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Grandmother Maka Nupa L. Cota Speaks

April 2011



 Current World Events

By Maka Nupa L Cota



Yes, the events are like puzzle pieces now all coming to life.


The Earth Quakes and the floods and now the tide wave that will effect the West Coast soon.


I do have family out there in Coos Bay Oregon.  All I can pray it that they are going to be safe when the wave comes.


I had that dream of the big wave coming down on top of me several years ago after a huge Earth Quake but was in New Ginnie at the time that happened. Right after that they did get a tidal wave and it damaged a lot of the land.


I recently had a bad dream again of this so was wondering where and when it would hit. Hawaii will be a mess as they are ground level and no where to run on most of the beach fronts. The buildings are all on the beach just as they are in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  This will also effect all that flood area they are still clearing up.


Lets face it we are all in danger no matter where we live now as to the effects of our plundering and rape of the Earth Mother. No one will go unaffected by this it will be like after shocks for months to come.


Take down the Bible and dust it off read the four horses of Apocalypse if you can and then you will understand. We humans have shoved our heads to far in the sand thinking not in my back yard we have totally lost it. REALITY Check that does not pounce is on its way. 


Yes rivers will reverse at the necks and water will flow up stream. This will increase the flooding situation for many who live in the low lands down South. The food supply will be hard put to stretch on what is already a heavy hit problem. Trust you have not thought me a nut case and have put some food aside for at least  a month or two. Have some cash on hand and some reserved gas. Fill your tank is the best and keep it full.


Be prepared to walk away from it all and not look back if you have too for survival. Above all keep your head do not panic stop and look around you before you leap or make any decisions on your next move.


Keep strong and stay focused get what you can for survival kit ready and then hang in there .
If you and your family have a plan,  or a survival plan,  then talk about it now and be clear on the destination for meeting up,  and where you will all go. You must be prepared as you have seen in the past the help will take weeks and months depending on the size of the situation.


Remember high and dry where you still have clean drinking water is important.





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