by Lee Standing Bear Moore


Long ago the universe was full of void and there was only one gigantic Sun, a billion times larger than our own sun, and millions of rouge planets had no set orbit as they roamed aimlessly across the galaxies. This gigantic Sun was created from the soul of the Creator and it was perfect – it was so bright that it appeared to be solid crystal mirroring its powerful energy into every place of darkness across the entire cosmos. It was called the “Truth Star” because it was pure light and contained all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.


It came to be that the dark rouge planets grew restless with jealousy of the giant Truth Star and began randomly crashing into its surface. Billions of years past as the rouges continued slamming at great speed against the magnificent shining body. The Truth Star was strong and magnificent. The rouges then realized the power of the their numbers, so they attacked the beautiful Truth Star in mass with huge armies. Then, it began to happen. Cracks began to appear in its glass-like surface and grew larger until the Truth Star blew up all the power of the universe in one huge BANG and exploded into trillions and trillions of tiny chards and slivers that rained down upon every planet in the galaxies.


Today, as we walk this earth some people are fortunate to discover a tiny chard of the Truth Star laying in their path. Many hold their find high in the air and shout, “I have found THE Truth! A few have promoted their piece of truth with great zeal and powerful institutions and churches grew up to support the Truth as they came to know it.


Yes indeed, a small piece of Truth was found. Was the whole Truth discovered? Did they find all the truth, knowledge and wisdom in the universes?  No. Only a tiny piece was found.


The time has come when pieces of Truth found among many cultures and ages can be joined, like a puzzle, to give the people of the Creator of All Things a magnificent, yet incomplete picture of the Truth. Billons of pieces of Truth remain scattered across the cosmos, yet we know that our Father/Mother Creator will allow future discoveries if we walk in faith and service.