National Park Service Wrong at Yellowstone
Endangered Earth: ----- New Arctic Drilling Approved as Walruses Suffer
Petitions: ----- American Indians are NOT mascots
Organic Consumers: ----- Approaching the Collapse: Don't Panic, Go Organic
Elder's Meditations: ----- Many Lightenings Eastman, Santee Sioux
Women's Council News: ----- Recovering the Feminine
Earth Medicine: ----- Bee Stings and Insect Bites
Fluoride: ----- Largest Water Wholesaler in Southern California Sued

Animal Rights and Wrongs:


Julie Longhill New Manataka Correspondent

Sacred Sites:


Topock Maze Sacred Sites


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Coyote Steals Wheat: Coyote's Feces Under His Hat

 Apache / White Mountain Legend
Coyote was always in trouble. This was long ago when our people and animals and birds lived together near White people. Coyote was going around among the camps visiting. He would stay in one camp a while and then move on. Then he stayed at Bear's camp. From there he used to go to the White man's camps and fields and steal wheat. He went at night and took the ears off the wheat, carrying them away. Every night he was doing this.


The White man who owned the farm found out what Coyote was up to and trailed him from where he had stolen the wheat. When he located the path by which Coyote had come, he went back and all the White men held a council as to what they should do and how they should catch Coyote. They made a figure of pitch, just like a man, and stood it up by the trail where Coyote used to go into the field.


That night Coyote went back to steal wheat again. When he got to the field, he saw the pitch man standing there. Coyote thought it was a real person and he said, "Gray Eyes," he always balked like a Chiricahua,


[This is the Chiricahua name for Whites, according to Western Apache, Frequently narrators in speaking Coyote's parts assumed a marked nasal voice which they say is a Chiricahua speech characteristic. It is done to make Coyote the more ludicrous. Relations with the Chiricahua Apache were not always friendly, as may be surmised.]


"Get to one side and let me by to the wheat.  I just want a little. Get over I tell you."


He was close to the pitch man now, but the pitch man wouldn't move.


Then Coyote said, "You will not move? If you do not move over, I will hit you with my fist and knock you over. Wherever I go on this earth, if I hit a man once with my fist, it kills him."


Coyote thought this was a real man "All right, then I'm going to hit."

He did and his fist stuck fast in the pitch, clear to his elbow.  







Lightning Medicine: Rare white buffalo calf named


A rare white buffalo runs into a corral after a Native American naming ceremony was held in Greenville, Texas Wednesday, June 29, 2011. The buffalo, named Lightning Medicine Cloud, was born to the Texas herd last month and holds a special place in Native American culture. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

— Thousands of people came from miles around Wednesday to see and honor a legend in the flesh - the white buffalo born in a thunderstorm on a northeast Texas ranch.


The rare white buffalo calf, regarded as sacred by the Lakota Sioux, was honored with Native American prayers, religious songs and the solemn smoking of a pipe in a special naming and dedication ceremony at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.


Flag-flying patriotism, a steady Native American drum beat and scorching heat provided the backdrop for the spiritual event that drew about 2,000.


The calf was named Lightning Medicine Cloud - a reference to the thunderstorm that marked the arrival of his birth as well as a tribute to a white buffalo born in 1933 named Big Medicine.







Justice Scalia Article

By Kim Wilson Conversation with Justice Scalia 


Am I misunderstanding something??


This conversation with the "Justice" (alluding to the rank only) is insulting and ..... I'll leave it at that.  I think I understand why Mr. Newcomb walked away (I think he was much more gracious than I would have been). The depth of ignorance is astounding - the blindness, the apathy .... I found this website - just the home page alone and how "Justice" Marshall treated the subject is

deplorable ("simple fact").


Just because you don't 'wholeheartedly support' what happened - if it is in your power to do so, then you change the situation. Universal Law does not change - Creator's laws do not change according to the whims of humanity. You don't treat something as normal, "simple fact" that bullies and tyrants stole, killed, forcibly enslaved and ravaged simply because they wanted to - you judge based on what is right, on Creator's laws - not based on greed and power.

I think anyone who has read "Indian law", Marshall's interpretation, this "Doctrine of Discovery" - even this particular web page that I just read - and chooses to see Native history as "simple fact" and continues it because "it happened, so it's legal precedent" - in my opinion is committing war crimes.  It is inconceivable to me that we have "Justices" on the Supreme Court that do not see this - who don't understand .... 

These are raw gaping wounds of history and they are still there because justice, legislative, economic - they all act like it doesn't exist, like it never did.  How can we exist in 2011 and this still continues, these people still don't see? They do not want to see, because the risk and accountability involved is too great for them to face. Blindness is a shield when seeing cracks the mirror - but all things come full circle eventually.









Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.   Read more AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011 Letters to the Editor...


National Park Service Wrong at Yellowstone
Dear Editor,
I just submitted comments to the National Park Service asking them to adopt a final winter use management plan that best 
protects Yellowstone National Park. The Park Service is proposing to continue snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park 
despite disclosing in a new, major study that the significantly larger amount of traffic involved would be worse for Yellowstone's
wildlife, air quality and unique soundscape than other transportation alternatives. Urge the Park Service to adopt a plan that 
best protects Yellowstone's winter wonderland. 
After you've submitted your comments, be sure to spread the word to your friends! Thanks!  ~ Henrietta Wise, New York













The Center for Biological Diversity

New Arctic Drilling Approved as Walruses Suffer

Just as thousands of Pacific walruses were being forced onto land by global warming in Alaska, the Obama administration took another step toward approving dangerous, warming-worsening offshore oil drilling in the Arctic. Late last Thursday, under court order after a Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit, the Department of the Interior released a supplemental environmental review of plans to drill in Alaska's Chukchi Sea. But the new review still failed to acknowledge the huge gaps in knowledge about the drilling's effects on wildlife. In addition to its global warming impacts, drilling could lead to a catastrophic oil spill, which would be impossible to clean up in the Arctic. Among Alaska's species most at risk from drilling is the imperiled Pacific walrus -- a species the Center has petitioned to protect under the Endangered Species Act. An estimated 8,000 walruses were forced to congregate on Chukchi beaches last week because the sea ice they need for resting is rapidly disappearing.  Check out our press release and learn more about Arctic oil development and the Pacific walrus.

Lawsuit Launched to Save Wolves From Leg Traps
To save the Southwest's few remaining wolves from needless suffering, the Center for Biological Diversity has filed a notice of intent to sue New Mexico over a decision to resume recreational trapping on the Gila National Forest, where endangered Mexican wolves live. A recent report disclosed that, since wolf reintroduction began in 1998 after Center action, five Mexican wolves have sustained injuries -- including some requiring foot and leg amputations -- and two other wolves have died as a result of trapping by private parties in the Gila National Forest. With only 50 Mexican wolves in the wild, this animal can't afford any more losses or even injuries. We won't let New Mexico's Department of Game and Fish and State Game Commission allow trapping to harm wolves in violation of the Endangered Species Act. TriValley Central.


Hundreds Arrested Fighting Dirty Tar Sands, Risky Pipeline -- Help From Home
Since Aug. 20, more than 250 peaceful protesters have been arrested at a Washington, D.C., rally against the Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands oil development. The Keystone XL, a 1,700-mile proposed pipeline, would transport tar sands oil -- the dirtiest petroleum fuel -- all the way from Canada to Texas, obliterating habitat for endangered species, exacerbating global warming and perpetuating our addiction to fossil fuels.  This disastrous project doesn't make sense on almost any level. So for two full weeks, thousands -- including the Center for Biological Diversity's Bill Snape, who took photos this weekend -- are convening in D.C. to protest the pipeline and all it stands for. This could be the biggest-ever act of civil disobedience in the fight against global warming; about 1,000 people are expected to be arrested before it ends on Sept. 3. Climate activist Bill McKibben has already been detained for simply standing outside the White House and asking the president to halt the pipeline.  Read this spot-on op-ed in The Baltimore Sun, attend the protest yourself and speak out with the Center to tell Obama it's past time to stop Keystone XL and start transitioning to clean energy.


Center Offers Free Android App: Endangered Species Finder
Ever wonder which endangered species are nearby? Finding out is just a few finger-taps away. The Center for Biological Diversity rolled out our Species Finder on Monday -- a new, free app for Android phones that allows users to find threatened and endangered species wherever they are –- or anywhere else in the country.  Species Finder provides instant county-by-county access to information on more than 1,000 species across the United States. The app also includes access to breaking news, the latest actions to help endangered species and a link to our popular endangered species ringtones, which have already been downloaded more than 470,000 times.  The free app, developed by Adam Lessey and the Center, is ideal for those looking to connect with endangered plants and animals where they live or travelers eager to find out about species far from home.

You can download Species Finder on our Web page or at the Droid Marketplace.


2 Billion Pounds of Pesticides Too Many -- Take Action
More than 2 billion pounds of pesticides are sold each year for use in the United States, poisoning fish and amphibians -- not to mention the toxic effects on people and other wildlife. Yet right now, industry lobbyists are trying to persuade Congress to gut the Clean Water Act to allow unregulated pesticide applications in our water. Making matters worse, the Environmental Protection Agency is poised to approve the broad-scale application of pesticides into wetlands and waterways. We need your help to stop it. Take action to stop poisonous pesticides.





1.   Help protect indigenous Ojibwe food source, Wild Rice

2.   Help American Indian Students Obtain Higher Education

3.   Protect the Red Bay Indian Mound Site

4.   Protect Religious Freedom of Native American Indian State Recognized Tribes

5.   American Indians are NOT mascots!





The Manataka American Indian Council supports:


Alerts of the MONTH 


Approaching the Collapse: Don't Panic, Go Organic by Ronnie Cummins

"So-called 'business as usual' is neither sustainable, nor even possible, for much longer. Out-of-control energy corporations, Wall Street, the Pentagon, agribusiness/biotech corporations, and indentured politicians have driven us to the brink. They tell us: don't worry; trust the experts, things will soon return to 'normal.' But reality and common sense tell a different story.


"Extreme weather, crop failures, commodities speculation, land grabs, escalating prices, soil degradation, depleted aquifers, routine contamination, food-related disease, and mass hunger represent the 'new norm' for food and farming. The global agricultural system, with the exception of the rapidly growing organic sector, rests upon a shaky foundation. Patented seeds, genetically engineered crops, expensive and destructive chemical and energy-intensive inputs, factory farms, monoculture production, eroding soils, unsustainable water use, taxpayer subsidies, and long-distance hauling and distribution, including massive imports that amount to 15% of the U.S. food supply amount to a recipe for disaster..."  Read more


Retaking the USA Titanic

"...[W]e no longer control our own democratic system. Puppet candidates have rigged themselves into office and manipulated our government to hand corporations the keys to the kingdom. We the People are now the rabble outside the gates, reduced to begging the rulers within to please be just a little less ruthless...

"Our elections have been bought or stolen for decades, but the People are only now waking up...But whether elections - or politicians - are literally stolen, or simply bought (including Barack Obama), the outcome is the same.


"The democratic system itself is rigged against us - and this rigging is not just another Progressive issue, like ending the Wars on Terror and Drugs, or securing universal healthcare, or getting the 100,000 toxic chemicals out of our bodies, or preventing Monsanto from taking over our food and seed supply...


"We must first outlaw the use of riggable computerized voting machines and institute a public paper ballot count with appropriate procedure and oversight. We must demand full media access for candidates. And we must threaten a full-blown Egypt-style revolution if Citizen's United is not immediately overturned."


"The Icebergs Cometh: Retaking the USA Titanic Before the 2012 Elections,"
- by Victoria Collier and Ronnie Cummins, August 8, 2011

Read more

Monsanto's New Sweet Corn, Another Unregulated, Unlabeled Frankenfood

Government regulation of genetically engineered crops, already weak, is increasingly non-existent. The latest example of this new hands-off policy is the commercialization of Monsanto's first flagship product for the produce aisle: genetically engineered sweet corn, containing the Bt toxin and herbicide-resistant genes.


Monsanto's new sweet corn produces Bt toxin, a genetically modified version of an insecticide from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. Until now, Monsanto's Bt corn and cotton crops have mostly been used in animal feed and highly processed ingredients. Even with this limited exposure, Bt toxin has already been found in the blood of pregnant women and fetuses. No one knows what will happen to people who eat Monsanto's new Bt sweet corn, but Bt crops have proven deadly for grazing animals from livestock to monarch butterflies.


Monsanto's new sweet corn is also "RoundUp Ready," meaning it can tolerate unlimited amounts of Monsanto's herbicide RoundUp. Roundup causes endocrine disruption, damage to DNA, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and cancer, as well as birth defects. Many of these effects are found at very low doses, comparable to levels of pesticide residues found in food and the environment. Monsanto's new sweet corn will have a lot more RoundUp on it than non-genetically engineered varieties.


This is outrageous! We've got to fight back against unregulated, unlabeled genetically engineered foods!  Take action







"The way of like our old way of hunting. You begin with a mere trail -- a footprint. If you follow that faithfully, it may lead you to a clearer train-a track- a road. Later on there will be many tracks, crossing and diverging one from the other. Then you must be careful, for success lies in the choice of the right road."  --Many Lightenings Eastman, Santee Sioux


An entire apple tree is initially contained in the seed. Visions are initially contained in the idea. If you trace the path of a blooming flower backwards, it goes from the blooming flower back to a bud, back to a stem, back to a seed. So it is in the way of knowledge. Often we will experience a hunch or a feeling that we are supposed to do something. At first it may not make any sense. This is the seed stage. Once we start to investigate, more gets revealed. As more is revealed, the more knowledge we get. This is the way the Great Spirit guides us. 


Great Spirit, help me to choose the right choices




Women's Council News


Recovering the Feminine

By Dr. Duane Champagne


The significant role that women played in many Native American communities is often forgotten. While recovering culture includes seeking to restore songs, ceremonies, stories, and traditional knowledge, women should play a central role in future community and national relations. Many nations like the Iroquois were matrilineal and some say matriarchal, meaning that for many issues women ruled. Scholars often debate whether one tribe or another was matrilineal or patrilineal. There are some Indian nations, like the Southern California Takic speaking nations, that were patrilineal. Nevertheless, even among the Takic nations, a women’s birth clan ensured that she was respected and honored by her patrilineal in-laws.


In some cultures, like the Muskogee speakers of the southeast, the world is divided into upper-lower, sky-earth, white-red, or male-female cosmic powers. The world of people was influenced by both male and female spiritual powers. Balance between the two cosmic powers was the desired state that helped ensure balance, harmony, well-being, good crops, good hunting, and victory over enemies. The role and social-cultural position of women varied among tribal communities in as many ways as each indigenous nation had its own creation teachings, ceremonies, and relation to the sacred. Each nation needs to understand its specific feminist history.


In the contemporary world, male and female relations are much more ambiguous within many Indian communities. The frequent reports of family abuse visited upon children and spouses does not conform with the understandings we have about the past relations of respect and honor held between men and women.  Read More>>>





Earth Medicine...


Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle, BSNH



Bee Stings and Insect Bites


It is spring again and time for the bug bites. Lots of water and lots of rain in the forecast. All conditions are good for insects. Everything from a mosquito to a spider can cause extreme difficulties to the human body. The problem is not the injury or insect bite but is the venom that it leaves behind. This is a defensive mechanism that happens for example a bee hive detects danger. When someone is stung by an insect; the area becomes swollen, red extremely painful or burning, however if difficulty in breathing, hard to swallow, disorientation, swelling around the eyes and mouth, you should consult your physician or health care provider immediately.


Mother Nature gives us numerous insects and beetles that can be a dangerous to us; also some are required by Mother to help us survive. She also gives us lots of herbs and alternative medicines that can help us to survive the uncomfortable bites and itching. I will try to show you how to make natural repellants and counter-active procedures. We do not have any evidence that natural repellants are better than commercial ones but we do know that they seem to be safer for the person and the environment. We know that they also smell better and we know we do not want to rub toxic materials on our bodies. The earth is in balance and she wants us to use everything that is good for us while we walk this path to the “Spirit World”.   Read More - Recommendations - Remedies>>>


This information is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as medical advise.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using  alternative medicines or herbs.






Largest Water Wholesaler in Southern California Sued for Illegal

Use of an Unapproved Drug to Fulfill Fluoridation Program


SAN DIEGO, Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Alleging willful misrepresentation and deceptive business practices by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, attorneys for citizen/consumers from San Diego, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties filed a lawsuit in the public interest of millions of consumers in Southern California, citing that MWD of SoCal has made claims of safely and effectively treating and preventing dental disease in recipient consumers, while selecting and delivering a hydrofluosilicic acid drug through their water system that has never been approved for safety and effectiveness, nor in the expected dosages delivered by MWD through retail water districts, either topically, systemically through ingestion, or trans-dermal exposures through baths and showers.


In legal action which may impact the decision-making of water districts across the country employing the same practices, the lawsuit filed on August 9 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, addresses the Constitutional right of Plaintiffs to be free of bodily intrusion from a drug that has not been approved for MWD's intent to alter the physical structure and bodily functions to make a person's teeth more resistant to the demineralization process of tooth decay without their consent. Read More







Meet Julie Longhill


Julie Earth Angel Walker is Manataka's newest correspondent covering Animal Rights and Wrongs.  She grew up in northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. and has lived in Panama, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana and South Carolina.  She earned a BA and MA degree in anthropology, with a minor in art and dance. "In academia I learned how to write and I also learned the European version of Native American history."   


In 1987 Julie moved to Cleveland, Ohio and was a free-lance artist until 2003.  "I did portraits (human and animal), landscape painting, illustration, teaching, etc. In 1990 I began my personal healing journey of transformation; recovering from severe childhood trauma. I was led to support groups, therapy, yoga, drumming, dancing, etc."


"Intuitively I was led to Native American elders and teachers and ceremony. At this same time my aunt found Mi'kmaq heritage through our French-Canadian blood line. As I reconnected with my native roots, my artistic soul began to express deeper truths through poetry and music. In 2003, my partner Tom and I followed our soul's calling and hit the road. We lived in a tent for a year, unplugged from society and committed to a path of simplicity, healing, and truth. A strong Cherokee connection has been with us since we left Cleveland and I believe the Ancestors led us to the southern Appalachians. We now live in South Carolina and we perform together as "Circle of One".  I play Native drums, Tom plays Native flutes, we write and sing original sacred healing songs for our Earth, humanity, and All of Our Relations. We also lead drum and healing circles, teaching the wisdom of the medicine wheel, the circle of life. We both feel that we are rainbow warriors helping to mend the sacred hoop through our peaceful songs."


Julie is 53 years old has published articles, poems and illustrations.  She is passionate about inspiring others to reconnect to nature, beauty, and balance. "I feel compelled to speak out against injustice to help heal the wounds of our society, said Longhill.









Pechanga Oppose Planned Quarry

The proposed Liberty Quarry in Riverside County is not only opposed by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, but also by San Diego State University (SDSU) and the city of Temecula; and the proposing company Granite Construction listened to almost 13 hours of arguments against their project at a public hearing held by the Riverside County Planning Commission earlier this year.  Representatives from the three opposing parties were allowed to state their cases against the quarry, and each of them pointed to holes in the Environmental Impact Report.  Granite Construction’s Gary Johnson discusses dust mitigation:      YouTube user laurieweb66 posted the following video about the area surrounding the site of the proposed Liberty Quarry and the dangers the project poses: 


Topock Maze Sacred Sites

The Topock Maze and other sites around the lower Colorado River near Needles, California, sacred to the Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe.  The Topock Maze of the Mystic Maze is a 600-year-old geoglyph As explained in an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Modern Mojave people explain that the site receives the souls of the departed where the bad souls get lost and the good ones find a portal to an afterlife.”


Ganondagan State Historic Site

The Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, New York, is the site of a Gahnonyoh (Thanksgiving). G. Peter Jemison, manager of the site, spoke to us about the importance of the event; “Ganondagan is and has been a sacred site to Haudenosaunee for many generations long before it became a State Historic Site. My effort as the manager has been to protect the site and interpret the various traditions that are tied to the site. Early on it was related to me that we can go back to the time of Jikonhsase and the Journey of the Peacemaker. She was the first person to accept the message of Peace, Power and Righteousness among our people. She united the Haudenosaunee or Five Nations: Seneca Nation, Cayuga Nation, Onondaga Nation, Oneida Nation and Mohawk Nation. When she embraced that message she earned for our women the rights, privileges, and responsibilities they have until this day.”  Just south of Rochester, this site was once the vital capitol for the Seneca, populated with 150 bark longhouses and 4,500 residents. It was destroyed by the French in 1687. Eventually declared a National Landmark in 1964 by the United States Department of the Interior, Ganondagan is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently the only site in New York State dedicated to Native Americans  G. Peter Jemison at (585) 924-5848 or by e-mail at


The Wakarusa Wetlands in Lawrence, Kansas

An area steeped in Indian history, a former refuge for Indian boarding school students and home to a variety of animal habitats—are threatened by a proposed eight- to ten-lane highway called the South Lawrence Trafficway.  Approved by the Army Corps of Engineers, construction of the $192 million highway funded by Kansas taxpayer money is delayed by a federal law suit filed by the Haskell Indian Nations University student group Wetland Preservation Organization (WPO) and a consortium of supporter groups. The wetlands sit south of the Haskell Indian Nations University campus, the country’s largest and most tribally diverse federal off-reservation boarding school. The wetlands once served as a crucial escape and harbor for young Indian students and their families fighting government efforts to exterminate their cultures. Parents and other tribal leaders often camped in the wetlands to visit their children, and elders used the Wakarusa Wetlands as an outdoor classroom to pass on traditional knowledge and their lessons on healing.






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