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March 2011



Women! Can You Live Without Them?



I can remember seeing cartoons where a nasty looking caveman hits a woman in the head with a large club, drags her to his cave and she becomes his wife. Women have a special place in the home and many of us do not show her how much we appreciate what she does for us. A woman in the old days of the American Indian people had a lot of responsibilities. She was the owner of the lodge (teepee) and her word was law while inside. She raised the children from birth to young  teens when the man would teach the boys the ways of a hunter and warrior. When the tribe moved, the woman dismantled the lodge and when arriving at a new camp she would raise the lodge, most of the time by herself.


In these modern times the woman is still very special. Do you think you could afford to hire someone to do the cooking, cleaning, mending clothing, teaching the youngsters, shopping, paying bills and making the husband think he is worth something. Although sometimes we think we would rather hit them in the head with a club which I do not recommend, my wife tells me, "You have to go to sleep sometime! Then the club is in the other hand.


Wives deserve the best we as husbands can give whether it is our time or our love, she needs to know that we love her. I am fortunate to be a good cook but what if you made your wife mad and she left you to fend for yourself, could you cook a meal? Could you do the household chores? My, My, My, what a predicament you have gotten yourself in. What will you do now? I suggest we get along with them and when it comes that time of month, give her some space. When she turns 40-50 give her more space for this is the time her body changes as well as her mood swings. Be aware!


I don't know about other men but I for one love my wife very much and there is never a day that I don't tell her so. A friend was having problems at home and he talked to me about it.


"I don't know what to do, when we first married I loved her so much I could have ate her up, now I wish I did!"


Although there are times when a heated disagreement may arise, we should never let the sun set without making up with each other. It is far better to be wrong and live in peace then to be right and have a miserable life. A wise man once said two are better then one when it comes to serving our father and for this reason man must leave his mother and father and become one with his wife. If you are married and a problem comes up, don't blame each other, sit down and discuss the problem and you will see things in a better light for this is pleasing to the creator. Be Blessed and continue to love one another.