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Legends of Old: ----- Coyote Becomes A Buffalo
Feature Story:: ----- Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 12
 Guest Editorial: ----- The Last Acceptable Racism: Native Americans

Letters to the Editor:


Over 1,000 Letter Received by Manataka
Endangered Earth: ----- Tragedy in Japan Raises Questions at Home
Organic Consumers: ----- World Against Monsanto: Anti-GMO Resistance
Elder's Meditations: ----- Thomas Yellowtail, Crow
Women's Council News: -----

Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon Speaks Out

Earth Medicine: ----- Radiation and Chemotherapy
Fluoride: ----- Does topical fluoride really protect tooth enamel?

Animal Rights and Wrongs:


Unimak wildlife managed by understanding of caribou decline

Sacred Sites:


Church Desecrates Bones, Protesters Arrested



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Coyote Becomes A Buffalo

Caddo Story


Coyote, Buffalo and Shield-Bearer, tracing by Linda Olson

While Coyote was out hunting something to eat he met Buffalo, who was very powerful among his tribe. He was eating grass and looked fat and well fed.

Coyote asked him if he would give him power to turn into a Buffalo and eat grass as he did. Buffalo said: "Yes, I will give you the power which was given to me by the Great-Father-Above, but when I give you the power you must not use it every chance you get, but only when very necessary."


He told Coyote to stand facing the other way and not to move, but to be brave as he was. Coyote stood still, wondering what was going to happen to him.

Buffalo began to throw up dirt with his hoofs and to act very angrily. He told Coyote to keep his eyes closed. Then he made a plunge toward him, and when he was about to strike him with his horns, Coyote jumped out of the way, and Buffalo passed him without touching him. He did this the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth times, but the seventh time he stood there
without moving. He could hear Buffalo coming at him, but he stood there awaiting what would happen to him.







Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map

Chapter 10

Map of Holy Time


This full-length book, Ancient Maya Holy Time and the Evolution of Creation Map by Robert Hackman will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!


Chapter 1  -  May 2010

Chapter 2  -  June

Chapter 3  -  July

Chapter 4  -  August

Chapter 5  -  September

Chapter 6  -  October

Chapter   7  -  Nov

Chapter   8  -  Dec

Chapter   9  -  January 2011

Chapter 10  -  February

Chapter 11  -  March

Chapter 12  -  April







The Last Acceptable Racism: Native Americans

by David Kimelberg

Two disturbing developments recently hit my radar. The first was an announcement from Washington's NFL team that it's planning to change its name and logo. Okay, that seems innocuous enough. Washington Politicos? Nope. The new name is the Washington Jews. The re-worked logo is equally alarming: it consists of a profile of what appears to be a stereotyped Jewish person, complete with the physical features exploited by Sasha Baron Cohen in his film Borat.

The second was the results of a New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Normally a source of great wit and cleverness, this one was just plain distasteful: the cartoon pictured an SS guard taking cover behind a desk against a barrage of "throwing stars" clearly in the shape of the Star of David. While avoiding the onslaught of Jewish-themed steel weapons hitting the desk and everything else around him, he's speaking to someone on the phone. In theNew Yorker's caption contests, readers are asked to submit witty captions to accompany the cartoon, with winners announced in a subsequent issue. So, what was the winning caption? Get ready, here's the punch line: "Quick, give them the banks." Not only is the caption just not funny, its racist angle is obvious. Has the liberal and renowned New Yorker gone off the deep end?

Shocked by this news? Of course you are. And, of course, they're not true. If they were, both organizations would be dealing with a deluge of warranted criticism and outrage from all corners. What is truly shocking is that Native Americans are subject to analogous assaults and no one seems to care.  Read More>>>








Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  


In March, Manataka received over 1,000 Letters on two subjects... Guess what everyone is concerned about... 

Click Here to Read March Letters to the Editor



Racist Christians

O'siyo Everyone:


The racist right wing Christian organization, "American Family Association", has gone after Native Americans as being deserving of what happened to them. They believe that the American Holocaust and current subjugation of Native people is justified by Native rejection of Christianity. They have quoted some of the text of the "Doctrine of Discovery", to help them to justify these hateful statements and brutal, genocidal acts.  I have detailed some of the facts of the "American Holocaust" previously, such as 95% to 98% of the population being killed, skinning of people and making clothes from Indian skin, hacking up and feeding Native fetuses and infants to large mastiff dogs, sterilization of American Indian women, etc. Read this article and respond:


Click Here to Read April Letters to the Editor













The Center for Biological Diversity

Tragedy in Japan Raises Questions at Home
It's been heartwrenching to watch the terrible events unfold in Japan: first an earthquake and tsunami causing thousands of deaths, then a still-unfolding crisis at the country's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station. While the focus has rightly been on the immediate threat to people in Japan, the situation highlights serious long-term concerns about nuclear power here in the United States. Japan's vast nuclear infrastructure has long been touted for its safety and perceived ability to withstand an emergency. But over the past six days, we've watched as emergency crews struggled to prevent meltdowns and widespread radiation contamin-ation. President Barack Obama has promoted nuclear energy as a safe, viable option for transitioning the United States away from dirty coal and oil (which were the source of separate disasters in 2010, with the BP spill and the West Virginia coal-mine explosion). But it's now clearer than ever that, for the sake of ourselves and the planet, we must look beyond nuclear to energy sources that are clean, renewable and safe.


Congress Ramping Up Resistance to Cutting Climate Pollution

Members of Congress are ramping up their assault on efforts to cut pollution and keep global warming in check. Thankfully, after intense pressure from the Center for Biological Diversity, our allies and citizens, the U.S. Senate recently rejected House Republicans' spending bill -- one that was larded with anti-environment provisions, including some gutting the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to curb greenhouse pollution. But big polluters, and those who carry their water in Congress, aren't giving up. Just this week the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a measure that would halt the EPA's current efforts to cut greenhouse gases. (Astonishingly, it would also repeal the agency's seminal, science-based finding that those pollutants threaten human health and the environment.)  These pollution-cutting measures, especially the Clean Air Act, are the best existing laws we have for drastically reducing emissions that endanger not only our health but also a healthy climate. We need your help in telling senators and representatives that the Act -- which has an excellent, cost-cutting 40-year-record -- needs to be protected and preserved, not shot full of holes to gain political points.  




Arizona's Permits of Grand Canyon Uranium Mining to Face Appeal

Ignoring widespread opposition from the public, the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality last week OK'd three uranium mines in the sensitive Grand Canyon watershed by issuing air- and aquifer-pollution permits. While the mines are still subject to federal approval, the move demonstrates the state of Arizona's nose-length shortsightedness when it comes to permitting anything that might make a buck -- even at the cost of the state's iconic, namesake national park. By handing these mines "general" air- and water-pollution permits -- usually reserved for gas stations and other relatively minor facilities -- instead of simply denying the permits, state regulators are foolishly risking more radiological contamination of Grand Canyon National Park and its surrounding wildlands. "Arizona regulators are throwing caution to the winds by risking even more radiological contamination of the air and water in the Grand Canyon region," said the Center's Taylor McKinnon. "Now they will face appeal." 






The Manataka American Indian Council supports:


Alerts of the MONTH 


World Against Monsanto: Anti-GMO Resistance

"In South America, the Brazilian Government has launched a GM-free soy programme to help farmers access non-GM soy seeds. In Argentina new research has exposed that the herbicide Glyphosate, used on the majority of GM crops grown worldwide, could have severe negative impacts on human health... This has led to bans on spraying of the herbicide near people's homes. In Uruguay, local areas are declaring themselves GM-free...  "Widespread resistance to GM crops in the developing world and Europe means that they are only planted on a large scale in a handful of countries and that over 97% of global agricultural land is GM-free...   "GM crops continue to collapse in Europe. Less than 0.06 percent of European fields are planted with GM crops. Seven EU countries have banned Monsanto's GM maize because of growing evidence of its negative environmental impacts. Three countries banned BASF's GM potato due to health concerns immediately after its authorisation in spring 2010, and for the first time five member states have sued the European Commission over the authorisation of a GM crop. "    -Friends of the Earth International, "Cracks Widen in Biotech Industry Myths," press release announcing the 2011 report, "Who Benefits from GM Crops?"   


Ask Your Grocer to Stop Selling Unlabeled Genetically Engineered and Factory-Farmed Foods

Earlier this week, OCA director Ronnie Cummins posted an "Open Letter to Natural Food Stores and Coops: Please Stop Selling Unlabeled Genetically Engineered and Factory-Farmed Foods."  Through the use of social networking, the letter is already getting results. OCA activist Tomas Blank posted a link to the letter on Green Grocer Chicago's Facebook page. The store immediately replied, saying:  "Thanks Tomas - we will consult our vendors and happily find a way to label products. We believe in our customers making informed decisions in our store as well as other stores!"   Let's follow Tomas's good example! Print, sign and bring the open letter to your local grocery store manager and let us know what happens.  



Stop Monsanto & Dow's Plot to Sell Even More Toxic GMOs and Pesticides

A new generation of super-toxic GMO crops designed to survive repeated sprayings of the herbicide 2,4-D (a component of the notorious poison Agent Orange) are set for release in the United States. Monsanto and Dow are promoting these toxic varieties after their first generation of herbicide-resistance Frankencrops generated a growing army of superweeds.  For farmers who were told RoundUp Ready crops would make weed control easier, the superweeds have been an absolute nightmare. Nearly half of farmers have a problem with these weeds, forcing them to spend more money and time to come back and spray crops with ever more deadly pesticide combinations.  But for Monsanto, Dow and other chemical companies, it's just an opportunity to sell more pesticides. 2,4-D, one of the pesticides Monsanto supplied to the military during the Vietnam War for use in Agent Orange, is linked with cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity, kidney and liver damage, and birth/developmental defects.  







"People think other things are more important than prayer, but they are mistaken."  --Thomas Yellowtail, Crow


An Elder once said the most important thing you can do in the course of a day is to pray. If we get up late or oversleep, which is more important? Rush to work without praying or pray first and then go to work? The Elders say it's more important to pray. If we get angry, should we act on our anger or should we pray first? The Elders say it's more important to pray first. If, during the day, we face indecision, what should we do? PRAY. If, during the day, we become irritated or we experience fear, what should we do first? PRAY. The Warrior who prays first will lead a different life from those who pray last.


Great Spirit, teach me to pray first!




Women's Council News


Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon Speaks Out

from Harvey Arden



Teachings of a wise Seneca Woman





Earth Medicine...



Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle, BSNH


Radiation and Chemotherapy
Lets face it; whether we realize it or just ignore it we are faced with radiation in our live every day. Anyone who has had an x-ray or other forms of scans are minutely subjected to radiation. It is used by conventional medicines for several types, stages and degrees of cancerous growth.  Usually being subjected to this treatment is often worse than the disease in terms of healthy cell damage.  There is not much you can really do about this except prepare your body or immune system and keep yourself detoxed to maximum capacity. I am not always right but we all need to try to temper our minds and body to the coming trade winds.

When I was getting my BSNH; I composed an article about "AHCC".  Since I have been subjected to the wrath of  Mother Earth; this brings me to mind of AHCC (Active Hextose Corrolated Compound).  Strangely it is produced in Japan. It is a derivative of mushrooms. I will be sending you the attachment with this email if you want to open it and read it.  I am also a survivor. I used numerous herbs and this compound for 2-3 years.  That was when I was about 60 and now I am reaching out of the better of 74 years. My Mother Earth has been good to me.  Lets not go wild about this and take it as it comes to our land. To know your biological enemy is to defeat him/her.  We might have to be concerned and maybe Mother will also take of this problem.  We do need to be alert about the situation and keep our eyes on the sparrow and horizon.  Read More >>>


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice.







Does topical fluoride really protect tooth enamel? Study suggests NO

by Ethan A. Huff, NaturalNews staff writer


A popular mantra in American dentistry claims that topical fluoride treatments help to protect teeth from cavities by forming a protective shield on the enamel of teeth. However, a new study published in the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal Langmuir has found that the "protective layer" created by fluoride is actually 100 times thinner than previously believed, which may render it practically useless as a cavity-preventing intervention.

Frank Muller, PhD, and his colleagues from Saarland University in Germany discovered that the fluorapatite layer formed by fluoride on teeth is only six nanometers thick. To put this into perspective, the width of an average human hair is roughly 10,000 layers thick. So everyday activities like chewing food, say scientists, are enough to disintegrate this thin fluoride layer in a matter of seconds. 








Unimak wildlife to be managed by understanding of caribou decline


Killing wolves would sacrifice long-term understanding and solutions for short-term gain



The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has decided to take no action in response to the state’s proposal to kill wolves in on Unimak Island, a unit of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.


Defenders of Wildlife supports this decision. Neither the science nor the FWS’s policies could justify enacting the state’s proposal to kill wolves. The FWS has opted instead to devote further study into understanding the underlying causes of the Unimak caribou decline.                                                               Read More>>>




By Rodger Schlickeisen, President, Defenders of Wildlife


All they wanted was some food. Now some of the last true, wild bison in America face slaughter simply for leaving Yellowstone National Park.

These majestic animals – some of the only pure descendants of America’s original bison herds – are leaving the Park for lower elevations due to harsh winter conditions that have buried vegetation deep under snow. Now it’s up to federal officials to determine whether they will live or die.

Urge U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to find an alternative to killing these amazing animals.

Nearly 400 Yellowstone bison are now being held in corrals near Gardiner, Montana where they await their fate.

The Montana Department of Livestock claims that the bison will spread the disease brucellosis to their livestock and eat grass that ranchers want for their cows; however, no bison-to-cattle transmission of brucellosis has ever been documented. And the ranchers closest to Yellowstone, and most likely affected, support the bison.

All of these bison are now being tested for the disease brucellosis, and those bison that test positive will be slaughtered… soon.

Brucellosis-free bison may be killed as well, since the corrals are only designed to hold 400 bison and federal agents have been aggressively rounding up all the animals that stray from Yellowstone National Park.

Help stop the bison slaughter. Send your message now.

These incredibly important animals are among the only bison to carry the bloodlines of our historic herds! They should be allowed to roam free beyond Yellowstone, not executed over exaggerated fears.

Federal officials could easily allow them to roam parts of the 1.8 million-acre Gallatin National Forest. And some Montana tribes stand ready to restore bison – and their historical relationship with them – to their reservations. Defenders has been working closely with the tribes of the Fort Peck and Belknap Reservations in northeast Montana to prepare suitable habitat for these amazing animals.

America’s wild bison can play an important role in balanced, natural ecosystems. They once numbered in the millions, but now only a few thousand true bison remain – mainly confined to Yellowstone.

Bison scientists tell us we need multiple herds of at least 1,000 bison to assure their long term survival, and larger herds to resume their role in nature. The Yellowstone area is one of the only places we can accomplish this, yet our own National Park Service and Forest Service are partners in hazing – and often killing – bison whenever they leave the park.

Without additional habitat, the terrible cycle of corralling and slaughter will continue. Our bison need more places to roam free.

Send your message to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

For the Wild Ones.










Church Desecrates Bones, Protesters Arrested


Aloha no, Many of you may be familiar with the peculiar issue of a Hawaiian church here excavating the remains of their own iwi kupuna (ancestral bones) to make way for the building of a $21 million multi-purpose center. 69 burials have already been dug up and there may be hundreds more that would be disturbed in the building process. Things spilled over on Sunday with the first arrests of Kanaka Maoli defending their kupuna.  Shameful and sad, indeed.

On March 13, several protesters were arrested for trespass at Kawaiahao church.


"We were treated like criminals, handcuffed, searched 2 times, fingerprinted multiple times, had mug shots taken, and put in a holding cell until family members showed up with $500.00 cash to bail us out from jail," said one of the detainees. 
On the grounds of Kawaiahao Church, there is a sign that says, "Welcome and aloha to all"





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