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History:   Pima Indian Tribe History
Grandmother L. Cota Nupah Makah Speaks:   Current World Events
Grandfather Seven Hawk Eyes Hoffman Speaks:   Yokut Creation Story
Grandmother Magdala Rameriz Speaks:   New Ways To Relate

Indigenous Music and Dance::

  World's Best Hand Drum Songs - Volume 1
Feature Story::   Smiling Indians
Elder's Meditations:   Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin
Poetry Circle:   Moon and Drum  -- Powwow Dancer
Healing Prayer Basket:   Prayer is a necessary part of Life
Manataka  Business:   March Elder Council Meeting

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Pima Indian Tribe History


The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is comprised of two Native American tribes: the Pima, or "Akimel Au-Authm," (River People), and the Maricopa, or "Xalychidom Piipaash," (People who live toward the water).


The Maricopa tribes were small bands that lived along the lower Gila and Colorado rivers. In the early 1800's they migrated toward Pima villages. The Pima, known as a friendly tribe, established a relationship with the Maricopa. Both tribes provided protection against the Yuman and Apache tribes.


The Pima believe they are the descendants of the "Hohokam," (those who have gone) an ancient civilization who lived in Arizona nearly two thousand years, dating as far back as 300BC. The Hohokam farmed the Salt River Valley and created elaborate canal irrigation systems throughout the valley area; that system, now modernized is still used today.


The Pima were strong runners, basket weavers and farmers who could make the desert bloom. They served as trusted scouts for the U.S. Cavalry and continue to serve their country today in various forms of the armed forces.


The Pima are well known for their basket weaving techniques, intricately woven, they are made watertight. The Maricopa, known for their red clay pottery work, created various forms of jars and bowls. Both forms of artwork are made of natural materials and can be viewed at the Community's Hoo-hoogam Ki Museum.


The Pima and Maricopa tribes together, comprise the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.  Read More>>>












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Grandmother Maka Nupa L. Cota Speaks



 Current World Events

By Maka Nupa L Cota



Yes, the events are like puzzle pieces now all coming to life.


The Earth Quakes and the floods and now the tide wave that will effect the West Coast soon.

I do have family out there in Coos Bay Oregon.  All I can pray it that they are going to be safe when the wave comes.


I had that dream of the big wave coming down on top of me several years ago after a huge Earth Quake but was in New Ginnie at the time that happened. Right after that they did get a tidal wave and it damaged a lot of the land.


I recently had a bad dream again of this so was wondering where and when it would hit. Hawaii will be a mess as they are ground level and no where to run on most of the beach fronts. The buildings are all on the beach just as they are in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  This will also effect all that flood area they are still clearing up.  Read More>>>





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Yokut Creation Story

As given by Grandfather Hawk Hoffman



A Great Flood had occurred upon Earth long, long ago. While Earth was still covered with water, there were no living creatures upon the land.


Then out of the sky one day glided an enormous Eagle with a black Crow riding upon its back, searching for a place to light.


Around and around Eagle flew until he discovered a projecting tree stump, or what appeared to be a stump, upon which he landed to rest. There was a home at last upon the flat surface, which was amply large enough for Eagle and Crow to roost upon.


From here, they surveyed the greenish gray water as far as they could see. The sky was a gorgeous bright blue with a few white drifting clouds, occasionally swirled by a passing breeze. All seemed serene to Eagle and Crow.


Small fish were visible below the water, sometimes leaping out of the sea playfully. Hunger caused Eagle and Crow to swoop down, catching a meal for themselves from time to time. Soon a game developed between the two birds to see which one would be the winner in the fish-catching contest. Upon their return to the stump, however, they always shared the reward. Read More>>>






By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess




New Ways To Relate


Beautiful Ones,


This is indeed, a powerful times, the times between the veils, the time between the worlds, and the world of the enchanted flower is wide open for the many, for the human beings that are ready….


For long time now, we have been spoken about the new world will be about relations, relations with the environment, with each other, and the most important with the self. Well, the time is now, the time to awake the medicine of being human have come into being…


 As the Great Mother have been singing her song, to go back the her, many are listening and her song that has been perpetuated all over the world, the song is bringing into being the new way to relate as it meant to be before the time ever existed, the medicine of being human have been hidden for such a long time, and the time of the awakening have come.





Indigenous Music and Dance


World's Best Hand Drum Songs - Volume 1

This is a great collection of hand drum songs performed by some of the world’s finest performers. Native Americans believe that the drum is the heartbeat of the earth mother, the heartbeat of all native people, and a way of bringing things back into balance. Whether dancing, singing, or listening, people around a drum are able to connect with the spirit through its rhythmic pounding and as a result, the drumbeat is a focal point of ceremonies.  SSCD4458 $21.95 + s/h

1. Evolution
2. Remember
3. Happy Birthday
4. Round dance song
5. Love song
6. Straight north ender
7. The cowboy
8.   My relatives
9.   Grand mothers song
10. Kahomani song
11. Round dance song
12. Our love
13. Get up and dance
14. Kahomani song






Smiling Indians


In the early 1900s, photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis sought to capture the Native American population on film.

Curtis photographed people from 80 different tribes, and his 2,000 sepia images depict his subjects in a serious manner — dignified and prideful.




But for Ryan Red Corn, a Native American who lives on a reservation in Oklahoma, those images Curtis produced don't provide a full picture of his culture.


"That was kind of the end of the era of when people were taking pictures of natives," he tells NPR's Melissa Block. "Even if you just Google 'Native American' or 'Indian,' you'll still come up with a ridiculous lopsided inventory of what's out there."

So Red Corn sought to create a new visual of his culture. The result is his video, Smiling Indians. The video is four minutes long, and its smiles range from a self-conscious grin to a full-on belly laugh.  Watch the Video   Read More>>>








"And there are Four Corners of the Earth that we talk about, the Four Colors of people, and the Four Winds. You see the winds - they are spirits."  -- Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin


The Elders teach us about the four directions. If we learn about direction, we also learn about attention, about focus, and about power. Each direction has spiritual power. In the morning, go outside, face the east and get still; then, listen to your thoughts. After you have done this for a while, turn and face the west. Get quiet once again and listen to your thoughts. Did your thinking change when you changed direction?


Great Spirit, teach me the power of the four directions.

By Don Coyhis



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Prayer and ceremony work.  Creator heals and brings peace.




Prayer Needed - Sickness, Injury, Troubles...



Helen RedWing Vinson (Memphis, TN) Success !! Thank you !!  The surgery was a success. Moma Bear now has circulation in her right leg; the surgeon appeared to be well pleased with his work and we are well pleased with all the prayers and well wishes from all the good friends and family. Red Wing still faces six weeks of IV anti-biotic, wound care and therapy. When she was returned to her room after the surgery, Wally and his boss lady and Cleta Townsend (from Chattanooga) were there to greet her. That was some very good healing Medicine. she still has a ways to go, so we are requesting that the healing prayers continue.  For those that have asked about my arm: it is healing; still hurts a lot. The doctor wants me to go to therapy , but understands that it ain't gonna happen until RW is taken care of. Not the first time I've heard the terms "hard headed" and "stubborn". I like the term: "priorities".   Sorry that the updates have been so few and far between, but I don't have easy access to a computer. I will send updates as I can.  She is in Baptist Memorial Hospital/ East Room # 4121   Phone # 901-226- 4121.  Graybeard Vinson 04-06-11


Update:  04-14-11 

Red Wing (Nana, RW, Momma Bear, Helen) is doing better. The wound on her foot is finally clear and the healing can begin. She is starting a new therapy (not for the squeamish):  Transfer to an extended care facility (for a couple of weeks) is in the works. We are

looking forward to the healing (and I imagine the hospital staff is looking forward to not seeing me every time they look up). For the most part, they've been great (even though dangerously understaffed).   We still have no way for her to communicate other than the phone in her room. Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, 6019 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38120  (901) 226-4121 Room: 4121  Still looking for the use of a laptop.  For those that have asked: I'm gaining more use of my arm (last time I saw the doctor, he said it was healing and wanted me to go to therapy). I canceled the appointment with him yesterday and reset for the 20th, because it wasn't a good time for Red Wing to be without her guard dog (me). In the mean time: She has kept you all in her prayers and thanks you (each and every one) for yours. For now, we need to get her healed and on her feet; able to care for herself; me to get my arm back and find a job. Know anybody looking for a one armed fat man ???? LOL I will update again when I have access to a computer.


Jay King (North Carolina) Jay is in ICU he went into Septic shock from C dif. The third round of antibiotics ended and a week later the  C dif came back on him to the extent it caused the septic shock. They did a colostomy yesterday. Found two large polyps but because of the inflammation from C dif too much risk of bleeding. Doc said he thinks he can get infection cleared up in 2 weeks so in 4 weeks another colostomy will be done and they will be removed. He has had one health crisis after another since last May. Doc said polyps are not cancer but could be "on down the road" so safe to wait to remove but important to remove them then. Sat he was rushed to hospital. Four docs worked on him in trauma unit. At one point his BP dropped so ;low he lost consciousness. The docs were even bringing their manuals in for reference. He is feeling much better and hopes to get some solid food today. He has gained back 20 of the 55 pounds he had lost. Thanks to a med to increase appetite and his discovery that the nutritional supplement drink Boost tasted like a choc milkshake,  Barbara Skidmore 03-28-11


Update: Jay was moved out of ICU and into the next level where they watch him carefully but in regular room etc. Some concern watching for congestive heart. They mentioned rehab but he told them at rehab they did occupational therapy more than physical therapy. He prefers to come home with the home therapist who spends the time working on getting him back on his feet. Cost of gas with these trips to hospital is wiping me out. Kinda hope he is in the hospital a little longer till I can get some funds for groceries but I am sure it will all work out somehow. Almost lost him to the septic shock. Scary watching four doctors and two nurses frantically working on him but he made it. I am praying for you and yours and for the people. Love and prayers Ruth 03-30-11

The People of Japan who are suffering the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami floods.


The People of New Zealand who are suffering the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami floods.


Manataka prayers for the millions of people affected by these disasters will continue daily with ceremonies performed at sunrise and sundown at the sacred Manataka Mountain.  May the smoke of our prayer fires be seen by the Creator of All Things.


Nellie Ruth Sutherland, Horn Lake, MS  (76)  Nellie is hospitalized in serious condition.  she is holding her own and we are waiting for her and Creator to decide.  Mom loves all prayers.  Please pray for her.  ~Faith Michaels, MS


People of New Zealand - My sacred brothers and sisters, please join with me in lighting the heart candles of love healing and soothing energies in support of all in AoTeaRoa / New Zealand -- especially the South Island and Christchurch areas .. to Papatuanuku love honour and respect as you go through your big "shake'... to all our sisters and brothers in AoTeaRoa please know that we in Oz stand with you arm-in-arm at this time ... Arohanui - Lynn Guy  02-22-11


Barbra (Sundove) just called asking for prayers for her grandson. A few years back a case in Fla was headlines everywhere, A daycare center ran by a man and woman (mother and son I think) had been beating and molesting the children. Braedon Barbs grandson was one of those kids he also was beaten and locked in a closet. During the trial it took 3 mos for court to issue restraint order for Braedons protection, The people were found guilty and sent to prison. Braedon has had problems on and off sence and been in counseling. Today as Barb and her daughter were taking Braedon to his psychiatrist appointment he was happily playing a video game in the back seat. Suddenly he attacked Barb beating her in the head with the game ,hitting ,kicking and biting her. I think he is 8b yrs old now. They got him to Doctor where he was admitted to the hospital under lock down. The doc explained to Braedon with the guards and locks no one could get to him. They start evaluating him at &AM and then Doc told Barb to go home and get another restraining order.Hope it doesn't take 3 mos. A week or so ago Barb took Braedon to the beach, They went in a little store for snacks. When they turned to leave three people back in the line stood the molester. He is out of prison. Please pray for this little boy and his family. love and prayers ~Ruth  02-22-11


Lenore Tuni (Rough Rock, Arizona) I have a concern for my older daughter Lenore Tuni and her husband to-be Nathan Bighorse. She resigned from her job in Flagstaff and planning to move back home. Her plan is to get married in August in Rough Rock, Arizona with Nathan Bighorse. Please say a prayer for her new job, financial, her marriage. Thank you. *Left is Nathan, Lenore, her niece at far end. my daughter stand in the middle. -Carlena Tuni 02-18-11

Helen RedWing and Joseph Graybeard Vinson (Memphis, TN) From Graybeard: "I've received several request for updates and questions "really" are, but  have a lot of difficulty trying to type totally one handed even with my one fingered hunt and miss style. The saga begins here:


We seem to have reached a plateau with Red Wing's healing and she is still having a lot of pain; (Doctors removed the toe on Tuesday, November 16.)  the next step is the vascular surgeon to increase blood flow to the wound. The test have been done, but now, getting her back to the surgeon's office is a bit of a problem. She isn't an invalid; not bedridden; can walk a bit but can't stand long on that foot or use steps. If she had to care for herself (alone) a fall could be a strong possibility. We have a transport chair that must be pushed to move (two hands) and no wheel chair.


Saga part two: Today is day fourteen of a broken left arm (just below the shoulder) with a sling that does little to immobilize the break. I kinda set it my self so I could drive home because there was no one to stay with RW and waited 'till some one was here before going to the ER for X-rays and a sling. Bathing consist of baby wipes; dressing takes a concerted effort from both of us; trying to cook or wash dishes could make an interesting reality show; I'm not supposed to drive. My sister did bring over a container of soup; one of chili along with one of chicken. A neighbor brought over a leftover meal that was stretched into two. Grateful for both.  The arm is going to require surgery (screws and maybe a plate) for repair. I asked about having it done under a local so I could go home afterward and was

told "that's impossible" in a tone that made it sound like "you're nuts". I can't/ I won't have it done without someone to stay with Helen while I'm out of action; I can not / will NOT leave her alone while I lounge around in a hospital. They tend to stand you up shortly after surgery; with my intense dislike of hospitals; if I get my feet under me and can get dressed, I have no reason to stay. 02-15-11 ~Joseph Graybeard Vinson


Aunt Maxine Branham-Collier (Farquier County, VA) is in the Farquier County Hospital in VA and not doing well.  ~Helen Redwing 02-14-11


Teresa Myers (Springfield, MO) A friend of Healing Spring is in need of assistance.  A few days ago, Teresa Myers' housemate, Ann Mote, was found buried in the blizzard snow. Teresa, who is blind and on disability, is overwhelmed.  Ann had serious health issues and required a housemate, as did Teresa. They have been friends for over 30 years and for the last 15 years have shared expenses to make ends meet. As of this date, Teresa is forced to move with less than and month to make arrangements and grieve the unexpected loss of her friend. The best guess is a medication mix up and or a medication reaction. The family is waiting for an autopsy.  Teresa has many friends from the community willing to help with the physical aspect of a move etc.  The need is for financial support during the next month.  Can you help?   Teresa would like time to work with Ann's family and personal affects.  Another month in the current rental will help ease the emotional stress and an immediate move. The estimated monies required for March rent or a move would be about $800.00.    If you can help, send a check to Healing Spring  Box 9836 Springfield MO  65801 and Healing Spring will send a check to Teresa.    Please make a note if you require a tax receipt.  In all of this, keep Teresa (Cherokee) and all in your prayers.  ~Susan Phillips 02-05-11


Norman Clayton (Memphis, TN) has Stage 4 Cancer and is dying. He needs someone to come in and pray with him in Memphis.

His wife passed a few years ago they were members of Tennessee Native American Convention,, She was the secretary. We seek prayers.  Helen RedWing Vinson 01-29-11


Gene Miller (PA) Was found yesterday by his 14 year old adopted daughter passed out and all white in a stall in the barn.. The hired hand George got him to breathing  again ..Gene is in the hospital he had a heart attack.  Helen Red Wing Vinson  01-21-11


Pansy Gibson (Barboursville,WV) is back in the hospital. She is 82 years old and had brain tumor surgery about 3 years ago.. She fell yesterday in her bathroom at home hitting her head had a lot of bleeding and is in need of healing prayers.  Helen RedWing Vinson 01-18-11


Hello. I'm sending out this email asking for your prayers. My daughter, Lorelle Gwendolyn Mike (pronounced Lori-elle) will be having surgery this Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011. She was born on June 23, 2010, 5 weeks early. At birth doctors were quick to discover a few problems that immediately concerned them. But we both have the same faith and immediately called on the Lord for his mercy and grace. We are blessed with family who strongly believe in prayer and healing, so they were notified right away as well. As time went on and doctors keep telling us negative reports about our baby... Loren & I kept our faith, stayed strong and said "NO! we will not believe any of this. We put all our trust in the Lord. Lorelle is going to be just fine. And no matter what, we're going to love her unconditionally." That was the agreement we made together. Here is what the doctors told us:


1. Lorelle's head is small. We're worried about her brain development. She will most likely be disabled in ways we don't know yet, only time will tell. Lorelle was diagnosed with Microcephaly.


2. Lorelle was born with an enlarged abdomen. We think it might be her kidneys. (so many test & even a surgery was performed) They discover its a condition called Urogential Sinus. A urogenital sinus anomaly is a defect present at birth in which the vagina and urethra open into a common channel, rather than separately. A catheter is then placed in her bladder area to help her urinate. The connect between her bladder and mega vagina was allowing urine to fill up inside her mega vagina, which then enlarged her stomach area.


3. There's a click in her left hip. Lorelle has hip dysplasia. She will have to wear a harness to keep her hip in place.

So with all of this coming at us, we knew what we had to do. GIVE IT GOD! Now here is some GREAT news...


1. Lorelle has been meeting her milestones with her development. She shows NO signs of being disabled. Her head is gradually growing. She has her own personality!


2. This surgery that is taking place on Wednesday is not a complicated procedure. Her surgeon, Dr. Lacey is confident & reassured us that this is fixable.


3. Lorelle blew away her orthopedic doctor, Dr. Shindell! Her hips are well. She no longer has to wear the harness... she was off of it way before the doctor expected.


Baby Lo is our gift from God. I know and believe that He is the Great Physician! I just ask that you believe with me and pray for my daugther. I encourage you to share this with your prayer circle. I appreciate your time to get to know Lorelle. If you haven't met her, I'm sure someday soon you will. You will be shocked by her red hair and cute chubby cheeks. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you and may you be blessed. You are loved!  Sincerely, ~Bonnie Lynn, Mesa, AZ


Carlena Tuni (AZ) This prayer request is for my sons Edwin and Edmund and daughters, Lenore and Tonita, and for myself, Carlena. I am a single parent of four kids. I have two grand kids. Heather is my daughter-inlaw and Nate is my son-inlaw.  I want this coming year to be less financial problem for myself to be happy again. And safety for my kids and their job.  Protective of any harm with this new year for each one of my child. At times, I need help and I just continue to pray, I have strong belief in this Creator. I have no one to turn too at times, my father is now in the spirit world, and my mother is in the nursing home. It gets so hard sometimes, and make things possible for me with new year! Thanks! - Carlena Tuni 12-29-10


Isabel StandsDifferent McLaughlin (Yonker, NY) I write today because I am asking for your special prayers for the sick.  I am not well.  I have very bad pains shooting down into my leg and the surgeon is still trying to find the problem.  I have a 90% heart artery clogged and have to have a stint put in it or I am in danger of a heart attack or stroke.  I am very nervous but I keep still with my daily prayers.  I remembered when I had back surgery how you and our family in Manataka prayed for me.  To this day I truly believe that it was those prayers that sustained me through it all.  I have a lot before me and this is why I would be more than honored if you could pray for me once again?  ~Stands Different


We   are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan and they have lost 9 marines in 4 days.   It would be nice to see this prayer request spread if more could pass it on.  Semper Fi, God Bless America and God Bless the United States Marine Corps...   Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever.  ~Claire Fitzgerald, Chaplain, Marine Corps League, Dept. of Washington


Helen RedWing Vinson (Bartlett, TN) was admitted to St. Francis Hospital with a serious infection in her middle toe that has set up with gangrene.  Doctors removed the toe on Tuesday, November 16.  She is in a lot of pain, but true to her ways, her prayers and concerns are for everyone else.  Helen and her good husband Ed Graybeard have been members of Manataka for many years. Helen is a blessing to hundreds of people she helps daily.  Manataka is conducting ceremonies and sending out many prayers for our wonderful sister. ~Bear 11-16-10


I wish to extend my gratitude to (literally) thousands, all over the world, While (this time) we relied (partially) on Western medicine, Many of you are aware that Native American medicine is a two part system: we rely on herbs and spirituality. The outcome would not have been nearly as good without the love and prayers of so many. May the Great Spirit bless you, One and All.  ~Ed GrayBeard Vinson


Did you submit a prayer request above?  If so, please send us an update. 

We are reluctant to remove anyone without knowing if more prayers are needed. 



Crossing Over...


William David Kilgore,  (Birmingham, AL) 62, departed this life on April 5, 2011. Mr. Kilgore was an ordained minister, a US Navy Veteran, and a Boy Scout leader for 20 years. He is preceded in death by both parents, Paul Lee and Ellen Callahan Kilgore; and his brother, Paul Wayne Kilgore. He is survived by his wife, Marie; son, Stephen (Stephen's mom, Deb Kilgore); numerous family members and a multitude of friends. Visitation will be Thursday, April 7 from 4:30 - 7:00 PM at Calvary Independent Baptist Church, (205-786-8366), 6200 Birmingport Hwy in Minor, with funeral service on Friday at 2:00 P.M. The service will be conducted by Rev. Charles Thomas, Rev. Roy Lee Williams, Rev. Jack Davis, Rev. Wayne Honeycutt and Vollie Cullen. Burial will follow at Highland Memorial Gardens, Bessemer. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the church or the American Cancer Society . Deb Kilgore, Co-Founder, Missing Link Rescue 04-10-11


Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles departed this Planet on Solar Moon 17 (March 23), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m (the exact same time that he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year). After a short illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on his behalf at 12-noon (Pacific daylight time) on March 25, Solar Moon 19, Kin 91. Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey – and also visualize the rainbow bridge and the Return of Light. José Argüelles was the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987 and is the one who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into mass consciousness with The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology. Argüelles is also the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.

Ernest Kaientaronkwen Benedict, ene of Canada's most venerated Native elders, died January 8 as a result of pneumonia in his 92nd year at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Cornwall, across the river from his beloved Mohawk territory.

Born at a time when the Mohawks of Akwesasne were farmers, fishermen and basketmakers, self sufficient and with limited contact with the outside world, he witnessed the greatest changes in human history, changes which would deeply affect his community.

Benedict was convinced that if the Mohawks were to survive as a distinct society they had to act aggressively to preserve their heritage.  To him, this meant reviving the ancestral spiritual rituals, teaching Mohawk culture in the schools and reinvigorating the traditional government so that Akwesasne, the most arbitrarily divided of all Native communities in Canada, would one day have a single representative entity.

Benedict was a Mohawk patriot who defended the treaty status of the Nation, event if it meant he would be imprisoned for his refusal to concede to the US military draft in WWII. He was released because of the intervention of US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and promptly enlisted on his terms, serving with honour in the Pacific. 

He was among the first Mohawks to secure a college degree. His was from St. Lawrence University where he counted as a friend and classmate the actor Kirk Douglas. He edited the first newspaper on any Iroquois community, appropriately called Kawerus, "The Thunder". He worked with the great Mohawk teacher Ray Fadden to instill pride in the hearts and minds of Mohawk students. With Fadden he established a cultural group which visited every Native reservation east of the Mississippi, lighting the fires of what would become Indian activism.

In 1968 he was a co-founder of the Native news journal Akwesasne Notes, easily the most influential aboriginal publication of the 20th century whose readership was worldwide.  He created the North American Indian Travelling College, taking to the roads to encourage Native youth to secure formal education in order to improve the lives of their people.  He was among the group which secured an abandoned military base northwest of Montreal which became Manitou College, His dream was to have a post secondary institution administered by Natives with a curriculum based on indigenous teachings. Manitou did not survive but the ideal has had international effect with "traditional knowledge" centres in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

All of the above would make for a remarkable life.  But in 1984 Benedict did an act which stunned all Canada's aboriginal people.  He met with Pope John Paul II in Midland, Ontario and before a worldwide audience used a traditional Mohawk prayer to reconcile the Church with the Native people it had alienated.  When Benedict lifted an eagle feather above the head of the pontiff he released generations of suspicion, anger and fear before calling for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Benedict also was a grand chief at Akwesasne and the recipient of a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. He was an instructor at Trent University and a cultural adviser with the Assembly of First Nations.  His survivors include his wife Florence and children Salli, Lloyd, Rebecca and Daniel, all of Akwesasne. He also leaves many grandchildren and two sisters. He was buried at Akwesasne on January 11 after Catholic, Methodist and Longhouse services.  Submitted by:  Doug George-Kanentiio

Ray Clark Littleturtle (Lumbee), the voice of "Powwow" for so many years, has passed. Our condolences goes out to his wife Kat, and all of his family.  Services are incomplete and will be handled by Revel's Funeral Home of Lumberton, North Carolina.  A spokesperson at the funeral home stated that arrangements will not be made until Thursday.  Revel's Funeral home address and phone number are below.  3575 N Roberts Avenue, Lumberton, NC 28360 Phone Number: (910) 671-6886 ~Barry Richardson 01-11-11


Chief Lost Wolf and Auntie Helen's,  daughter Patty has crossed over. The wake will be held at this address: Mon. 4-8 PM at the  Porto Funeral Home. 830 Jones Road in West Haven CT.  1-203-934-5000  Funeral will be at:  Lady Victory Church. Tues. 9AM. 600 Jones Hill Road in West Haven CT.  1-203-934-6357. Burial in: St. Lawrence Cemetery, 280 Derby Ave. in West Haven CT  ~Clan Mother Kicks Twice 01-02-11






In Memory of Bill Prezwoznik

Bill Silver Fox Prezwoznik was one of the four founders of Manataka.  His wisdom and love guided Manataka through its infancy and his words and unselfish deeds are often remembered.  We love you Bill.


In Memory of Corbin Harney

Corbin Harney Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation who dedicated his life to fighting the nuclear testing and dumping.  He loved and cared for his family, friends and all creation.



In Memory of Granny Messenger

She had over a 1,000 grandchildren but never bore a child. Her memory will live with us forever.  Veronica Messenger was a wonderful school teacher, political activist, owner of "Granny's Junkology" and constant supporter of Manataka.  She was loved greatly.   


In Memory of Lance Selvidge

Webster’s definition of a Martyr:  1:  A person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a belief.  2: A person who sacrifices something of great value, especially life itself for the sake of principle.  Lance, we are all better because you walked this world, we will all become better because you look back with eyes from the angels world. Thank You.  The Selvidge Family. Little River Rock.


In Memory of Ruby Gilliham

We will always remember this gracious and beautiful woman in our hearts.  She will remain a part of Manataka forever.  (picture: Members of the Kootenai-Salish Tribe assist with her funeral. Greg Gilliham, Little Rock.

In Loving Memory of Jesse William "Stretch" Devereaux

Born: February 11, 1980, Santa Paula, California

Entered to Rest: July 29, 2009, Blythe, California


It was a great honor for Jesse to participate in Bear Dance Purification Lodge ceremonies on the Tule River reservation at Porterville, California.   A memorial service was conducted on August 15 by the Zion Lutheran Church and an American Indian memorial ceremony was conducted on the sacred Manataka on December 5, 2009.






The March Elder Council meeting was held Sunday, March 20 with five Elders present and one elder attended via a teleconference call. One Elder was on an excused absence attending an out-of-state conference.  Two Elders were absent without excuse.


Present: David Quiet Wind Furr, Chairman, Becky Flaming Owl Woman Moore, Treasurer, Lee Standing Bear, Secretary, Linda Two Hawk Feathers James, NAGPRA / Ceremonies Committee Chair, Robert Gray Hawk Coke, Counseling Committee Chair, Dr. Fred Wilcoxson, Education Committee Elder.  A quorum was established.


Absent:  Daniel Seven Hawk Eyes Hoffman - Events Elder, Michael Eye of the Eagle Feather Burton, Community Relations

Jimmy Looking for Wind Keefauver, Events / Powwow Committee.


The opening prayer was given by Ceremonial Elder Linda Hawk James  


Minutes:  February minutes were sent to Elders following the meeting and were approved with no changes.


Finance Report:  Rebecca Moore reported that the 2010 financial reports are nearly complete and will be delivered to the accountant recommend by David Quiet Wind before April 15.  MAIC currently has zero long-term and $500 short-term debts.  All property taxes for the previous year are paid.  Cash flow is steady and all needs are being met.



(a)  Ohio Ross Correctional Institution - request for books and ceremonial supplies

(b)  Colorado Dept. of Corrections - request for ceremonial supplies


Old Business:

(a)  Feed Our Friends Project - Faith Michaels, chair

(b)  8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony - Linda James, chair

(c)  2011 Powwow Committee - Daniel Hoffman, chair   

(d)  Australia Gathering Journey - Amanda Morning Star - rescheduled for March 9, 2012


New Business:  

(a)  Lee Standing Bear retirement


Standing Committee Reports:   

(a)  Counseling Committee:   Robert Gray Hawk Coke  

(b)  Ceremonies: Linda Two Hawk Feathers James

(c)  Education Committee:  Fred Wilcoxson

(d)  Smoke Signal:  Lee Standing Bear Moore

(e)  Women's Council: Rebecca Flaming Owl Moore

(f)   Community Relations Committee:  Michael Burton

(g)  Events / Powwow Committee:  Jimmy Keefauver


Manataka American Indian Council Elders and Committee Leaders

  • David Quiet Wind Furr, Chairman

  • Becky Flaming Owl Woman Moore, Treasurer  

  • Lee Standing Bear, Secretary / Historian / Smoke Signal News

  • Linda Two Hawk Feathers James, NAGPRA / Ceremonies Committee Chair

  • Robert Gray Hawk Coke, Counseling Committee Chair

  • Daniel Seven Hawk Eyes Hoffman - Events Elder

  • Dr. Fred Wilcoxson, Education Committee Elder

  • Michael Eye of the Eagle Feather Burton, Community Relations

  • Jimmy Looking for Wind Keefauver, Events / Powwow Committee

  • Linda VanBibber, Public Relations Committee Leader

  • Bobby Runninbear, Membership Committee Leader

  • Faith Michaels, Feed Our Friends Chair


Elders frequently communicate by telephone and email. Any member who wishes to appear before the Elder Council is invited to write or call 501-627-055 to be placed on the agenda. 




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Manataka American Indian Council
PO Box 476
Hot Springs, AR 71902-0476


Lee Standing Bear Moore

MAIC Correspondents:

Alabama - Jennifer Attaway

Arkansas - Crystal Harvey

California - Carol Henderson

California - Liora Leah Zack 

Florida - Julie Maltagliati

Florida - Grandmother Selma Palmer

Georgia - Sheri Awi Anida Waya Burnett

Illinois - Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman

Kentucky - Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle, Jr.

Missouri - John and Linda James

Missouri - Linda VanBibber

New York - Waynonaha Two Worlds

Tennessee - Bobby Joe Runninbear

Tennessee - RedWing and Gray Beard Vinson

Texas - Robert King Coke - Grey Hawk

Texas - Maxine Elisi Swan Dancer Fulgham

Australia - Osceola Birdman Waters

Australia - Lynn Guy


Blue Panther Keeper of Stories

Don Coyhis

Andrea Crambit, California

Romaine Garcia, Colorado

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Organic Consumers Association

Corina Roberts, California

Scott Treaty, Lakota

Union of Concerned Scientists

Qwina H. and Irma West, Piaute

Amy Worthington, Idaho



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