Manataka American Indian Council






By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess

February 2011






Time to Gather Your Medicine!


Beautiful sisters, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, priestess and moon dancers from all over the world:


This is a call that truly as your other you, I hope you receive to your very core…


The time has come to reclaim your daughterhood with the Great Mother, time to awake and embrace sacredness within and without the self, and make sacredness as a way of living, for we are the land, and as her daughters we know exactly what the mother is cooking, for indeed, “so is the mother, so is the daughter”, as the ancient scripts said…


As sisters from many tribes we know that is the time to see beyond traditions and backgrounds, and to embrace unity for the time of the integration have come and now is the time to bring that integration in the outside too, for love is the bonding, love as it is in the source, in the core of all form,. for you are the core, the essence, the source of love, and love as the source. For it is love what it heals and transmute, not time, it is love what connects, and make the sacred dance in all directions.


I am  calling upon you, my sister of all relations, to realize, to recognize, to remember the Great Mother within yourself, and in all your relatives around you, for indeed, in the body all the life forms resides, for the one is contained in the all, and the all is contained in the one, in that core, that essence you are connecting deeply with the Great Mother and the core of this beautiful planet, yet know that you are an spirit that holds a body and as an spirit you are life, for you have always been life.


This is the time of love network, the time when you encounter your sisters, and pray together, heal together, remember together… love together… In the bonding with the Great Mother, create your own council, for the time has come to bring the wings together, the way of doing it is through the being that you are…


Know in your heart that you have all the assistance that is needed, it is as far as a thought, know that you are able to see your body, with all the addictions, traditions, beliefs, through the eyes of the spirit that you are, for indeed, you are an spirit that holds a body, and through that understanding, you can align your body in the freedom-ness that you have always been. This is the time of the experience who you are, the being, if you can see both, the body and the spirit perspective, who are you then? That is what we call “know where you are standing”…


Use your own identity as a stepping stone, what ever you think that you are, your roots, your background, your religion, tradition, age, use it as an stepping stone, for indeed wherever you are  always connected into the center, behind a lie is always a truth taking place…


Time of the harvest have come, in the inside the same of the outside, what you truly have is your own spiritual work, the experiences of your own spirituality, for indeed, spirituality cannot be teach can only be experience, at the same time that you are the seed of light, and as a seed planted long time ago, you are being harvest, being integrated to a higher realm where you belong and have always been


Let me know what you feel about this.


Tlatzocomate, tlatzocomate, tlatzocomate for being you


In lakesh,  Magdala  




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