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March 2011



Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle, BSNH  

Oh My Gosh!  I have Warts!



No matter how you feel about warts, they seem to have a way of growing on you. I have experienced warts on my physical body all my life.  Some say they come from viruses and others say they do not know why we get them.  Really who knows but we know for sure they do exist on all animals and humans.


Verruca vulgaris is the scientific term for the common wart. Everything has a scientific name and this sure sounds like a name for a wart.  Donít you think a wart looks like verruca vulgaris? I guess I do; anyway back to warts.


Warts usually appear on the hands, feet and face, and are believed to be caused by some type of virus.  The quantity award for home remedies goes to the world of warts. I probably have a million of them myself.  I remember when I was a child I was told not to pick up frogs.  I always played with them and now I know that is a fallacy that if you touch a frog you will get warts.  Also you do not get a prince from kissing them either.


Here are some natural remedies; some that work and some that donít; it is best to try a wide variety of them and then decide which one works for you as an individual.


1.        Crush a fresh fig until it has a mushy consistency and put it on the wart for a half-hour each day.  Continue doing that until the wart disappears.


2.       First thing in the morning, dab some of your own spittle on the wart.


3.       Pick some dandelions, Break the stems and put the juice that oozes out of the stems directly on the wartóonce in the morning and once in the evening, five days in a row.


4.       Apply a used tea bag to the wart for 15 minutes a day.  Within a week to 10 days you should be wartless.


5.       If you have warts on your body, you may have too much lime in your system. One way to neutralize the excess lime is to drink a cup of chamomile tea two or three times a day.


6.       Grate carrots and combine them with a teaspoon of olive oil.  Put the mixture on the wart for a half-hour twice a day.


7.       Dab lemon juice on the wart with a cotton swab or cotton ball, immediately followed by a raw chopped onion.  Do that twice a day for 15 minutes each time.


8.       Put a fresh slice of raw potato on the wart and keep it in place with a bandage.  Leave it on overnight.  Take it off in the morning.  Then repeat the procedure again at night.  If you donít get rid of the wart in a week, replace the potato with a clove of garlic.


I heart about a young woman who used an old remedy.  It was told to her by an old school teacher.  She was told to apply regularly white chalk to the wart every night.  On the sixth night the wart fell off.


Boil eggs and save the water.  As soon as the water is cool, soak your warted hands for 10 minutes.  Do this daily until the wart (s) disappear.


Plantar Warts:  Plantar warts are warts that usually appear on the feet, usually in clusters.  The wart starts as a little black dot.  Donít pick it youíll only make it spread.  Instead, rub castor oil on it every night until its history.


I like this one myself.  At bedtime, puncture one or two garlic pearls (soft gels) and squeeze out the oil on to the wart or warts.  Massage the oil on the entire area for a few minutes.  Put a clean white sock on each foot and leave it on while you sleep.  Do this every night for a week or two, until the little black roots come out and fall off.


NOTE:  Genital warts are a serious sexually transmitted disease.  They are highly contagious and should be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. 


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice.