Manataka American Indian Council





Grandmother Makah Nupah L. Cota Speaks

June 2011



Grandmother Nupah Makah Climbs On Her Soapbox



In the past, people born of Cherokee and white were often put in the mulatto records of the towns where they were born. They were not classified as Native or Cherokee but as half white, half black. The same went for any slaves who married into or had children by the Cherokee people they were classified into the Mulatto rolls or mixed breeds of blacks.

Never were they registered into the Cherokee rolls. This was done to stop and decrease the rolls numbers in order to eliminate the Cherokee Nation. Government guidelines of 1/4  blood was set for the same reason. Also the roll numbers were set for a Nation to be recognized they had to have X amount of people on their rolls. Many Nations have been wiped off the record and the land taken back by the Government. There are still many alive but not enough to hold the title of a Nation of people.

So the long term plan for the genocide of the indigenous people in order to take back the land was started.

Diseases were spread like small pox and measles to kill out the people along with just plain starvation and freezing to death in the winter time.

Poor housing no food and no medical help was just another of the broken promises.

Sound like a familiar thing?  Well it is and still goes on today.


This will not end until this Government has erased their embarrassment and shame off the face of this land. As long as we remain they cannot take the minerals and oil out of the pitiful land that was given for us to live on. They in time will starve, freeze and cheat the people out of what is left of their land.


There has been so many scams going on the Oklahoma Nation with false accounts opened and money from the oil that was to go to the Nation put there. Not one penny of that was ever given to the people or families but went into some corrupt politicians pocket.

There will be a program on the PBS that is called "We Will Remain" and that will give you a better idea of what is going on in reservation land.

Sad to say this goes on without anyone seeing it or protesting it from the outside public. Many have no idea what goes on in a reservation and few care.

A ghetto war zone could not be more efficient in killing off human beings. Lack of medical help and the hopeless days on end of no relief drive the people to drink, drugs, and suicide. Despair is has filled the place where once honor and pride stood tall.

The only time you get the press to write anything is when we open a Casino and then they go crazy over who will get the taxes from the business. The money goes to the Nation.  In order to get the clearance for the casino they must sign off on Government assistance. The Government then does pay for food heat or medical help. The Casino  must support the people who live on the reservation with money food medical help housing and other living needs.

This is far better than the system that was in place because the Government never really did what they promised. Food was a monthly hand out of surplus food not fit for a dog. Medical was none existent for the people living in the rural areas of the reservation as they had no way to get to the hospital.

Many would sit in the hall ways all day only to be told to come back in the morning.

The Nations who have built casinos are now building schools and hospitals. They are able to staff and supply them with good medical supplies  and good doctors.

We are building homes for the elderly and have started meals on wheels for the shut-in and those  who are too sick to shop and cook.

There is a wonderful medical building on the Seneca Nation from Casino funds that offers counseling and nutrition for diabetics. This will take time as it was so far behind but so good to see it happening.

Elderly are given housing, and home care,  as the younger generation is gaining in technical skills.

This brings in jobs and self esteem for the people.

Schools are being built while children are placed in head start programs in beautiful day cares while the parents go back to school or work.

The language and dances are being taught to the children so that they will have a better sense of belonging.

The sacred tree of honor and pride is starting to take root and grow strong.

I see healthy children with bright eyes who look forward to school and learning. Elderly who once again are teachings the ways to the children.

The United States Government has a lot to answer for and in time will have to pay the piper.

I drag my soap box back into the corner and will be quiet now. In the name of peace justice so that the teachings may live for the seven generation to come.

Nupah Makah