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by Robert Lynn "Bandit" Eaton


As the moon came to me last night, 

Its cold light splintered

Through the barren winter trees,

It presented the reflected glory

Of the Morning Star.


From hundreds of miles away, faint,

But regular,

Came the drum beat;

The strong, reflected glory

Of the First People.


(Inspired by Bobby Joe RunninBear)



Powwow Dancer

(An Unselfish Love)

 by Daniel Beatty


I dance for the people,

for the Bison and Bear,

I dance for the people  and on wings of eagles

Flow our prayers


An unseen energy, a true blessing comes our way, Prayers of long gone ancestors and the spirit of Pope (Poe Pay)

 I  dance for others, for love, and for the truth

I dance for my brothers, for the elders and the youth


Swirling and turning, free from this world,

into open hillsides my memory is hurled

Dizzy from joy, and full of content, to the heartbeat of the Creator,

I dance for all people….

as dancing was meant.



Dedicated to a guy at dozens of Texas and Oklahoma Powwows. 

He taught his two sons the art of dancing. His wife is also a dancer. 

They bring me joy when I watch them dance....they walk in Beauty.


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