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By Magdala Del Consuelo R,

June 2011





The Next Evolution of Being Human

By Magdala


Beautiful Ones,


The time has come to embrace the next evolution of being human…


When you see a tree, you know that it has all these rings, circles inside of the circles, showing the years, and the story of those years, you can see what happened to that tree in time, drought, floods, fires, etc.  You are seeing the past of the tree, yet the tree knows though the roots, when it is the time to bloom and when it is the time to sleep. Through the roots she gets nurtured, through the roots she connects with her own particular cycle, and all the cycles around her and beyond…


When you see the stars, you are seeing the past, for you know that the stars are not there, you are observing the past, for you know that in the time it takes for the light to travel, the star already moved from that particular place. There are 2 time spaces. Your brain is just seeing the past. Measuring and judging your experience through the perspective of the past, of the stars and yourself.


When you see the identity of a human being, you are seeing a genetic code, past experiences, scars from past battles, your parents DNA, you are seeing the past, you can even tell in their DNA  what they eat, do, where they originate.


All life forms as well as the cosmos, has been seeing the past, of all what they have experienced for such a long time in the physical realm as well as a cosmic experience, for indeed, you know that our planet belongs to a cosmic community, and has a story in herself with all the life forms that she bears, in the cosmos too.


Human beings are ready to embrace their mutant part, means that human beings now are listening to their roots. They are ready to embrace their own roots that will show them that is the time for the next evolution. The genetic code is showing the past but at the same time what is next for it is also following a cycle of being human. Human beings know then, that they are a catalysts in themselves of a powerful understanding that is happening in the molecular level, and also some human beings are working as a catalyst all around them for that purpose of mutation and help for the next evolution of being human within the self as well as outside of the self… for when they are able to see beyond the limitation of the mind, human beings become the next evolution, a higher perspective of being human…    


The divine seed, the divine spark, that recognizes where human beings come from, is the root, the root of being human, and as the tree of life, human beings know that all life forms comes from the same tree, and they are connected to the root, and the root knows the time to ignite the mutation into a higher understanding of the self, a time to awaken. Human beings know, that the times when you only saw the past through a perspective of an identity, which is also the past, is not going to work…. Human beings now are able to see the multi-realities taking place already inside of the self, the mutation already took place, in the past, we are just make it “official”.


Human beings are natural, “organic beings”, who know their own nature, they know that they are not bounded by backgrounds, ways of living, time…  but are connected to an incredible force beyond the limitations of the mind… the roots.


It is true that human beings became genetically engineered when they entered into a system that limited them. But still they have an installed capacity that they do not know how to use consciously.  In the time to embrace the sacred feminine inside of the self, the mother, the root, the essence of all life forms, the force of life,  they know that  she is indeed, enlightening the male side, the conscious realm, the knowing of how to use your already installed capacity. For the true authentic human beings are a divine spark, human being are the divine seed, that passed on generation through generation, that for long time was in dormant state, and now is being awakened, by the root.  Human beings are aligning with the Great Mother Consciously…  for indeed, human beings are multi-dimensional beings by nature.


Lets make it “official”,   for it is already been done…