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February 2011


Medicine Wheel for 2011
Reforming Our Earth Path Commitment

by Spider

Last year, 2010, took us through intense cycles of challenges and transformations. It was an accelerated year without much time for rest. Time has speeded up, quickening even more as we approach the New Beginnings of 2012 and start of a new Medicine Wheel of Earth Changes. It seemed that things changed everyday last year, and it may have been a difficult time for some as we supported loved ones, nations, and the Earth itself on the journey through intense transformations. Sometimes it seemed that there were blocks to our progress, distracting us from what we perceived as 'our work'. All of this is part of the plan for this time. We must let go before we can enter the new cycle ahead.

We are developing the ability to live in several dimensions. Our DNA gifts of manifestation, healing, telepathy and prophecy have been triggered awake and each of us is working to develop these talents in very personal ways. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you have a right to be. The process of change is occurring on every level of your being- physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, energetic and multi-dimensional. Even when we are sleeping, changes are taking place. There is a tremendous amount of transformation that we will undergo before the new Medicine Wheel begins in the year 2012. No need to worry about being ready though, this is happening without our need to direct the process. Every day, you will be in exactly the right place on your path. Sit back and allow yourself to evolve.

Fall 2010 brought us a time of personal work, connecting each of us with our inner Truth. We will continue working on this throughout 2011, with the need to bring our personal Truth into manifestation in all situations in our lives. The period between the full lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice, 2010, and the solar eclipse on the new moon, January 4, 2011, was a journey through the darkest part of our beings and may have brought up some heavy stuff to deal with. However, this full moon Winter Solstice eclipse was an astrologically important event not seen in five hundred years. It brought gifts that are major motivators for change in our personal lives and in the world.

We are now in the direction of the East on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. We have been spiritually traveling around this Medicine Wheel since the year 2000, journeying through the process of Releasing our past, Remembering our Ancestor's wisdom and Reuniting Star families in the direction of the South; Rebuilding Sacred Space, Reconciling Love with All Our Relations and Relearning Fifth World Ways in the direction of the West; Recreating thought patterns of harmony, Rewriting teaching stories for Peace and Recommitting to new goals in the direction of the North; and Recognizing New World energies and Reemerging personal and Earth transformation in the East.

This is the third year that we walk in the direction of the East. The word for 2011 is Reforming. With all the work that we have done during this twelve year Medicine Wheel cycle, we have explored every avenue of releasing and transforming. Now is the time to put it all together and make our lives better, more improved, reformed to reflect our spiritual growth. Our inspiration and creative abilities have also grown. We have the ability to create anything that we can envision and desire. We can choose to live our Truth in wholeness. Indeed, this is the year to bring it all together because next year, 2012, brings us to the completion of the cycle/start of a new Medicine Wheel.

The words for this year are: Peace - Center - Gifts - Existence.

Peace is the word for the direction of the North and our focus for winter. I doubt we will be having long periods of peace and quiet this winter. The pace is accelerating and there is much inner work going on, as well as creating and manifesting, taking our energy out into the world. I think the challenge here is to walk in peace throughout every step of the process.

In the dictionary, I found several key words attributed to peace: "Freedom from…", "Harmony", and "Silence". I find that it is helpful to allow a short time of silence every day; total silence, concentrating on my breathing or a soft drumbeat. Whenever the thought tapes get rolling in my head, I gently release them and come back to the silence. As short as five undisturbed minutes are enough to enter the silence. This space anchors my day in peace and is easy to recall later when things get hectic: five slow, deep breaths will take me right back to that space of peace.

Stones are very helpful to work with this year as they carry the peace of Mother Earth. You can hold a stone to feel peace, and let that peace radiate out to engulf your body and Energy Web. Wear the stone as you go about your day, or sleep with the stone by your pillow at night, and the peace of the Earth will be with you. The stone can be a crystal or gem, or a stone that calls to you as you walk down a path. All stones are healing stones, as they carry the transformative vibration of peace.

Our goal is to walk each moment as if we are entering the Silence. Then, no matter what the outside world may bring, we can experience it from the perspective of Peace. (This is not easy to do, and I myself need quite a bit of practicing in holding the Peace, so don't get discouraged if you have a hard time.) If we practice holding the Peace, we automatically focus our thoughts on harmony. We humans spend so much of our time struggling, fighting for things, opposing injustices, overcoming obstacles, and pushing our own agendas that we are most often stuck in someone else's energy whirlpools.

If we were to step back and enter the silence for a moment, we would find the perspective of harmony that will free us from this never-ending cycle. This freedom easily allows us to work together instead of opposing each other. This freedom brings us to Peace. There is nothing too big or difficult that peace cannot hold. The Peace that we will find this year will be in the way we approach our lessons. It will transform our lives and our world. Peace is indeed the rainbow, blending all things into harmony.

It is great if you can find yourself with some free time this winter. With all the rearranging and transforming going on, we need to take advantage of slower paced times when they are available. Our bodies naturally require more rest during this cold season, so be sure to get the sleep you need, eat well, and take good care of your physical body. Make it a practice to release the stress of the day before retiring at night so that you don't have to carry emotional baggage. Make Rainbows often, especially during times when you feel conflict. Light sage periodically to honor the wisdom of your Guardian Spirit. Take the time to bring your body, mind and spirit together, to center you within peace.

Center is the word in the direction of the East for spring. There is going to be a lot happening this year and it is important for each of us to remain centered. To be centered is to keep your awareness focused on your Spirit Essence within your Vibral Core. Visualize your Vibral Core as the center of the Medicine Wheel. If we draw a person standing inside the Medicine Wheel - with her feet in the South in the place of innocence, and her head in the North in the place of wisdom - her left hand would reach out to the inspiration of the East, and her right hand would reach to the West to manifest her future. The Center, the place right about in the middle of her body, is the Vibral Core where she connects with the Great Mystery through the Web of Life. From this point, all of her gifts are equally accessible.

A good centering exercise is to enter the silence, work on holding the peace, and then breathe deeply into your Vibral Core center. Grow your roots down into Mother Earth and feel her heartbeat connecting with your heartbeat. Extend your energy up into the Universe and feel the Light of Life streaming down into your Vibral Core center. Merge your Earth connection and the energy of living together in your Vibral Core. Allow Mother Earth's heartbeat to become one with your heartbeat. Centering in this way will bring the rejuvenation of springtime.

When we are centered, our energy remains within our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. We are not drawn back into the past with unfinished concerns, or into the future with envisioned hopes and fears. We are also not drawn into the energy of outside situations, or the lessons and concerns of others. Each of our thoughts and actions originates from a place of inner strength. Now that we are centered within, we have the most energy that we can give to others. This is a creative time. Stay centered and see what inspires you.

The summer brings us to the direction of the South, the place of Gifts. This is a good time to work with your gifts of birth and align your energy with your Truth. Make a two week commitment to yourself. Take one color each day, starting with your entering color, and go around your entire Medicine Wheel for a check-in with your gifts of birth. This exercise should take about fifteen minutes a day. First, center on the color and think about that color- what your feelings are for the color, if you wear this color or have it around your home or workplace, and any other significant things about the color. Review the monitors and words for that color to remind yourself of the gift that color brings for you. You may wish to look some of the words up in a dictionary. Finally, wear that color and notice how others respond to you as you go through the day.

At the end of the day, take a few moments to put it all together and realize what aspects of this gift you are currently working with. If you have done this exercise before, you will notice different aspects of your gifts becoming available to you at this time. If you don't know the colors of your gifts of birth, write down thirteen gifts (talents) that you have and contemplate one talent each day, starting with the gift that is your strongest talent. The messages about your gifts will align your life with your Truth and provide direction for new growth.

After all the inner work of the first part of the year, now is the time for sharing with others. The council drum calls us to join our energy together around the circle. Now is the time to give away your gifts. Plan to help others, work on environmental issues, share your wisdom, and give away things that you have not used in the past year. Plant seeds in your garden and watch them grow. Feed the birds. Appreciate the light of the sun that shines unconditionally on all creatures.

Energy that is given away always returns. Right now energy is traveling very quickly. If we have released without reservation, this will be a time for receiving gifts. Appreciate the energy flow and be grateful for what you are given.

Existence is the word for fall in the direction of the West. Now is the time to put your Truth into action, to become your Truth on all levels. Existence is defined as "a state of being" in the dictionary. Our working definition here is "Existence is our state of being in Truth". This will be an intense time of focusing on our place in the world and our role in planetary evolution. Things will manifest on all levels by the fall. There will be many physical and energetic Earth Changes, as well as changes in structures, institutions and governments. Entire species are undergoing changes and this will affect the balance of the ecosystem. This year, 2011, will be the most intense cycle of manifestation of all the previous years we have journeyed through on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. The Energy Web of the planet is being cleared of all that is not in Truth. We will surely continue to feel things shaking up as this releasing/transformation unfolds. If each person focuses on the Truth, we can center the energy to make the transition easier.

It's defiantly a time to make changes. Any personal situations and relationships that are not in your Truth had been revealed to you earlier this year. The present timing will bring long-awaited opportunities and new people into your life.  You will be taken to the places where you need to be, at the times you need to arrive. Your creative capabilities are unlimited now. Listen to your inner voice and you will be guided. Make all of your choices based on your Truth, remain open-minded to all possibilities, and watch what the Universe brings.

Effortless Effort is our goal. This teaching tells us to be aware of the energy and flow with it without resistance. Being/existing implies a conscious awareness, but not necessarily action. If we can stay aware without becoming attached to any particular energy, we will manifest our Truth as our existence. We have already worked very hard this year, and now we are receiving the fruits of our labor. The Universe has a grand plan and we are each a part of it. Now that the energy is quickening, we are being moved into place for the great transformation. We need to live holding the Peace in the Center of our Rainbow as we move toward Truth at the start of 2012.

Many things are happening on every continent. This is a volatile year for international relationships. Let's send rainbows and prayers that our political leaders of every nation can remain centered during the reshaping of human boundaries. The World Nations, and their structures and institutions, are all transforming. If we envision harmony between all Two-leggeds, we can create it now.

At our Thanksgiving Ceremony, we got a strong message to work with healing the water. In light of all the pollution that is currently affecting our oceans, lakes and streams, we must be always mindful of our personal effect on these resources for sustaining life. Things are not always as they seem, and some of our business and political leaders are not speaking the Truth about environmental issues. Within your heart, you will know the Truth. Mother Earth has had a lot of environmental stress in the past few decades and she is reaching her time of healing. It is up to each one of us to do what we can to help the Water World and All Our Relations. The Elders have told of prophecies where the water becomes undrinkable. What will we do then? Become involved. Do what you can to stop the polluting of your water in your local area.

2011 is a portal year and opens a new decade, which I believe will be a portal decade. Times of intense energy are at 11am and 11pm, the best times for Rainbows and prayers. There will be an 11:11:11 this year, a very important opportunity to focus our thoughts and prayers. From the editorial in my beekeeping magazine, Bee Culture, I took this fun quote: "There's a lot of palindromes associated with (the elevens)… palindromes…words or numbers that read the same forward or backward.

For instance, 11 x 11 is 121; and 111 x 111 is 12, 321; and 11,111 x 11,111 is 123,454,321."

Here is our portal for this year:

Peace -  Center -  Gifts -  Existence

We trust your 2011 will be a good year.

Many Rainbows, Spider





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