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Roundtable Report Released on Key Issues of Long-Term Care for American Indian and Alaska Native Elders -- The Indian Health Service (IHS), an agency in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in partnership with the Administration on Aging (AoA) and the National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA), has issued a report on long-term care for American Indian and Alaska Native elders. The report, American Indian and Alaska Native Roundtable on Long-Term Care: Final Report 2002, summarizes the discussions and consensus positions developed during a recent Roundtable Conference in April on American Indian and Alaska Native Long-Term Care.

An electronic copy (in Adobe .pdf format) of the full report is available.

Grants for Native Americans, Part B-Native Hawaiian Program -- Title VI Program Announcement, Federal Register: June 20, 2002

American Indian, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian Programs 

HHS Awards Native American Elders Caregiver Grants

HHS Awards New Native American Grants for Tribal Elders and Caregivers [HHS Press Release]

Provide Input to the Development of the New Regulations for the Older Americans Act -- See also: Reference Information including the OAA Title VI Regulations - Sections 1326 and 1328

Ten Exemplary Title VI Programs honored at the Second Annual AoA Tribal Listening Session held 8/15/2001 -  These programs were recognized for the exemplary supportive and nutrition services they provide to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian elders and their families.

Title VI - Grants for Native Americans (history with summary program data)

Older Americans Act: Part 1326 Regulations - Grants to Indian Tribes for Support and Nutrition Services

Older Americans Act: Part 1328 Regulations - Grants for Supportive and Nutritional Services to Older Hawaiian Natives

Honoring Our Elders: Administration on Aging Title VI Exemplary Programs

Grants to Indian Tribal Organizations for Supportive and Nutritional Services for Older Indians -- Title VI Program Announcement, Federal Register

Native American Elders Report - 1997 -- Annual Report

Home and Community-Based Long Term Care in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Final Report

Native American Elder Population, 1990 Report with tables and charts based on the 1990 Census

Compendium of Grant Resources  for Native American Elders Programs

Programs for American Indian, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian Elders (Title VI of the Older Americans Act

Green circle Additional Resources: 

Native Health Research Database (NHRD) -- Provides bibliographic information and abstracts of over 3,500 health-related articles and resource documents developed primarily by IHS staff, tribal health professionals, and health care practitioners working in American Indian and Alaska Native communities as well as some online, full-text documents and direct links to reputable American Indian and Alaska Native general health and wellness web sites, and linkages to Medline citations focusing on the Indian population.

Native Health History Database (NHHD) -- Provides users with access to historical health information focused on the American Indian and Alaska Native population. The historical information in the NHHD includes citations to approximately 3,300 books and articles from 1672 to 1965. The database includes early descriptions of diseases and healing practices and is a rich repository for research.

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Links to Other Resources (off-site):

Native Elder Health Care Resource Center -- University of Colorado at Denver

National Resource Center on Native American Aging -- University of North Dakota

Indian Health Service (IHS)

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Codetalk -- Links to Major American Indian Web Sites

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Other Native American Resources (on the IHS web site)

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