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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess

May 2011





Mastering the Hologram


Beautiful Ones,

       The time has come for human being understand and embrace the ancient teachings of the feminine ways, the virtual reality realm, the place where everything is being created, the place where the hologram take place…


       For long time human being have been involved into the creation, in the “manifestation” people knows know that they are creating their own reality and want to perfect that one, that is beautiful, now, here is the real question, Why? Why you can create? Who are you that can create? …then you must be a creator, then you must come from the creator by herself ha? Why then you choose to create and recreate based on a paradigm that has been enslaving you for such a long time?


     Where is the part of the human being that is just been perpetuated the system that enslaves?


     Where are those forces, inside of the self as well as outside of the self? … so many questions


    The time has come to became masters of the hologram, and understand what is an hologram. For long time we have been spoken about you see a reality based on a cultural belief, past experiences, genetics, etc… you are a launching a reality based on an identity, that was impose on you by a system, Yet, you are far beyond those limitations, you are a multidimensional being, that embrace in the purify of the expression of your own self.


    So, it is through the self how you move in many worlds… the self that for so long has been hurt and manipulated and define by an outside world, the self that has no idea who she is, the self that can only conceive  herself through a relations in the outside, that has been enslaving her for a long time, a self that just perpetuate those dysfunctional relations for she thinks that is what she is, a purpose that was given from an outside world, or making her own valorization through money, through degrees, a definition of herself from a dying system that has always manipulated her, and control her… and she believe it…


   In the land where the waters comes out from the womb, the land that have seen the awakening of so many sacred woman, was created a temple, a temple of the 12+1, means, that in the temple you can see yourself in 12+1 aspects of yourself, and in certain point, became invisible and yet have an existence beyond the identification that the self has about her body. I love this temple… really mama knows what she was doing when she asked me to built the temple…. Anyway, the time of the integration of the self is happening, means, that all the fragmented self that created so many splits are coming together, not through a definition from the system, but an integration that has always been there, for indeed you are an spirit that holds a body, is not that you are living your life, but you are life by herself.


   So, human being have concepts, beliefs system inside of the selves that enslave them into only a little bit of what they truly are, they have relations around them that the system define for them and tell them how to relate, so all the relations in the paradigm was created by the controllers of human being. Means, that the path of being human, the medicine of human being, have been lost, or misplace,  human beings have been genetic engineering, that is why they are looking forward organic food, because is their time to return into the organic, natural, human being in the inside as well as the outside.

For long time, religions and traditions have been showing the way to silence the outside world to get in the inside world, that was the male way for long time, the deduction mind was thought in the system and denied completely the induction mind, that is what we call the male way, it was good, but a big piece was missing, the feminine way…  well, now is the time of the mastery of the hologram that comes from the inside to the outside, the feminine way, the part of the human being where their medicine reside as human, the authentic vibration of the self,  the way to relate to another is just a mirror of what is happening inside of the self, the place where all the belief system resides good and bad, or whatever the self judge it, according to the cultural belief.


   Now, that the feminine is open, and leading the way through birth a new world, all is moving, inside as well as the outside, the reality is truly relative to the observer, a perception of a reality that is changing moving, adjusting into the original path of being human, the original natural human being.


 So, going back to the question, who are you that can create? Why you have become slave of your own creations that define you according to an outside world, a system that created the paradigm to enslave? …


    Time to wake up! Time to find the hologram where you live and know where are you standing. For wherever you are, is always connected to the center, for you are in the center too.


      Yes, the new world will be and is already here, about relations, to each other, to the environment and the most powerful to the self, now, you are the self, you are beautiful, divine, a daughter of the creator.. and from that perspective you see the world around you…


    I hope this help in your mastering of the hologram, this and so much more needs to be spoken… for it is the time when the dark ages are leaving and the golden age is here…


in lakesh




  For now, we need to gather the 13 priestess in May, an intensive 5 days seminar and ceremony, at the temple 12+1 in the land where the portal is, I know that is the Great Mother the one that calls the people, we still have 4 places, if you are planning to come, let me know as soon is possible, visit the web site for more information.


Moon dance is in June check the web site for more information 


13 hours of the heart beat of the Mother ceremony bringing all the races together will take place in Minneapolis in August , that is cooking but we need donations through the non profit Organization, to donate send an email to Patrice 


If you want to make any comments send me an email 


I am happy


In lakesh






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