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Talking Bearís Talking Circles ó

Book One and Book Two


George Walking Bear Gillette is a Native American spiritual leader and medicine man crossed over on November 21, 2013. 


He is a member of the Kern River Indian Community known as the Tubatulabl Tribe, which is a Shoshone/Paiute band in California.


Family history claims he also has Blackfoot and English blood from Canada. His full Indian name is Walking Bear Has Two Eagles. Walking Bear was born at the foot of the sacred Mount Shasta in the town of McCloud, California in June of 1927. He served in the Navy during World War II and became a Behavioral Therapist in 1968, successfully combining Indian doctoring and hypnotherapy in his practice.


Walking Bear has been a member of the American Association of Behavioral Therapists, the California Hypnotist Association, and the Native American AIDS Advisory Board and served as an officer on the Haslett Basin Traditional Committee and the Association for American Indian Culture. He was on a special committee of Native Americans who made it possible for Native American spiritual leaders to become chaplains in California prisons and subsequently held behavioral modification classes for Fresno County inmates, attending sweat lodge ceremonies in California prisons.

Walking Bear taught about his work to groups within Indian Health Services, Urban Indian Health Services, and United Indian Health. He taught classes on the use of hypnosis for childbirth, self-improvement, weight loss, and surgery. He conducted classes on weight loss using hypnosis in Iceland and Sweden as well as the Stanford Medical Center in California. He was invited to the Navajo reservation in Tube City, Arizona to explain Indian doctoring to the hospitalís medical doctors and served on a special panel on Indian health for the One Sky Center at Portland State University in Oregon. He also worked with scientists in Redwood City on cancer research and helped with the Tule River reservationís Alcohol Program.


Walking Bearís speaking engagements include the Santa Rosa reservation at Lemoor, Fresno State University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Shasta College, and Local Indians For Education in Shasta Lake City, California. He helped conduct a ceremony for the releasing of condors in the Santa Maria Mountains of California and served as guest speaker at the Ishi Memorial in Mt. Lassen National Park, California. In 1994, he was taken to Wounded Knee in South Dakota to help with a sacred ceremony for the White Buffalo Calf.


Walking Bear has authored and illustrated seven books. He recommends they be read in the following order: Talking Bearís Talking CirclesóBook One, Talking Bearís Talking Circles ó Book Two, The Secret Success of Life and Its Problems, To Hell With My Soul Mate: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, From Here to Eternity, Divine Design, and Life Goes On.


Talking Bearís Talking Circles ó Book One and Two are full of wonderful insights and depth, yet lighthearted and easy to read.  We found George Walking Bear's writing style even and straight-forward.  His use of familiar metaphors, similes and colorful descriptions brought the reader close to the heart of George Walking Bear.  The book was well worth the time.  ~ Manataka Book Review Committee

I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for spiritual enlightenment. The stories are very poignant and timely and you can almost hear the voice of the author. I was taken on a journey that was so very simple in its complexity - respect the earth and Creator and you will find balance. Awesome!  ~Jamie-Elizabeth Cook-Tatei

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