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Emergency Assistance Needed

June 1, 2011




Crow Reservation Flood Leaves Families Homeless


The flooding that began recently in southeastern Montana and continued throughout last week has devastated at least 50 homes of more than 60 families on the Crow reservation, which is located south of Billings, Montana. The flood spread quickly, flooding homes and buildings and washing out roads and bridges.

Crow tribal response teams, along with BIA and other government agencies, evacuated residents to temporary shelters in Hardin and Billings. Some residents have voluntarily remained in their homes. “It’s hard to assess the exact number of families impacted by this disaster or the monetary damage to our infrastructure,” said Chairman Black Eagle. When allowed to return to their homes, many residents found their homes completely devastated.

Donations are desperately needed by the families and communities impacted by the flooding. Any level of donation is valuable in sustaining and rebuilding the community and families of the Crow reservation.

The Incident Command Center is accepting donations at the designated distribution site, Little Bighorn College-Student Union Building. Some of the needed donations include water, household items (i.e. toiletries, clothing, and baby items), and non-perishable food items. The Little Bighorn College’s physical address is 1 Forestry Lane, Crow Agency, MT 59022, and the offices are open from 8:00 am-7:00 pm.

Monetary donations are also being accepted through a fund established at First Interstate Bank in Hardin, Montana. Please contact the bank at (406) 665-3822 for instructions on making a donation. Parties wishing to donate can also mail donations to the bank at 402 North Center Avenue, Hardin, MT, 59034.  Please make donations payable to the “Crow Tribe Disaster Relief Fund”.

Further inquiries can be made at the Crow tribal Incident Command Center: (406) 638-2247.