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JUNE 2011

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Legends of Old: ----- Fifth Moon - The Bear - An Arapahoe Legend
Feature Story:: ----- Thinking BiG Thoughts vs Poor Planning
 Guest Editorial: -----

Native Blood in Boriken (Puerto Rico)

Letters to the Editor:


June Letters Are Funny, Interesting and Pointed!
Endangered Earth: ----- House Approves Dangerous Offshore-drilling Expansion
Organic Consumers: ----- Get Ready for World Food Day Actions 10/16/11
Elder's Meditations: ----- Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota
Women's Council News: ----- Sterilization of Native American Women
Earth Medicine: ----- Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)
Fluoride: ----- Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation

Animal Rights and Wrongs:


White Whales Endangered / War On Wolves

Sacred Sites:


Mount Taylor: America's Most Endangered Historic Places


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Fifth Moon - The Bear

An Arapahoe Legend

In the moon when the ponies shed their shaggy hair [May], we kids were all playing down by the Little Big Wind River, which ran by the big log building that was our community hall. Grandpa Iron had been born many years before in a tipi not too far from the community hall. Of course no one lived in tipis anymore. They were used only for Native American Church meetings or for powwows or the Sundance.

Uncle Kail came by, stopping his old beat-up car just off the road. His yell brought us running. He said that there would soon be a full moon rising and that Grandpa Iron was getting ready to tell us a story about bears. We all piled in the car and rode to the small log house.

Grandma was out by the clothesline, taking down some wash that had dried in the warm May sunshine. Magpies had stolen some of the clothespins, and she was complaining to Grandpa when we walked up. He just laughed. Grandma glared at him.

Inside the cabin, we helped Grandma fold the wash and stack it on a shelf near the beds. Then Grandma started a stew of boiled dry meat with onions and potatoes. Baking-powder biscuits with butter and coffee made the meal complete. It was more food than usual for one meal, but I guess Grandpa had sold some scrap iron in town that day. After supper we did the dishes and Grandpa Iron smudged us off with cedar smoke. Then we sat on the floor, and he began his full-moon story. 







Native Blood in Borikén

(Puerto Rico)

Domingo "Turey" Hernandez, UCTP Taino News



Many of us are by now aware that in the year 2000 a DNA study was done that proved scientifically the continued presence of Native American descendants in Borik¦én (Puerto Rico). The results of the study showed that approximately 62% of the island's population is of indigenous descent on via their maternal line. This news created an uproar - mostly from those who denied that our indigenous ancestors had survived the Caribbean 'holocaust'. On the positive side however similar studies were then conducted in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Surprisingly to some the results of those tests showed that 20% to 30% of the current populations of those islands were also of Native American/American Indian/Indigenous descent.

The persons who argued against Taino survival were very quick to counter that `thousands' of Natives from various parts of the mainland were transported to the Greater Antilles to be sold as slaves. The skeptics claimed that this was what was showing up as Indigenous DNA. Based on this theory they argued that DNA testing could not be taken into consideration as `proof' of Taino survival. Well, these 'naysayers' were wrong again; at least in Borikén.  Read More>>>









How the Mistakes of a Few Put the Environment at Risk for All

Copyright © 2011 Evan Pritchard


The Mi’kmaq word for wisdom is “Unkeedassee-waq’n,” “thinking big thoughts.” This means “thinking ahead,” even seven generations ahead. Young Algonquin fathers would sometimes plant cedar tree shoots at a scenic site for their grandchildren to enjoy 56 years later.


They planted American Ginseng and waited seven years before harvesting it. They used ingenious controlled fire methods 12 hours before a rainstorm to produce an ideal garden spot two years later. They lived in the moment, but also thought big enough thoughts to reap benefits years into the future. These are the kind of native people that vowed to become Landkeepers, knowing they would remain in contact with the land as spirit helpers for a thousand years. According to elders from many nations, they are still working with us today.

This art of thinking ahead while acting in the now seems to be a lost art, judging by recent news. The engineers of Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Plant knew they were building a large power plant near the ocean on a major fault line, so they did a study first, good planning. They found that there was a 10% chance that a tsunami would overrun the plant’s defenses but built it anyway. Bad planning.    Read More>>>










Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  


In March, Manataka received over 1,000 Letters on two subjects... Guess what everyone is concerned about... 

Click Here to Read JUNE Letters to the Editor




Osiyo Manataka,


I think all of us have been completely frustrated with how the European-American does not recognize that Indian names, nicknames, logos, and mascots are extremely racist. Many, in fact will insist they are compliments. For example, the Cleveland Indians logo is clearly the Indian version of Sambo. However they will not recognize it as such. How is it then that they recognize Sambo as being racist, but do not recognize the Cleveland Indians' logo as racist. Well the answer is colonialism. They have defined themselves as superiors by using our people as inferiors, in law and in history. This all goes back to the "Christian Doctrine of Discovery". This is what scholars of post-colonial studies call the image of the inferior savage other embedded in the consciousness of the dominant culture.


Well, I thought I would help them out. I have started calling Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians' logo, red Sambo. I am hoping that by doing this we can help them to make the connection. We could have hats and shirts made with the logo inside a circle and a line through it, with the words, no red Sambo printed on the shirt or the hat. If this catches on, then people will begin to associate the the two and they will be shamed into giving it up.


It is now powwow season, and people could have shirts and hats made in this manner for sale. Hopefully it catches on and they begin to see how very racist this logo is.  Wado.  ~Richard Wilson




Guest Editorial


It Is Not Simply Climate Change It Is A Climatic Revolt

By Doug George-Kanentiio


A casual reading of the April 16 edition of the New York Times exposes the myth of climate change as brought about by human beings.


It is not climate change, it is an outright climatic mutation with permanent effects on all species of life on this planet.


It is an ecological rebellion, a revolt by the earth, a radical and deadly response to an unprecedented assault upon what we, as indigenous peoples, believe to be a living organism with its own peculiar consciousness.


Climate change is an inoffensive term, mild and acceptable, meant to assure and to insulate.  Change is what we do with our minds dozens of times during the day, change is what we do with our socks and our directions but not with the entire premise of our civilization.


Global warming is another phrase which sounds rather pleasant to those who live in the cooler zones of the earth. We devote much of our time and resources to reaching a specific level of comfort based on an acceptable temperature for our physical selves and our homes. That which reduces the need for insulation and artificial heating does not seem like a bad thing at all, hence the denial of the harm which stems from the extraction of natural resources to achieve that end.


We need a more charged term, one which calls all of the nations of the planet to action if we are to endure the major shifts in our climate. I call it Climatic Revolt.


Read that day’s Times and it becomes obvious we are only at the beginning of what is assuredly a new era in human history.

Begin with the revolutions taking place in the nations of the Mideast.  These have as their primary cause a generation of young people displaced, without jobs, mired in poverty and living in societies, which fail to provide them with a life, which has meaning.  It is due to overpopulation by humans in regions which cannot sustain the high degree of materialism they have come to see and desire in other nations.  It comes from watching their only marketable commodity, oil, exported to distant lands to sustain those lifestyles which they cannot have.  It comes from their desire to remove those dictators empowered by the wealthier nations whose first priority is to secure oil at any cost.


The read about how the American Central Intelligence Agency may have assisted in the 1973 murder of Salvador Allende, the president of Chile in order to protect that nation’s resources from naturalization by US companies.


Go on to read about the unfolding disaster in Japan as the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors continue to spew contaminated waters into the Pacific, weeks after the ocean hurled back the remnants of a trawling fleet notorious for its destruction of the fish and mammals in the planet’s seas.


Look further and see how the Republicans in the US Congress and in a number of states are seeking to repeal what weak environmental protection laws now exist while at the same time opening up vast areas of protected lands to the greed of mining and timber companies as they seek to exploit the nation’s need for jobs and to recover from a recession caused by the empowered to do precisely what the Republicans now have planned.


Then go on to the front page where is a story about the massacres in Mexico directly connected with the drug cartels and their attempt to control the flow of narcotics into the US to feed the obsessions of a nation without sense or direction.


Review the nation section of the Times and there are stories of the historic destruction caused by massive tornadoes throughout the south and in places where they have never touched down before with more to come in the next few weeks.  This while Texas and New Mexico burn and the northeast remains winter bound.


The conclusion for those who know their traditional teachings is obvious.  Humans have consumed to excess and beyond their needs.  The planet is responding in a way meant to secure her survival, which means human activity has to be temporized.

What happens next is also clear to those who have listened to their elders.  All of this has been long predicted. So too, have the solutions for those few who actually believe. But that knowledge will not be found in the New York Times.












The Center for Biological Diversity


House Approves Dangerous Offshore-drilling Expansion

A little more than a year after the explosive beginning of the Gulf of Mexico oil-spill disaster, Congress is moving dangerously backwards -- and fast -- on steps to prevent another catastrophe.  Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill expanding offshore oil and gas drilling -- drilling that, just like BP's Deepwater Horizon, is insulated from meaningful environmental review. The bill would reverse the federal government's decision to cancel a lease sale in the Atlantic and leave new areas in the Gulf of Mexico and off the East Coast vulnerable to another massive oil spill. Then, on Wednesday, the House approved legislation that would speed up approval on new offshore drilling in the Gulf -- making environmental review even easier to sidestep -- and began debating a separate measure that would open vast new areas to drilling. The same day, the feds approved plans by Shell Oil to drill in five deepwater sites in the Gulf.  As outlined in a recent Center for Biological Diversity report, we need more offshore regulatory reforms -- not new measures to help Big Oil put people, wildlife and habitat at risk of another disastrous spill. We're calling for an end to all new offshore drilling until the federal government can guarantee our safety. 


839 Species Move Toward Protection
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week agreed to a legal settlement that might result in federal protection for 839 plants and animals spiraling toward extinction. The agreement could lead to final protection decisions for 251 species that have been stuck on the federal warranted-but-precluded "candidate" list, many for decades; the Center for Biological Diversity filed scientific petitions to list 192 of these. It may also spur the Fish and Wildlife Service to process listing petitions for 588 additional species, of which the Center petitioned and/or filed suit to protect 511. In all, the Center's endangered species campaign brought 84 percent of all the species included in the agreement to this point of protection.  The species include the Rio Grande cutthroat trout and yellow-billed cuckoo, which the Center petitioned to protect in 1998 and has filed multiple lawsuits over; the Pacific fisher, which we petitioned to protect in 2000; the yellow-billed loon and Kittlitz's murrelet, which we petitioned for in 2001 and 2004; and the Oregon spotted frog, which we petitioned to protect in 2004.  Unfortunately, while the Center was working to reach a better, more certain agreement, the Fish and Wildlife Service secretly convinced another conservation group, which had petitioned for very few of the species, to sign this weaker deal, full of loopholes and containing harmful language that will help the agency reject the protection of other equally imperiled species in the future. The Center is considering options to fix the flawed agreement and ensure that the species we pushed this close to protection are actually brought over the finish line.  We'll keep you updated in the coming weeks on our efforts to secure full protection for these species. Thank you for your vital help and support getting these rare, important plants and animals this far.


Take Action -- Defend Grand Canyon From Motorized Mayhem

The Kaibab Plateau -- the iconic "sky island" forming the Grand Canyon's North Rim -- is home to mountain lions, endangered California condors, northern goshawks and the Kaibab squirrel, a tree squirrel found nowhere else on Earth. Yet the U.S. Forest Service is proposing to threaten all these species -- plus the beautiful habitat they share with quiet recreationists -- by sacrificing the area to damaging off-road vehicle use.  Take action with the Center for Biological Diversity now by telling the Forest Service to choose a travel-management plan safe for the Kaibab Plateau's sensitive ecosystem. Then learn more about the Center's campaign for responsible travel-management planning.







1.   Help protect indigenous Ojibwe food source, Wild Rice

2.   Tell the Brazilian government: Stop the Belo Monte Dam






The Manataka American Indian Council supports:


Alerts of the MONTH 

Get Ready for World Food Day Actions 10/16/11

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, the Organic Consumers Association's Millions Against Monsanto campaign is calling for World Food Day actions to get genetically engineered organisms out of our food. Get involved by joining your local Millions Against Monsanto chapter.

The goal is to have 435 actions, one in each U.S. Congressional District, and for each action to represent 2300 Millions Against Monsanto supporters.  435 x 2300 = 1,000,000 Against Monsanto   It would be great to have 2300 people participating in each event, but we can also demonstrate our numbers by delivering petitions signed by 2300 people in each Congressional District.  Anyone who


Video of the Week

Dr. Huber's Warning:  On January 17, internationally-recognized plant pathologist Dr. Don Huber wrote a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack warning of the discovery of a new pathogen, a possible link between Roundup Ready (GMO) corn and soybeans, and severe reproductive problems in livestock as well as widespread crop failure.  Less than 3 weeks later, the Obama administration approved 2 new Roundup Ready GMO crops, set to be planted this spring.   Watch Food Democracy Now's interview with Dr. Huber 


Demand Labels on GMO Salmon!

A California bill to require labels on genetically engineered salmon moved forward on May 3, 2011, when it passed the Assembly Health Committee. Assembly member Jared Huffman introduced the bill, AB 88, in anticipation of U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the first-ever proposed commercialization of a genetically engineered animal, AquaBounty's salmon.  "Knowing whether our salmon is genetically engineered is important for a host of reasons, including risks to our native salmon species, and allowing consumers to make dietary choices consistent with concerns they may have for the environment, food safety, and religiously or ethically based dietary restrictions," said Assemblymember Huffman, in explaining the reason for introducing the bill.  If you live in California, AB 88 needs your help! The next vote is on May 18th in the Appropriations Committee. If your Assembly Member is on the Committee, please let them know you'll be watching their vote to see if they support consumers' right to know about GMOs!  Take Action  And, if you live in California or anywhere else in the country, there's still time to stop Frankenfish! The FDA hasn't approved it yet. Please tell President Obama to reject AquaBounty's GMO salmon.







"Wakan Tanka never stops creating."  --Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota


The Medicine Wheel teaches about change. It says that which is created will fall apart; that which is loose, will be used to create new. In other words, everything on Earth is participating in a constant change that is being directed by an order of laws and principles which were originated by the Great Spirit. We humans are equipped with natural change abilities. We have the ability to vision; we can use imagination and imagery; we can change belief, attitude, habits, and expectations. We need to know ourselves and we need to know how we work inside to enable us to change naturally.


Great Spirit, teach me to change in harmony




Women's Council News



Sterilization of Native American Women
Reviewed by Omaha Master's Student,
Bruce E. Johansen

For: José Barreiro (editor-in-chief of

On the phone, during long marches, occupying federal surplus property, in court fighting for treaty rights -- wherever Indian activists gathered during the "Red Power" years of the 1970s, conversation inevitably turned to the number of women who had had their tubes tied or their ovaries removed by the Indian Health Service. This was, I heard one woman joke bitterly at the time, a "fringe benefit of living in a domestic, dependent nation."

Communication spurred by activism provoked a growing number of Native American women to piece together what amounted to a national eugenic policy, translated into social reality by copious federal funding. They organized WARN (Women of All Red Nations) at Rapid City, South Dakota, as Native women from more than thirty nations met and decided, among other things, that "truth and communication are among our most valuable tools in the liberation of our lands, people, and four-legged and winged creations."  Read More>>>





Earth Medicine...



Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle, BSNH


Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)


It is time to plant your first seeds of this wonderful and beautiful medicinal flower. I just planted mine the other day.  You need to get some good potting soil and some type of tray. Put the potting soil about an inch thick on the bottom of the container you are using.  Pour a good source of warm water over the soil until it is saturated thoroughly.  Place a seed about every 2-3 inches on top of the potting soil. Cover the seeds with about ½ inches of potting soil and set it in a warm place.  Do not set in direct sunlight until the seedlings have the first true leaves showing then place container somewhere and keep away from direct sunlight. Add water again and do not over water.  To give plants more strength place in shade outside for several days (bring in plants at night).  Gradually expose plants to full sunlight.  Read More >>>


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice.

Always consult your physician or health care provider before using  alternative medicines or herbs.






Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation


NEW YORK, PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Because fluoride can disproportionately harm poor citizens and black families, Atlanta civil rights leaders, Andrew Young and Dr. Gerald Durley, have asked Georgia legislators to repeal the state's mandatory water fluoridation



Andrew Young

Dr. Gerald Durley

Andrew Young, former U.N. Ambassador and former Atlanta Mayor, along with Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley, Pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Atlanta, both inductees in the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame, expressed concerns about the fairness, safety, and full disclosure regarding fluoridation in letters to the state's minority and majority legislative leaders.


Fluoride chemicals, added to 96% of Georgia's public drinking water supplies are meant to prevent tooth decay, especially in the poor. Yet, 61% of low-income Georgia third-graders have tooth decay compared to 51% from higher income families - and 33% and 20%, respectively, have untreated cavities showing a dire need for dental care. 


"We also have a cavity epidemic today in our inner cities that have been fluoridated for decades," wrote Ambassador Young.   Read More>>>








White Cook Inlet Beluga Whales Endangered


Once numbering more than 1,000 whales, the Cook Inlet beluga has been reduced to just more than 300 individuals and is now threatened by oil and gas development, coal mining, pollution, shipping, and other impacts to its habitat: Cook Inlet, the fastest-growing watershed in Alaska.

In October 2008, federal officials responded to a petition and litigation by protecting Cook Inlet's magnificent beluga whale as an endangered species.

But rather than designate federally protected critical habitat for the beluga at the time of listing -- as required by the Endangered Species Act -- the Fisheries Service deferred habitat protection for a year.  In 2009, the federal National
Marine Fisheries Service finally took an important step toward protecting this imperiled whale's critical habitat by proposing to designate more than 3,000 square miles of habitat for protection.

The Fisheries Service is receiving pressure from the oil and coal industries as well as Alaska's congressional delegation to slash the beluga's critical habitat. The Service needs to hear from you to make sure that this proposal is expanded, not reduced, to ensure the imperiled Cook Inlet beluga whale's survival. Fill in the form below to submit your comments and urge the Fisheries Service to expand the designation to include all areas previously identified by the agency as important habitat for the species. Visit


The War on Wolves


It is getting uglier by the day.  It is tragic enough that a record 402 wolves were killed in 2009 in Idaho and Montana after their removal from the endangered species list -- an astronomical level that amounts to one-third of the entire wolf population in those two states.

In 2010, a Wolf/Coyote/Predator Killing Derby was held in Idaho, where prizes were given away for shooting the most animals. Participants were told in advance they’d be able to use “wolf distress calls” to attract nearby wolves to the rifle range. A sickening sign outside an Idaho restaurant proclaimed, “Tag a Wolf. Get a Free Pizza and Pitcher of Beer.”

Many wolf packs have been decimated. A majority of Idaho’s Basin Butte pack, a favorite of wolf-watchers, was wiped out, seven of them by government agents firing from a helicopter or airplane. The remaining members of Montana’s Sage Creek pack were also killed by aerial gunners. Four of the 10 wolves in Yellowstone Park’s much-studied Cottonwood Creek pack were killed when they ventured out of the park’s boundaries. And government agents have recently been authorized to destroy several packs in Montana.

This disastrous open season on wolves has reversed so much of our hard-won progress over the past several years.

Powerful government agencies and a vocal minority of hunters and ranchers have lined up against the wolves of the Northern Rockies.


Angry that wolf-killing is being promoted in such a cavalier way? Fire off a wolf-saving email petition now to demand federal protections for wolves.









Mount Taylor

America's Most Endangered Historic Places.



Mount Taylor is Tsoodził, the turquoise mountain, one of the four sacred mountains marking the cardinal directions and the boundaries of the Dintah (Navajo) the traditional homeland of the Navajo tribe. 


Mount Taylor marks the southern boundary, and is associated with the direction south and the color blue; it is gendered female. In Navajo mythology, First Man created the sacred mountains from soil from the Fourth World, together with sacred matter, as replicas of mountains from that world. He fastened Mount Taylor to the earth with a stone knife.


The supernatural beings Black God, Turquoise Boy, and Turquoise Girl are said to reside on the mountain.  Mount Taylor is sacred to the Acoma, Laguna, Zuni and Hopi tribes.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation lists Mt. Taylor as the one of the ten most endangered historic sites in America.  Mount Taylor gets named to the National Trust for Historic Preservation's America's Most Endangered Historic Places.   Read More>>>





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